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I recently saw a comment on this sub from someone lamenting how they spent $1000 on an affiliate marketing course and, yet, had not had any success. That comment made me really mad and frustrated so I have decided to do a daily (for the next 10 days) post to help others in that situation. I have condensed 5 methods in an ebook. It is FREE. I DO NOT require your email address for you to access it. There is NO WAY for me to track you when you download it.

Things to note:

1: Most of you won’t even TRY these ridiculously easy methods bc, for the most part, they look re*ardedly simply. But more importantly, most people are lazy and get overwhelmed too easily. I feel no sympathy for you.

2: I’ve included mid-tier methods that should get you up to $50/day (or more in some cases) if you do it right. These methods shouldn’t take too much time OR require a huge financial investment, if any.

3: Whether you find any of these methods spammy or unethical is really none of my concern. The most successful affiliate marketers generally start in the grey area. The important thing is to build skills – build your work ethic muscles and them move on to the big leagues. I will reiterate this again and again – you cannot expect doctor level income without either having doctor level education OR immense work ethic. Use this opportunity to build some skills, get familiar with mundane things then innovate. If I had a money printing affiliate technique that does not require ANY work, trust me, I wouldn’t share it with you. That said, these are brain dead easy and long used. If you know all of them, then good – it means you have sought out information. If you know very few of these techniques, shame on you – but I am here to help.

4: This is meant primarily for those who are just starting out, have no clue or have had no success. These methods won’t make you a millionaire but they will get you what you will need to succeed: work ethic, an understanding of what it takes to get that “click” from total strangers and initial success (there is nothing as intoxicating and tantalizing as that sweet sweet taste of initial success).

Ok, let’s do this:

I’ve included these methods in no particular order. These cost you (near) NOTHING but time to implement.

1: Craiglist/Ebay Method – Perhaps the Laziest method

2: Ebay/Amazon – Making Money through Ebay dropshipping

3: The Slightly unethical Bait and Switch

4: Lazy Dropshipping

5: Driving Online Sales Cheaply

These are what I call low hanging fruit and really, most people should already know/master these before trying to build something grandiose.

Like I said before, it just builds certain necessary skills – and you can of course combine methods.

Also, these were essentially transcribed. I did not spend much time making sure the editing was perfect. Sorry (not sorry).

You can get the ebook/document https://www.mediafire.com/file/nv6os4l79ql6jjm/MONEY_MAKING_METHODS.pdf/file [LINK UPDATED]


Any questions? Just ask. Do not PM me unless it is something others won’t also learn from and is personal. Let me know if there is a particular topic you’d like me to dive into in the next 10 days and I will slot it into session 7 or 9 if we do not have any case studies.

Also, if you have a plan already in place that you are willing to have dissected/used as a case study, please pm me and we can talk. I’m giving this 10 days – at that point, you are basically on your own BUT I fully expect some of you to PM me within a week saying some thing to the effect of “omg…I can’t believe this works”.

Grab the world by the balls people and create a life you deserve – ok, that’s my cheesy “rah rah” statement of the day. Get on it! Tomorrow, my post will be about finding a niche.

Be productive, people!

My outlined posts for the next 9 days will be:

1: The Art of Affiliate Marketing

2: How to Find a Niche

3: Building a Decent Blog/Site Cheaply

4: Building Authority Websites: Backlinks and Content!

5: 5 ways to get great “Do-Follow” Links

6: The Dumbest Ideas That Have Worked and Why they Work

7: —open for suggestion/question. If none, then the topic will be “Dropshipping in

8: The Art of Going Viral

9: —Case Studies: provide me with your work plan and we will use it for a case study for the sub (3 case studies max)—

Now that we have that out of the way, I cannot wait tomorrow!

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