6 Best WordPress Website Tips for 2020

Do you blanch at the words “version control”? You shouldn’t. Whether you’re a novice at coding or a master developer, version control skills are becoming more necessary and making many peoples lives easier. If you work with any kind of code, small snippets or large apps, getting your files under version control can save you a great many headaches.

There are a few different version control programs out there but Git is the most popular thanks to free resources like GitHub, a free-to-use hub for managing and distributing version controlled projects.

Recently, GitHub introduced a feature that lets you run specialized “Actions” on your code repository, including a tool that can deploy WordPress sites. This means you can have a local copy of WordPress on your computer and more easily deploy it to a production environment. This reduces friction by merging development, version control, and deployment into a single pipeline. For years this type of deployment was a sort of holy grail for the everyday WordPress user, but it’s getting easier all the time.

If you’re interested in learning Git, check out the full Git guide from InMotion Hosting. All InMotion Hosting plans come with Git pre-installed, so you should start learning how you can use it to manage your website with more confidence. You won’t regret it.

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