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Intl Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is one of the latest model BPO service provider in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Established in 2019 and opened its first branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

About Us

A company which is specialized in providing many vertical of business outsourcing services & solutions to B2B clients across the globe, such as Call center solutions, Back End Processes, Claim & Billing Services, convert Entrepreneur's ideas into Digitalization. 

Has a state of the art facility in capital, to ensure Client’s have easy access and the surety of infrastructure in place. The company has a strong management team to ensure on boarding of new client’s take place smoothly and effectively. Offers our clients a variety of services which are viable and cost effective. An effective and responsive org Structure is in place to ensure proper control, reporting & feedback takes place.

Core Values


Conducting business accordingly with clear objectives and mind towards our goal.


Ownership, at INTL, begins from the initiation of a job and extends to the quality of the product or service.

Work Life Balance

We believe that a good work life balance translates to high performance, which eventually reflects in a company’s success


We strive relentlessly to improve our standards and practices. We believe in continual improvement that reflects excellence as a consequence of our work.

Respect & Integrity

At INTL, we embrace the unique talents of every individual and honor their diverse work life and life styles.

Why Choose Us?

At Intl Solutions with all the customers being very simple and transparent, we focus on offering the best pricing, the best quality, faster turnaround time, reliable services and establishing long term fruitful business relationship.

INTL Modules

Today's Market

The era of outsourcing operations and single activities is certainly not over, but there are not many non-core activities left to outsource in mature outsourcing industries and markets anymore. Therefore, businesses in these markets are starting to push outsourcing’s boundaries into more core and advanced business areas, such as idea generation and innovation.


Pushing outsourcing’s boundaries into more core and advanced business areas, requires overcoming structural constraints and pushing internal limits without ceding control over the strategic direction of the company.


To live up to these new realities, facility and service management providers will have to increase their innovation capacity and move into areas, such as idea generation and innovation. This move will enable companies to differentiate themselves and gain new competitive advantages.


With ever-increasing technological sophistication across all markets, the domain of outsourcing will expand into new service areas, creating new market opportunities for both the customers and service providers.


The emergence of the experience economy – where the primary economic value resides in experiences and other immaterial attributes – is creating new pathways for service innovation and market opportunities.


“To provide the best client experience in the industry in an affordable cost”


As a premium quality service provider, our mission is to excel at creating tangible value of our clients by anticipating and understanding their needs and by providing superior insight into the improvement of their business performance

US: +1 408-214-7215
LK: +94 112-876-078

No. 20/21, Epitamulla, Sri Jayawardenepura, Kotte, Sri Lanka 00100

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