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Hostgator Traffic and Other Help needed

I’ve got some sites set up on a shared Hostgator account, the cheapest type of account they offer for now. From what I’ve been reading recently, I should switch providers, and I plan to.

  1. Traffic – My first and main question is about traffic. Hostgator reports my traffic for each domain, and for example one site looks like this:


But when I go to the wordpress stats for that site, it looks like this:


So first of all, is one (or both) inaccurate? Is there traffic coming to my domain that hostgator is counting, and then not fully making it to my site? Could that be related to the slow loading time? HG separates regular traffic from “not viewed traffic” which covers bots and things like that, but the regular traffic numbers seem really high to me. How do I find the accurate data if this isn’t it?


2) Slow loading – My 3 sites are all on wordpress with a few plugins and it’s basically the same plugins on each site. There’s not much besides some articles with image/text on the sites, but the load time is very slow (3-5+ seconds).

Images are jpg/png, but from reading some of the comments here, the images are probably larger than they should be. I will be looking into a solution for that sometime soon, but I’m not sure if they’re the problem. Is WEBP ideal for everyone? Some people suggested it in other threads so I wondered if I should also switch to it.

3) Hosting – Also, I am shopping around for a better host, after learning a bit about the EIG situation. So I’d like to know if anyone would suggest an alternative that’s relatively cheap, for hosting several sites. In the future, I may get a better host and separate each site when it’s required. But for now I’d like the best lower cost option that will allow me to potentially add more sites in the future and not compromise too much in loading these wordpress sites or anything like that.

Some people also suggest cloudflare for their DNS but I’m still looking into that and don’t know much about CDN and caching. If you have good resources or a guide for that I’d like to look into it as well.


Plesk setup, entering plesk and setting an email server

I havent messed with vps in a while. I love a vps so I have ultimate control.

I am using vultr and have spawned a plesk instance, the free version.

I got to the part where I am gonna install WordPress in the root of my domain.

I followed this guide by lukesmith, but he doesn’t talk about how to setup WordPress with nginx… So I got screwed there. I suppose I can follow it and find a way to setup nginx with WordPress but I decided to go the plesk route. Although if there’s a guide to continue his video for setting up nginx with WordPress I’ll leave the plesk route (even though it’s nice to have)


So now I am on plesk and doing things with cloudflare.

Three questions:

First, If WordPress is in the root what’s the url to get into plesk? How do I enter plesk?

Second, I need email server. What is sufficient in regards to instance selection, 1vcpu, 1 gig of ram and 512gb or should I go with 2gb ram also 1vcpu?

Third, How to setup a mail server, incoming, outgoing, adding accounts, imap and so in. As well as auto discovery for adding account to Android… on my domain in plesk?

A guide would be nice and no I won’t copy and paste… I like to understand what I am doing.

Thank you.

I’m feeling kinda dumb and overwhelmed

I know just enough to cause myself a lot of headaches and I seem to have found a new pile of them. Previously I had hosting through IPower, but wanted something better so I switched hosting and domain registry to Veerotech and I've been stuck with a pile of errors ever since.

Notably, no matter what I try I just get 500 errors. I've made a variety of "hello world" like index.htmls (both manually and using utilities available in my cPanel account) and tried them in my root and public_html but nothing seems to change. I also have a number of "self signed certificate" errors. I don't need SSL, I don't have any kind of forms or real interaction.

My sites are pretty basic. One is a single page of mostly straight html with a little PHP so I can have a fantastically retro hit counter. That should be the default site of the account, and have another of my domains that just points to it.

The other domain/site was operating as a landing page until I switched hosting and could figure out a real solution. I need to figure out how to attach this domain to my hosting, but I suspect Veerotech's tech support will be more useful in helping with that.

I'm not sure where to start with this, and Veerotech's support has been marginal at best (it seems 3rd party and more interested in finishing tickets that actually helping). If anyone has any thoughts I'd really appreciate it. Both sites represent my businesses and although neither is really critical, it's not a great look to be giving visitors a bunch of errors.

If it helps the sites are ahndhi.com ahndhisticha.com and boozepaper.com

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Why WordPress Hosting Is Better Than a Simple Web Hosting Package?

If you plan to launch a WordPress website of your own or want to improve the one you already have, understanding the difference between regular web and WordPress hosting is a must.

WordPress is the single most popular website building platform that powers over 38% of the Internet. Ultimately, any hosting can support a WordPress website. But if that’s the case, why does specialized WordPress hosting exist? And what’s so special about it?

WordPress Hosting Vs. Web Hosting: What’s the Difference?

First of all, you need to understand that WordPress hosting is not exactly a type of hosting. Instead, it’s a type of service package. This means that you can get dedicated, VPS, or shared WordPress hosting the same way you can get regular web hosting of those types. The difference lies in how the servers used for the websites are programmed and managed.

It is that simple.

WordPress hosting is simply designed to cater specifically to the platform’s needs. As such it offers a greater functionality and efficiency for these websites. In essence, it’s like a well-tailored suit that’s made to fit you perfectly. Therefore, the main reason to seek out the best web hosting for WordPress as opposed to general hosting is to get the maximum value for your money. It will provide you with not only all essential hosting services but also additional perks.

The perks can vary depending on the hosting provider. However, any type of WP hosting will at the very least offer greater speed and security. Even a shared server of this kind will host only WordPress websites. Therefore, it will be easier for the administrators to allocate server resources and monitor their usage. This alone will reduce downtime and ensure better site performance overall.

As services and support for these servers are tailored to WordPress specifically, they are more efficient. This means that even if some issue does occur, it will be easier for professionals to fix and get all websites up and running.

What Does a WordPress Hosting Account Offer?

WordPress hosting providers often offer some great add-ons and extra resources to “sweeten the package”. These specific offers can vary greatly. For example, you can find packages with extra PHP memory, automatic updates, one-click installation and access to specific themes and plugins, etc.

That said, the basic benefits of WP hosting should be the same across all offers. These advantages include:

  • Better security.
    People are losing millions of dollars every year due to different types of cybercrimes. Therefore, every website owner must understand that installing the best security measures is a must. However, it’s very hard to protect your site when you use shared hosting. There are some specialized tools that help secure WordPress websites, but they aren’t 100% effective. WP hosting uses servers that are protected from WordPress-specific threats. Therefore, you get an additional layer of security from the start. Also, as they are configured for this platform, it will be easier to integrate other security solutions and SSL certificates.
  • Easy set-up and management.
    Usually, you would get WP hosting with all essential WordPress software pre-installed. It will also come with pre-configured settings to make the set-up even easier. Therefore, this type of hosting is the best for beginners. Note that it will also be easier to migrate a WP website to WordPress hosting.
  • Better speeds.
    “Speed is a killer” says a marketing guru Neil Patel. And he’s right as page loading speed is an essential factor not only for keeping visitors interested in your site but also for Google ranking. As WordPress hosting servers are optimized for maximum performance, they will provide you with the best possible speed. Simply put, if you can’t afford a dedicated server or even VPS, WP hosting is your best chance for a fast website.

Is WordPress Hosting Right for You?

The advantages of WordPress hosting are obvious. However, general web hosting providers also offer some fantastic packages today. Those can have some benefits that will outshine the better compatibility of WP-compatible exclusive servers.

If you aren’t sure whether you should use this service, answer the following questions:

  • Why are you building a WordPress website?
    If you are using this platform only for convenience and speed and don’t plan to have a lot to do with the website in the future, hosting won’t matter. WP hosting is the right choice when you want to use the platform to the fullest. It will also help your website to evolve with every update.
  • Do you want to get server maintenance in the package?
    WordPress hosting usually includes automatic updates and other maintenance services. These perks are often paid extras in regular web hosting or are included in more expensive plans.
  • Can you afford managed WordPress hosting?
    Basic shared web hosting plans are cheaper than managed WordPress hosting. If your budget is very limited, you will need to choose the cheapest option regardless of your wishes.
  • How well do you know WordPress?
    If you are a complete beginner, WP hosting will definitely help because so many things are pre-arranged. It also makes it easier to integrate different solutions and plugins to improve your WordPress website. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding at all if you use WP hosting and plugins.
  • Will you upload a lot of media content?
    Videos, images, and podcasts are all “heavy” files. Therefore, you’ll need hosting that offers good bandwidth as well as handy services like CDN and caching. WordPress hosting packages usually include those starting with basic plans.

Bottom Line: Tailored Solutions Offer Better Results

It’s true that web hosting packages can be extremely versatile and flexible. However, it’s also true that a tailored suit will always look better on your person compared to something off the rack. Therefore, it’s not mandatory to have WordPress hosting for a WP website. However, using this service package can be better for you. This hosting is developed and managed to meet the WordPress platform’s needs. This means that it will ensure the best website performance and uptime. Of course, you also shouldn’t forget about useful extra features that will make running a WP site even easier for you.

Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 2021

See full table

Rackspace kicked off 2021 with the most reliable hosting company site in January. The top five hosting company sites each responded to all of Netcraft’s requests in January and were separated by average connection time. Rackspace offers a variety of cloud hosting solutions from 40 data centres across five different continents in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The podium is completed by New York Internet (NYI) and EveryCity. NYI offers bare metal, cloud and colocation services from its four data centres in the US. UK-based EveryCity provides cloud hosting solutions and managed third-party services from its primary data centre located in the heart of London.

ServerStack and dinahosting also responded to all of Netcraft’s requests in January. ServerStack maintains its place in the top 10 and has now appeared 11 times in the past 12 months, more than any other hosting company site. ServerStack provides managed and dedicated solutions from its three data centres in North America and Europe. dinahosting offers its services from Interxion, in Madrid, and customers can choose from a range of cloud and managed solutions as well as register domain names.

FreeBSD appeared in second place in January with NYI and SmartOS appeared in third place with EveryCity. Linux was used by the other eight sites in the top 10.

Netcraft measures and makes available the response times of around twenty leading hosting providers’ sites. The performance measurements are made at fifteen minute intervals from separate points around the internet, and averages are calculated over the immediately preceding 24 hour period.

From a customer’s point of view, the percentage of failed requests is more pertinent than outages on hosting companies’ own sites, as this gives a pointer to reliability of routing, and this is why we choose to rank our table by fewest failed requests, rather than shortest periods of outage. In the event the number of failed requests are equal then sites are ranked by average connection times.

Information on the measurement process and current measurements is available.

Managed WordPress & Woocommerce hosting recommendations.

I maintain a website for a small non profit. They would like to implement an online store now that we don’t have nearly the same foot traffic inside the building as we did pre-pandemic. Our website is a WordPress site, so naturally I’m looking at Woocommerce for the store. I’d like to move our site from regular shared hosting to a managed WP/Woo hosting plan before implementing the store, especially since I’ll be moving away and the rest of the org aren’t tech-savvy, so they’ll likely have trouble keeping up with updates, resolving any security/malware issues, etc.

I know a managed plan will cost more (we currently pay $100/yr for our hosting), and being a non-profit I want to make sure we’re spending our money wisely and not dumping it into a crappy host.

We’re in the US and we get about 9,000 unique visitors a month, so nothing crazy, and the store would be small, basically a few items with different color and size options.

My number one concern is the security of the site, especially after I’m gone. They’ll also likely need good, reliable customer service.

For budget, obviously cheaper is better, but I know cheaper price also often equates to cheaper product. I’m hoping to be able to keep hosting under $200 a year/$15 a month.

I’ve looked at a bunch of hosts so far, and the ones that stick out are SiteGround and GreenGeeks, however as I look into them I see mixed reviews. Would either of these two be a good choice? Are there any others that would be a good fit? Is there anything that I’m not thinking about that I should? I want to get all the details hammered out before I take this to the board.

I appreciate any help, advice, and recommendations you’re able to give!

ETA: The site isn’t a big resource hog. We’re only using 5.5 gb for our site and all our backups. Our bandwidth usage is usually fluctuates between 7 and 13 gb a month. We’ve only got two databases which take up 41.95 mb. Right now the site is primarily used for displaying events, adoptable animals, donations, and applications. https://hsjc-wis.com/ is the site, if that helps.

January 2021 Web Server Survey

In the January 2021 survey we received responses from 1,197,982,359 sites across 262,949,225 unique domains and 10,649,817 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 95,900 computers, but a loss of 30.13 million sites and 465,000 domains.

Apache, nginx and Microsoft all lost sites this month. Apache suffered the largest losses with 16.4 million fewer sites, a significant number of which came from a single hosting provider, Enzu. This was followed by nginx which lost 11.9 million sites and Microsoft which lost 7.8 million, both seeing losses across a number of hosting providers. nginx continues to lead in market share with 33.3% (-0.15 pp), ahead of Apache at 26.4% (-0.7 pp).

The number of domains powered by these web servers also fell this month. Microsoft observed the largest drop of 2.2 million domains, while nginx and Apache lost 903,000 and 303,000. This resulted in a small loss of market share for all three, the largest drop being seen by Microsoft which fell 0.8 percentage points to 6.3%. nginx dropped 0.3 percentage points of domain market share, though still powers 30% of all domains. The majority of the domains lost by these largest web server vendors remain in the survey, with individual hosting providers switching large numbers to other server vendors. One such movement involved around 1.2 million domains hosted by Cogeco Cable Canada that previously identified as nginx but now respond with a DOSarrest server banner.

Despite these losses, the total number of web-facing computers for both Apache and nginx grew this month. nginx gained 68,000 computers, increasing its market share by 0.3 percentage points to 34.7%, while Apache’s small gain of 6,200 resulted in a slight drop in market share to 33% (-0.2 pp).

Although both only have a small amount of web-facing computer market share, LiteSpeed and OpenResty both saw good relative growth this month. LiteSpeed gained 3,400 computers (+7.7% compared to last month) and OpenResty gained 5,700 computers (+6.8%).

The number of the top million sites powered by Apache, Microsoft and LiteSpeed all grew this month. Apache observed the highest growth with 4,043 sites, increasing its market share to 25% (+0.4 pp) and maintaining its lead over nginx which lost 105 sites this month. LiteSpeed gained 1,700 new sites, an increase of 9.4% over December.

Other vendor and hosting news

  • Lighttpd 1.4.58 was released on 27 December, after the release of 1.4.57 on 17 December. These updates include a number of bug fixes.
  • Microsoft Azure added support for Availability Zones in its South Central US datacenter region. Availability zones are multiple interconnected data centers within the same region, providing resiliency in the event of a data center outage. This addition means that Microsoft now has 15 public Azure regions with Availability Zones.
  • A number of Google services suffered from a partial outage on 14 December, caused by a failure of Google’s authentication service. As well as affecting a number of Google services such as Gmail and YouTube, the issue also prevented users from authenticating to the Google Cloud Console and managing their infrastructure. Google Cloud Platform services themselves were largely unaffected by the outage.
Total number of websites

Web server market share

Developer December 2020 Percent January 2021 Percent Change
nginx 411,191,213 33.48% 399,330,927 33.33% -0.15
Apache 332,420,092 27.07% 316,046,149 26.38% -0.69
Microsoft 97,532,495 7.94% 89,781,136 7.49% -0.45
Google 46,924,883 3.82% 46,190,660 3.86% 0.03
Web server market share for active sites

Developer December 2020 Percent January 2021 Percent Change
Apache 50,228,552 25.60% 50,341,578 25.23% -0.37
nginx 38,772,690 19.76% 39,263,149 19.68% -0.08
Google 19,779,846 10.08% 20,343,615 10.20% 0.11
Microsoft 7,597,989 3.87% 7,417,375 3.72% -0.16

For more information see Active Sites

Web server market share for top million busiest sites

Developer December 2020 Percent January 2021 Percent Change
Apache 246,298 24.63% 250,341 25.03% 0.40
nginx 232,075 23.21% 231,970 23.20% -0.01
Microsoft 68,507 6.85% 68,908 6.89% 0.04
LiteSpeed 18,612 1.86% 20,361 2.04% 0.17
Web server market share for computers

Developer December 2020 Percent January 2021 Percent Change
nginx 3,627,249 34.37% 3,695,008 34.70% 0.33
Apache 3,509,126 33.25% 3,515,278 33.01% -0.24
Microsoft 1,491,587 14.13% 1,467,760 13.78% -0.35
Web server market share for domains

Developer December 2020 Percent January 2021 Percent Change
nginx 79,810,001 30.30% 78,907,094 30.01% -0.29
Apache 69,652,695 26.44% 69,349,990 26.37% -0.07
Microsoft 18,862,033 7.16% 16,642,606 6.33% -0.83
Google 2,402,849 0.91% 2,499,621 0.95% 0.04

Having problem with Arvixe


as title say I had quite weird problem with Arvixe hosting.
In short it’s WP blog with not so big traffic (2-5k users monthly ) 95% from Europe. I have WP super cache and CloudFlare from beginning that was aprox 5 years ago.

At first it was perfect but last 2-3 weeks it became crap. Really slow, often offline, but at least CS is reachable instantly trough Chat.
They said me server is ok but your site need optimization as it’s crap ( not these words of course )

Gtmetrix said grade F 15sec load time etc so i optimized, changed theme and now is grade B 78% performance, 97% structure, 2.1s loading ( although it’s not stabile once is 5sec and once 1.5 sec )

I thought ok it’s me but 2 days after optimization again error 524 followed by error 500. went to control panel > file manager and there index.pho on 0000. Weird so i change it to 0644 and instantly site is live all good.
FFW 24h again site is dead. This time i contact them and they said my website is creating 25 processes simultaneously and it take up all CPU. Searched for malware and they said all ok, but have no clue what triggers 25 processes.

Then I realize fucking index.php is now on 0640 so i change it do 0644 and you guess it it works again like a charm.

Half hour later here we go again error 500 and site is down?!? But this time index.php still 0644 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Last thing is they provide “free domain” as long as i host there so how can i change hosting and keep my domain since they bought it and not I ?

TL;DR hosting keep crashing “due to 20+ simultaneous processes from website” and changing index.php permission while in meantime GTmetrix gave site grade B and 2s load time.

Gtmetrix https://ibb.co/rpV8HyQ

Need some help with DNS

Hi, I’m having a problem with one of my Bluehost-hosted sites (https://christinecallahan.net). It seems like the DNS server of Optimum, Verizon, and possibly others, has blocked this site.

Here is the view from my iPhone which is using the Optimum-assigned DNS server.

When my local computer is set to use Google’s public DNS server, the site loads fine. I have discussed with Bluehost support, and I realize this is not their problem, but I don’t know how to go about getting this resolved on the various providers’ DNS. I have tried to work this out with Verizon tech support previously and they did their best to help but it is obviously a bigger issue.

Any ideas how I can get this resolved?

GoDaddy Domain Transfer

Hello all

I have recently purchased a domain from someone which was a smooth deal, we both have GD accounts and it was a transfer within, his GD domain transferred to mine. I got an email pertaining to the website I had bought which said: “activate now”I clicked it, and as soon as I enter my details I get this popup: https://imgur.com/a/PLYwVi5

The registrar has not gotten any emails, or anything regarding the transfer yet. In my Domain Manager page, it reads this: https://imgur.com/a/J1FsfYn

How long does this process usually take and is there a way to speed it up? This is my first time buying a domain and having it transferred so excuse my “noob-iness”