A Record Question

Hey guys,

I’m trying to help a friend fix something. He has his domain on BlueHost, his WordPress on SiteGround, and his developer bailed on him, so this is the first time I’m seeing any of this.

Anyway, SiteGround emailed him saying he needs to update the A Record to a new IP address on BlueHost, so I logged in to take a look. Usually, the only A record I see is “@” but he has pages of different records. They all go the same IP address, so I’m guessing I can just change all of them, but I’m not sure as I don’t what some of these are.

I usually just work in WordPress, not much with hosting/DNS stuff, so I haven’t seen a lot of these A records. If SiteGround says the A record IP address needs to be changed, would I just change all of these? I don’t want to mess up his site, I’ve just never seen these records before.

I blocked them out but they are all the exact same IP address, minus “localhost”

A Records

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