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300 million women run businesses across the globe in select countries. These women are brave. They face cultures that do not traditionally celebrate women in the workplace.

Their bravery, however, doesn’t keep them safe from harm. The workplace can be hostile to women and sometimes more so than for men.

Here are a few of the most common workplace injuries for women and how to avoid them if possible.

1. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment should never be tolerated in the workplace. Unfortunately, some men do not understand what might be considered sexual harassment. This is no excuse.

Does the law see ignorance as an excuse? Never. You must obey the laws of the land and it’s your responsibility to understand and follow them.

Similarly, it’s your responsibility to understand what sexual harassment looks like and avoid it at all costs. If you’re experiencing sexual harassment, protect yourself by knowing what it looks like. Also, know it’s imperative you report harassment as soon as you feel willing and able. Harassers will continue to harass other people if left alone.

Harassment can become an assault. Between 2011 and 2017, we saw a 60% increase in workplace assault toward women. Let’s decrease those numbers by reporting abusers and harassers before they hurt someone.

If you are assaulted, Google “a lawyer near me” to find a lawyer who can help you through the legal process. There is no shame in prosecuting an abuser.

2. Homicide

This one might come as a shock. 19% of workplace injuries for women are homicides. That’s right. One of the top injuries for women in the workplace is murder.

Security is key. No matter how friendly the establishment, put in place security protocols.

Cameras aren’t enough. In a fast-food restaurant, it should be difficult to go around the counter. In a warehouse, employees should have badges and be checked in by a guard.

This isn’t just for the safety of women. With mass shootings on the news, anybody in any organization could be at risk. Take steps to secure your location now.

3. Roadway Accidents

Another 19% of workplace injuries involve roadway accidents. And until we have self-driving cars, we won’t fully solve this one.

You need to take driver’s safety if you are in a job that requires you to operate a vehicle of any kind. Ask your employers or your insurance if they’ll pay for you to take driver’s safety.

4. Falls, Slips, and Trip

It’s not a rhyme, it’s one of the most common workplace injuries overall. It’s easy to trip when you’re carrying boxes or looking at your cell phone.

While OSHA standards can minimize these risks, you should be extra cognizant on what might cause injury in the workplace. Employees get too comfy in their workspace and become less aware. Remove any obstacle you can to their work.

5. Truck by Object

The stock room is one of the most dangerous places in the office. We tend to stack things too precariously and things stacked precariously will eventually fall.

Heads aren’t meant to take the brunt of a swiftly falling box. Appoint someone to organizing the stock room and ensuring everything is secure. This will minimize unnecessary risk.

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