3 Reliable Remote Companies With Open Applications (And How To Convince Them To Hire You)

Want to fill out applications at remote companies right now? Here are 3 reliable remote companies that have open applications. Plus, how to convince a company that's not hiring to hire you!

Job searching is often a long drawn out process. A 2018 survey found that the average job search takes a whopping 5 months!

The several months it takes can be attributed to a few different things like the time of year, your salary level, and experience. Plus, if you’re in the market for a specific job — like a remote one — it can add even more months to your search.

While there are a lot of remote companies out there, it doesn’t mean they’re always hiring. In fact, it can be months on end before a company opens up its virtual doors to applicants.

But, as luck would have it, I came across 3 reliable remote companies that literally let you apply whenever you want. In fact, if they don’t have openings at the moment you’re looking, they still want you to apply. And, if you convince them, you just might get a job offer.

1. Four Kitchens

At its core, Four Kitchens is a digital strategy firm. They focus on building apps and websites that work well on all devices. That way, people can access information whenever and wherever works best for them.

What Four Kitchens Is All About

Four Kitchens is a distributed workforce. That is, all of their employees work remotely. In fact, Four Kitchens firmly believes that remote work is the way of the future. (And I couldn’t agree more!)

Benefits at Four Kitchens

Besides the fact that you can work from almost anywhere, Four Kitchens also offers its employees some notable perks. Benefits here include generous paid time off, a monthly tech budget, awesome health coverage, and annual allotment to spend on education.

What Jobs Are Available at Four Kitchens?

At any given time, you can browse current openings at Four Kitchens. You never know what you might find. However, if there’s nothing available that suits you, that’s okay too. Four Kitchens encourages anyone interested in working there to submit an application.

With the right resume and cover letter, you just might be able to convince the hiring pros at Four Kitchens that you’re the right person to add to their team.

2. Genuitec

Genuitec was established in 2001 as a small independent software company. Today, Genuitec is still an independent company but they’ve grown considerably over the years. To date, Genuitec serves over 17,000 companies across 191 different countries.

What Genuitec Is All About

Genuitec sticks to six core values. These values include the likes of putting employees first, provide value to customers, think beyond the horizon, and improve incrementally.

Jobs at Genuitec

A quick visit to Genuitec’s Hiring Page and you find an open invitation to apply. That’s because they are genuinely interested in working with the best talent — no matter where they are or when they’re looking to apply. If you’re interested in joining the Genuitec team go ahead and throw your hat in the ring. You just might convince them to bring you aboard!

3. Help Scout

Help Scout is billed as the all-in-one platform for businesses to convert, serve, and delight their customers. They launched in 2011 and currently serve more than 10,000 support teams in over 140 countries.

What Help Scout Is All About

The overall mission at here is to provide tools that make a positive impact to humans. Help Scout puts their team and company values first and foremost.

Benefits at Help Scout

Help Scout has some pretty amazing benefits, besides being a remote company. When you work here, you receive flexible vacation days, personal development stipend, and a Mac laptop to do your work. Pretty nice, right?

Jobs at Help Scout

Because Help Scout wants to have the best of their best on their team, they have an entire Future Openings Page. Even if there isn’t a job posted that fits your skills, you’re encouraged to reach out. You never know — you might just get an invite to interview!

Can You Really Convince A Company To Hire You?

Believe it or not, you really can convince a company to hire you. As a Certified Professional Career Coach, I’ve worked with clients who’ve done just that. In fact, I always encourage remote job seekers to target certain companies, regardless of if they’re hiring at the moment.

What Does It Mean To Target A Company?

When you launch a job search, you should do so with a plan in mind. Part of that plan should be a rundown of your career ideals and remote-friendly companies that match them.

Then, you can make connections within that company which often lead to referrals. Remember, the majority of job openings are never advertised. Instead, they’re filled internally or via word-of-mouth referrals.

Get Hired Even If A Company Isn’t Hiring

Let’s say one of the three companies on this list or any other number of remote-friendly companies sounds like your perfect fit, but they’re not hiring. What should you do?

Make Company Connections

First things first, you need to make connections within the company. A simple way to do that is via LinkedIn. If you haven’t already, establish a powerful LinkedIn profile. Then, search the site to discover employees currently working there.

At this point, you need to reach out to these employees in an authentic way. Let them know you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work at Company XYZ. Often, professionals are willing to take a few minutes to give some details.

Do Not Ask About Jobs Right Away

However, and this is super important, do not approach someone and immediately ask if they’re hiring. This is tacky and in poor taste. And, often, these inquiries will be met with radio silence.

Instead, develop a rapport with professionals from a particular company, genuinely get to know what it’s like to work there and, if the timing is right, ask for a recommendation. Remember, a referral from someone that works at a company is often enough to get you an interview!

Get Help With Your Job Search From A Career Coach

If you’re not sure how to target companies or how to approach potential connections, don’t panic! I often recommend remote job seekers get help from a career coach. Often, the services of a career coach help create a job search action plan which includes assistance with finding companies and cold emailing connections.

Feel free to check out my career coaching services to see how I can help you find the right remote job (even if the company isn’t hiring at the moment!).



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Want to fill out applications at remote companies right now? Here are 3 reliable remote companies that have open applications. Plus, how to convince a company that's not hiring to hire you!
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