Activision Blizzard Reports Q3 2019 showing the strength of mobile gaming : AndroidGaming

I wouldn’t read much into this single quarterly report. Blizzard was busy working on the not yet even announced D4 and OW2 as well as a new WoW expansion and Diablo Immortal (so in other words their operating expenses are high right now), and released nothing beyond a mid-year Hearthstone expansion (and those come three a year nowadays, they don’t cause big spikes in revenue or anything, they just keep that steady trickle of Hearthstone revenue coming in). And Activision was gearing up to release the latest CoD (not that it’s doing well, lol), so they were also busy spending money to realize profits in future quarters.

I don’t really follow King’s dev cycle, but I’m guessing they aren’t investing huge amounts in major future releases at a short term loss, so of course they look more profitable at this moment.

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