1 Sign of Blogging Trouble

Blogging is a slow, steady process of noting your learning, growth and expansion. Do you respect this process? Or do you panic?

You better respect the blogging process or you will have a terrible time succeeding online. Blogging moves in the direction of your attention and energy. Note slow and steady growth and you will be the blogger who experiences slow and steady growth. But going in the reverse direction holds back your growth. Expect to stay stuck if you note aka see yourself being stuck. Most bloggers seem stuck on themselves, so they seem stuck, overall.

I noted a few moments ago a number of positives on scanning my email inbox. I focused on how I am growing and how my blogging process is unfolding. I am not a billionaire through blogging – currently – but would not be surprised if I become a billionaire because I put in the foundation, the framework, for doing the work of a billionaire. Thousands and thousands of pieces of content, scaled through my friend network, combined with a patient, persistent outlook, helps me increase my skills and expand my blogging reach. I choose to see how my blogging process progresses, grows and expands into something beautiful. I also learned to be grateful for any and all growth by refusing to panic if my fear-mind tried to scream at my attention span. Annoying mind, in the past. I honored it. I suffered.

Do you respect the blogging process? Do you blog in patient, relaxed, calm and confident fashion as you note blogging growth, wins and progress, no matter how seeming small and steady the process? Be that blogger. Bloggers noting growth generously create, connect, trust, and monetize through multiple streams of income, accelerating their blogging growth. Everybody else fears not growing enough, focuses on lack, panics, and completely ignores their success, even if success seems small and slow. Panicking bloggers who do not respect the slow, steady blogging process struggle and fail every time. Look at your email inbox; see what I mean? Desperate bloggers begging for business – versus being generous, building posture, and allowing business to find them – panic, and do not note or respect the blogging process. These folks NEED MONEY NOW, totally ignoring how money flows to you slowly and steadily in its own time ONLY if you vibe and act generously, calmly, patiently and persistently, trusting in the blogging process.


See the journey through, guys. Be persistent, patient and most of all, be generous and trust in the blogging process. Blogging gets easier and easier if you do not panic and blogging gets harder and harder if you do panic. Everything unfolds in your consciousness. This is why I have been saying for years how blogging is mostly emotional-energy management. Any blogging action you take or do not take teems with your predominant energy, and also, unfolds because of your predominant energy. All of those millionaire bloggers you admire have a highly developed abundance consciousness. These people do not panic, seeing the process process through. One millionaire blogger made 600 bucks during his first year online. Did he panic and quit? Nope. Now, he makes millions. He just saw the journey through from a calm, confident, abundant energy.

I read that Bill Gates netted $1600 in revenue during the first year of Microsoft. Good thing he respected the business-building process and saw the journey through eh?


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