Anyone else get tricked by NameCheap with GitHub Student promo? : webhosting

Just wondering if anyone else has had bad experiences with NameCheap. To preface, I’m a student in college and signed up for the “free domain” on NameCheap with the GitHub Student Developer Pack. I was looking forward to creating a personal site and hosting it on a domain, so I gladly scooped up the free .me domain they were offering. After signing up, I went into my console and turned off the auto renewal on the domain (see console). About 11 months go by and I get emails from NameCheap about “Renew Now” to my domain (see email). As a cash-strapped college student, I don’t want to pay for this and had turned off the auto-renew on my account, so I do not act on these emails to renew the domain. Fast forward to today. I check my bank account and have seen that I have been charged for the domain: it’s been renewed another year. I go on NameCheap support and they say there is nothing I can do to get a refund, even though I EXPLICITLY turned off the auto-renew on the domain. Customer support said I had to click on the “Renew Now” button on the emails sent to me. But that’s deceptive business practice: I shouldn’t have to renew my domain to cancel it. When I clicked on the link there was no way to cancel either.

In short, if you sign up for the GitHub Student Developer “Free” NameCheap domain, you’re locked into paying for it with no way to turn it off. Customer support was not helpful at all.

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