Affiliate marketing!! Grab $50 in each transaction!! Are you Interested?


I am Alicia, a Digital marketer at Taggbox. I have explored your content and I am intrigued by its quality and the depth of knowledge that you portray through it.

I have a SaaS product called TaggShop, TaggShop is a visual commerce platform introduced by Taggbox, a social media aggregator.


TaggShop lets you create beautiful Interactive Catalogs, Lookbooks, Digital Magazines, Shoppable Landing Pages, and Shoppable UGC Feeds by collecting & repurposing User-generated content (UGC) from social media.

“The creative idea of making shopping easy, entertaining, and engaging for the users”

The Big Question

Would you be interested in reviewing our product and help us reach out to new customers?

As a collaboration benefit, we are willing to pay $50 for every customer we get through you.

I can provide you a free trial to the product & we can have a conversation where I can explain to you about how it works.

If you wish to proceed with us so kindly reply to us.

We will get back to you with all the details.

Thank you for your attention. Have an amazing holiday season.



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