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You love your clients. They make give you money. They also keep your business running.

Maybe you want to make them feel loved. One of the best ways to show your clients you appreciate them is to throw a party for them.

Not only are client appreciation events just great fun, they’re great marketing. Once they come to your event, and if your event is awesome, they’ll talk about it to their friends. And, to take it a step further, they might even bring their friends.

This will only happen if you put on awesome events. Most corporate events are boring. They are stuffy and the food and the drinks really aren’t all that great.

We’re going to fix that today. Here are a few events you can put on that will dazzle your clients.

1. Put on a Show

Local talent are always looking for ways to publicize their existence. Why not plug into this desire?

I was recently at Google and I saw local San Francisco art everywhere. It was glorious.

Why not put on an art show for your clients? This could be a chance to partner with some big names in your community and it’s a chance to give back by advancing the arts.

If you don’t want your event to be so classy, you could put on a live music show. Local bands are always willing to gig at corporate events.

Just be sure it’s something most people will jive to. You don’t want to blast people with heavy metal unless that genre somehow ties into your business model.

2. Organize a Nonprofit Fundraising Event

Here is another chance to give back to your community. Fundraising events can be a blast when done right and you’ll boost your image in front of your clients.

Pick a cause you’re passionate about. Especially if it’s something like the local humane society. Picking a cause everyone loves will guarantee people will show up for your event.

Be sure you stay within budget. Fundraising events aren’t going to make you money and they can be expensive.

If you want to keep the budget down, try partnering with other businesses in the area. They might be willing to share the cost if the fundraiser is a worthy cause.

3. Host a Class

You might already perform webinars, but there’s something better about in-person teaching. You’re the expert in your niche.

Say you run a coaching business for tri-athletes. Put on a free clinic for your local clients.

Helping your clients learn something new will help you in the long run. They’ll be better educated and able to streamline the process you perform for them.

The great part of hosting a class is that you can control the cost. It can be as involved or as simple as you would like.

Running a class will be utterly relevant to your clients too. You’ll have more show up for an event like this than most any other event you could put on.

4. Take a Class With Your Clients

One of my friends at a law firm recently invited her clients to a Capoeira class. For almost all of her clients this was a new sport and a new challenge.

Doing an activity with your clients is a great way to get to know them. And again, it can be as expensive or as cheap as you like.

If your clients are active people, you might consider an outdoor adventure. If they’re not, perhaps a class like meditation or tai-chi.

5. Bring in a Professional for a Workshop

You’re connected in your community and in your field. You might have met someone at a conference who is an expert in your field. Maybe they would be willing to come out and provide a workshop for your clients.

Your clients are always looking for free information to help them in their own business. Why not provide it for them in the form of an expert?

The best workshops are hands on. Your clients will learn on-site how to do whatever it is the professional is teaching them to do.

6. Give Them the Taste of Beer and Food Pairings

Especially where I’m from in the Northwest, beer is class. Walk into your local grocery store and you’ll find twenty or more varieties of craft beer.

Local breweries are often willing to partner with local businesses to put on events. They want people in their pubs.

If the local brewery doesn’t serve food, see if they’d be willing to bring in a caterer for you. Then organize a beer and food pairing.

If beer isn’t classy enough, try the traditional wine and food pairing. Or if your clients are the dry sort, you can always do coffee and donut pairings. With the single-origin coffee boom, most people are down for coffee and donuts.

7. Try Something Unusual Like Rock Painting

Is there a local craft or paint store in town? How about a local artist who teaches art?

You might be able to enlist their help to put on a rock painting party. Yes, this is unusual, and you won’t be searching for private event spaces DC for this. It will likely take place in an artists studio.

Thus, you need to evaluate your clients before doing something like this. How adventuresome are they? Would they be willing to get a little bit of paint on their hands?

If the answer is “yes” then this is the event for your clients.

8. Put on a Shark Tank

You may not be willing to invest in a client’s business. But giving clients an opportunity to present their entrepreneurial passions could be fun.

If your business has anything to do with entrepreneurialism, you could tie it into a workshop. Make it into a game show workshop.

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