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Stuck in your career? Use these 5 free career quizzes to figure out what you're actually meant to do.

Career quizzes are great. In fact, as a Certified Professional Career Coach, I highly recommend them to all my clients. And, I’m not alone.

According to BBC Capital, taking online career quizzes offers benefits like:

  • Career clarity
  • Skills and interests identification
  • Job search motivation

Personally, I find that these assessment tools give job seekers insight into who they are and what they value. These career ideals, as they’re called, can lead to overall job happiness and satisfaction.

In fact, knowing your career ideals can help you actually identify your dream job based on values and criteria that matter most to you.

If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or unfulfilled professionally, take one of these 5 free career quizzes. You’ll learn something new about yourself and uncover career paths you never previously considered.

1. O*Net Interests Profiler

The O*Net Interests Profiler is a 60-question, free assessment provided by the United States Department of Labor.

This tool is best for job seekers who are ready for a change or don’t quite yet know what they want to do. The profiler will help you identify your unique interests and how those interests fit into the professional realm.

Once completed, the Interests Profiler provides Job Zones and related Careers that closely align with your interests.

O*Net Interests Profiler to help you identify your dream job.

2. My Plan

When picking a career, many of us fail to identify our values first. Instead, we rely on factors like pay, location, and job title to guide us.

These superficial requirements might explain why as much as 85% of us don’t like our jobs, according to a recent Gallup poll.

So, how do you actually feel engaged at work? You pick a career based on your values.

My Plan offers a variety of career quizzes, including personality, interests inventory, and skills profiler. However, my personal favorite (and the only free option) is the Values Assessment.

This 20-question test should only take you about 12 minutes — but can yield tons of valuable insight. After taking it, you’ll learn what your underlying needs and motivations are. Plus, you’ll be able to determine if your current or prospective career path matches your values.

You’ll even be given a list of over 700 careers ranked by how well they match your values results!

3. Career Quizzes: The Big Five Personality

If I asked you what your personality was, what would you say? Most people define their personality as either extroverted or introverted. But, personalities go far beyond that — especially when it comes to work.

That’s why Truity developed the Big Five Personality assessment based on the highly-regarded Five Factor Model.

Upon taking the test, you’ll find out where you stand on five major components of personality:

  1. Openness
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Agreeableness
  4. Extraversion
  5. Neuroticism

This 60-question assessment should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Once done, you’ll have an in-depth look into your personality and how it impacts you professionally.

4. Holland Occupational Themes

When it comes to career quizzes, I highly recommend all job seekers take the Holland Occupational Themes assessment.

This personality-based test, specifically focuses on career and vocational choices. It’s a great starting point if you’re not sure what your true occupational interests are.

The Occupational Themes were developed by Dr John Holland. He loosely breaks down career aptitude into six broad categories:

  1. Realistic
  2. Investigative
  3. Artistic
  4. Social
  5. Enterprising
  6. Conventional

After completing the test, you’ll discover your primary career interests. You can even view a list of careers that align with your top interests.

5. The Princeton Review Career Quiz

You may already be familiar with The Princeton Review. It’s the large college-admissions company that offers college prep, admissions resources, and more.

The Princeton Review also has a number of education assessments available, including career quizzes.

You can take their short 24-question quiz in just a few minutes. The test aims to measure your career style and interests based on four colors:

  • Red – Expediting
  • Green – Communicating
  • Blue – Planning
  • Yellow – Administrating

Your career interests describe the types of job duties and responsibilities you’re drawn to. These are important to understand if you want to stay motivated in your way.

Your career style identify your work strengths. When your work strengths are appreciated, you feel greater content and satisfaction in your career.

The Princeton Review will even provide a list of recommended careers based on your interests and style.

Fun Fact: I’m a “yellow” for both career style and interests, which is pretty spot on!

The Princeton Review Career Quiz -- one of the career quizzes you can take to help you find your dream job.

Career Quizzes And Your Results

I often ask my career coaching clients to take at least one career quiz. These assessments are great tools that can help you plan a career change or develop a career plan.

But, remember, they’re just that — tools. Please take career quizzes with some caution. Do not rely on them solely to help you decide which professional path to take.

Instead, use a combination of career quizzes, research, and informational interviews to truly identify your ideal career path.

Remember, it’s one thing to be employed. It’s another to be happily employed. I always strive to steer job seekers down the path that leads to greater satisfaction and happiness.

Career Coaching Help

As you know, I’m a Certified Professional Career Coach and Forbes Coaches Council Member. I readily help job seekers create custom career campaigns based on their ideals, values, and professional goals.

If you need a little extra help or further insight into what makes you tick professionally, let’s chat!



Did you take one of these career quizzes? Which one? Let me know your results in the comments below!

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