Can’t transfer domain to netlify : webhosting

Hello guys,

I posted a couple of days ago with problems regarding netlify. Since then- as taking into account that their support isn’t custom for free users, we have to use the FAQ section- I have been researching and I have discovered this. Basically it says that you can’t transfer a domain to netlify, only buy it and transfer it away to another company.

So I came with a different question: I would like to know if anyone knows a reliable platform that I can TRANSFER my domain into( preferably free). I only use this domain because of the emails. I do not need a website. The current website we have has 15 lines of html with company info and it stayed that way for 20 years.

I am doing this transition because I am planning on using Office 365 and since I will be starting to manage this domain I need access to its records.

Thanks you guys and Merry Christmas!

EDIT: I don’t want to change the place where I renovate my domain. I just need a new web host so that my domain host can point to that web Host

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