[ANDROID] I finally got a good gaming phone after 3 years on a broken s7 what should I be playing? : MobileGaming

I play Hearthstone. If you are new to it expect a steep learning curve, and it will take a while to acquire cards to build a competitive deck. Maybe invest in arena (a mode I personally dislike, but isn’t bad, per se) as you can aquire cards gradually and don’t need a collection to compete equally in that mode. Prepare to lose/get frustrated though.

For mobile I would recomend the following. They tend to be ports or longer games.

GTA San Andreas

Bully (also by Rockstar)

Bard’s Tale (full action adventure rpg with hilarious humor)

Chronotrigger (classic snes rpg)

Kingdom: New Lands (modern pixel art game, beautiful, interesting build/expand/defend mechanics)

Thimbleweed Park (modern point and click adveture. Puzzles, cool story, mystery, humor. Made by the same folks who made classics of the genre- Day of the Tentacle)

These all have a price tag but no micro transactions (that I’m aware of, or necessary ones at the least) Apart from Hearthstone which is free to play, but obviously has options to buy card packs, arena runs.

Good luck.

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