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In 2020, there are so many digital ways to connect with your customers. You can send email newsletters, post on social media, buy online ads, and send push notifications. 

With all those digital options, sending mail seems silly. But, did you know that 57% of people feel valued when they get mail?

When you send a letter to a customer, potential client, or business partner, you need to stand out. You don’t want your letter to get thrown out.

Luckily, writing on company letterhead can help. Read on to learn what goes on a letterhead and how it should look in 2020.  

1. The Company Name and Logo

If you look at any letterhead sample, the first thing you notice is the company name and logo. Anyone who opens your letter should immediately know who it’s from. 

Your company name and logo should be larger than the rest of the information in the letterhead. 

2. A Well-Designed Theme

You wouldn’t hand out plain business cards with just your name and email address, would you? Your business cards are an important branding tool and your professional letterhead is no different. 

Your letterhead should match the design of your business cards and website, so stick to the same colors and fonts. In an ideal world, the person reading the letter would be able to recognize your company without reading your business name. 

3. The Company Website

In 2020, there’s no excuse for not having a business website. Setting up a website has never been easier. Plus, customers and clients expect it. 

Make sure to include the domain name of your website which is what comes after the www. Today, the standard format for listing a website is to leave out https and www. So, it should be something like yourcompanyname.com. 

4. A Mailing or Physical Address

No matter the size or type of company you have, you should include your location on your letterhead.

If you have a retail location or office space, list the street address. If you work from a home office, but you accept mail from a PO box, include that instead. 

If your business doesn’t have a permanent address or location, at least include the city and state you’re based in. This will give your business some extra credibility.

5. A Contact Email Address and Phone Number

In 2020, most business relationships start with an email. That’s why you need to include an email address on your professional letterhead. 

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you can list your own business email address. But, if the letterhead is for a large operation, stick to the general contact email address for the company (like info@mycompany.com). That way you won’t be flooding anyone’s individual account with emails. 

If you have a phone number for your company, list it. Some clients and customers prefer to talk on the phone, but a lot of people don’t get phone books anymore. Listing your phone number makes it easy for clients to contact you. 

Design Your Company Letterhead Today

If you need to send a letter to a client or business partner, using letterhead makes it look professional. It’s also a great branding tool and people will appreciate the easy access to your contact info.  

With the right technical know-how and software, designing company letterhead can be simple.

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