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I’m having a problem in my case, I also work as SQL developer, and BI.

the problem that I have is that in upwork I’m not getting any responses, I’m applying to jobs that I know I can do in SQL as you may know there are a lot of badly categorized work. I saw that you seem to receive a lot of private contracts, I believe that when I get to something like that I’ll be golden, but how do I start building reputation to get work?

because it kinda seems that I don’t get contracts for not having experience in upwork and I don’t have experience in upwork because I don’t get contracts 😛

I made an effort to showcase my skill on my profile, and took some seed out of your profile in the style, (yours is great by the way, I don’t want to “copy it” but it’s really good.

anyway, what would be the suggestion to get contracts? I try to respond in full to request, I do all my cover letter personalized and tailored to the client, and I’m not dirt cheap, or super expensive as well (40/hr).

here is my profile in case you can take a look at it.


thank you!

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