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Indian sprinter Dutee Chand faces lack of funding for Olympic training, to sell luxury car to manage expenses

Dutee Chand to sell luxury car to manage expenses.

Dutee Chand to sell luxury car to manage expenses.&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Dutee Chand is selling her BMW to continue training for Olympics
  • “Very difficult find a new sponsor during this time,” she said
  • Chand won silver medal in 100m and 200m race in Asian games, 2018

Dutee Chand had bought a BMW 3 series in 2018 from Telangana for 30 Lakhs. She now wants to sell it so that her training for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 is not interrupted. Speaking to, Dutee said, with lack of sponsorship and no competitions, this is the only way of making money for herself.

“Due to the ongoing pandemic all completions have been cancelled. Sponsorships for Olympics are also no longer there. I have spent all my money and haven’t earned anything in the last few months. There will be no new sponsors either during this time so selling my car is the only option left.” 

Dutee does not train as per the athletics federation of India (AFI) rules and regulations and hence has no support from the AFI. She trains under the aegis of the state government and KIIT university as a sponsor but all the money from sponsors had been spent keeping in mind the earlier dates of Olympics, 23 July, 2020. 

The BMW series 3 was Dutee’s first luxury purchase but tough times forced her to put up an advertisement to sell the car, but this hasn’t dampened her spirit. “I’m not upset. I was able to buy the car because of my competitions. I will again compete, earn money and buy myself a luxury car. The important thing right now is to focus and train for Olympics in 2021,” said Asian Games 2018 silver medalist. 

Dutee has only one ongoing sponsorship, Puma, which also expires in December this year.


14 Ways to Ensure Company Growth Doesn’t Outstrip Biz Communications

Some businesses have seen a period of massive growth lately, especially those that deal solely with online sales and services. While this development is promising, it also opens up a business to another problem — that of having their growth outscale their ability to communicate.

Business communication deals with how the company interacts with and informs its employees and its clients, which includes the overall branding promise. Naturally, a small company is likely to have a different approach to a larger one, simply because of the scale of the communication involved.

However, as businesses grow in size, many of their focus areas and key elements that helped them get to where they are today tend to fall and get lost in the mix. Unfortunately, this happens to a great majority of businesses and brands, and it just doesn’t have to be this way.

Recommendations and Tips in on How to Ensure Your Company Growth Doesn’t Outstrip Business Communications and Engagement

We consulted 14 entrepreneurs from YEC about the best ways for a business to ensure that their communication keeps up with their business growth. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Be Open to Feedback and Change

Maintaining effective communication through growth is something that’s hard to get right. In my experience, the trick here is not some grand multi-step strategy. You’ll never get that right — at least I don’t. The trick is to be able and willing to listen. When you’re receptive to feedback, your team will inform you when they lack context. I see my job as listening and adapting.

Alex Furman, Invitae

2. Create Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines can be a one-page document that helps the whole team understand what is on or off brand. Having the guidelines written down helps if they need to be changed as well, which can happen if there are changes to the business that need to be reflected back in the core brand guidelines (example: acquisition of another company with a different brand positioning).

David Boehl, GoLastMinute

3. Replicate Your Voice

In an ideal world, you can just hire employees who “care” as much as you do about staying on brand. In reality, it’s next to impossible to find those employees, and it takes a lot of time to properly train them. As such, the next best thing is to “replicate your voice.” You can do this through company documents, training materials, videos, websites, social media and even a message to callers who are on hold!

Bill Mulholland, ARC Relocation

4. Build a Strategic Communications Plan

Create brand guidelines that define tone, style, etc., and make the guidelines available to your communications team(s). Build out a strategic communications plan that maps the various outreaches, both internal and external, that will be needed as part of the business’s growth. Make it clear who is responsible for each communication and who signs off on its compliance with brand standards.

Traci Beach, Craft Impact

5. Leverage Automated Tools

Make sure you have automation tools and systems in place. This way, the brand can scale without heavy manual oversight, and creative roadmaps can receive the proper attention they deserve.

Jordan Edelson, Appetizer Mobile LLC

6. Audit Communication Channels

The larger your organization is, the more detailed of a process that will need to be laid out in order to ensure continuity and correct messaging. Like a game of telephone, conduct an audit to understand where gaps in communication may be occurring and be prepared to revise your process.

Matthew Podolsky, Florida Law Advisers, P.A.

7. Create a Chain of Accountability

As your business grows, it’s critical that everyone stays on the same page. When you add new departments or see massive growth in one of your teams, assign leaders to keep each group accountable. This chain of accountability ensures that everyone’s on the same page.

John Turner, SeedProd LLC

8. Have Daily Meetings

For rapid and sustainable growth, you must have daily meetings to make sure your communications are on brand. Nothing goes out without several sets of eyes on it and those working on these communications are held accountable for performance and delivery. We check in multiple times per day — it does not need to be long, but a morning and afternoon signs-of-life check does wonders.

Matthew Capala, Alphametic

9. Maintain Personal Connections

Because most of my employees work off-site, it’s important to communicate as often as we can with one another and that they feel supported by me. We hold a quarterly all-hands staff meeting where we go into more detail and ensure that everyone gets to know one another. With a rapidly growing business, unless we have regular get-togethers with our team, people start to lose that personal connection.

Jennifer A Barnes, Optima Office, Inc

10. Create a Schedule

Like everything else, communication needs to be planned to be effective. This means investing in the right tools, creating fixed weekly meetings, quarterly appraisals, one-on-ones and more. Use calendars and create reminders for these meetings so that they’re all in place and clearly communicated. It’s just a matter of planning “up” as your business grows.

Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

11. Establish a Single Tool

The means of communication are becoming endless, from Slack to email to phone or IM, so it is no surprise that interoffice communication becomes a problem the larger a team becomes. Put a process in place that streamlines communication on certain topics into one single location and on one identified platform. This way, everyone knows where to go to stay up to date.

Jared Weitz, United Capital Source Inc.

12. Take a Step Back

Sometimes you just need to take a step back from all the craziness that comes with day-to-day management of a business and ask yourself, “Is this on brand?” If you continue to ask the question and be true to your core values, communications will remain on point.

Josh Weiss, Reggie

13. Train and Delegate

As your business grows, it’s not realistic to think that you can maintain the same level of interpersonal communication as before. The next best step is to train key people in your business to communicate on your behalf. Lead by example and also create documentation that outlines what to discuss. This will keep things consistent across the organization.

Blair Williams, MemberPress

14. Hire a Content Marketing Agency

When you need to scale communication both internally and externally, it’s helpful to hire some help. A content marketing agency can help you with everything, from your company blog, to bylined content, to internal communications and speeches from executives, and can ensure that everything is consistent and on brand.

Kelsey Raymond, Influence & Co.

How to Focus on Growth and Business Communications

For most businesses and brands, it’s all about the bottom line and trying to reach new goals and levels every quarter. However, the last thing you want to do is hit your goals while jeopardizing your customer and B2B relationships that you’ve worked so hard for.

To best accomplish this, we highly recommend you go through each of the tips and expert advice featured above and start implementing these solutions into your own business or brand.

If you enjoyed this content today, be sure to read our other expert tips on how to handle a PR crisis and increasing traffic to your site while working with a low budget.

The 2 Best Sources of Remote Jobs Online (And 2 of The Worst) |

Remote jobs are all about the search. Where and how you look for them can make all the difference in your over all job search experience.

Look in the right places for remote jobs and you’ll make progress in the form on employer interest. But if you look in the wrong places, you end up finding nothing but scams and feel like you never get anywhere.

I always want you to feel like you’re moving forward in your search. In order to get that forward momentum, I always advise my career coaching clients to hone their online job search skills, because it’s the foundation of any good remote job search.

What Makes Remote Job Searches Different?

If you’re new to remote job searches, you need to know what makes them different. For starters, they are conducted virtually. The entire process — from ad placement to interview and onboarding — is done remotely.

You won’t get to meet people in person, hand out copies of your resume, shake hands or network in the traditional sense.

That means you need to get comfortable behind your computer and getting online because it is going to be the driving force of your search.

The 2 Best Sources of Remote Jobs

Not all job boards are created equal, especially when it comes to remote work. It’s important you know the best places to search (and those to avoid).

1. Remote Job Board Sites

My favorite places to send people on the hunt for remote work are remote job boards. These were created specifically to share remote-friendly job leads. You don’t have to spend time searching for “remote jobs” because they’re ALL remote jobs.

Convenient, right?

It is!

Here are some of my favorite niche remote job boards you should definitely get familiar with.

These are all free to use. You don’t have to pay a penny to access job leads. Remember, companies post jobs here looking specifically for remote workers, like you. Be sure to take advantage of these sites as you begin your job search.

2. LinkedIn

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not what you know but who you know?” Well, apparently this is true when it comes to hiring. According to Business Insider approximately 70% of job openings are never even listed. Instead, they’re part of the “hidden job market.” Essentially, knowing the right people can really give your remote job search a big boost.

Tap Into The Hidden Job Market

Typically, the hidden job market is a word-of-mouth job market. That is, when a hiring manager needs to fill a position they ask around. They hope to fill the job via a referral instead of having to accept online applications.

That’s because hiring is expensive and tedious, especially in the remote world. A single job lead can receive hundreds and even thousands of applications. Many of the applicants simply aren’t qualified or able to do the job. That means a recruiter has to sift through all those bad applicants to find just the right one. It can take months to do that and in the business world time = money.

That’s why it’s so very important to get social on LinkedIn and grow your network. It starts with a powerful LinkedIn profile. From there, you need to make quality connections.

If you want to take a deep dive into how you can connect with employers, recruiters and decision makers on LinkedIn, I recommend, Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile.

It’s an ebook that you can read in a weekend and implement some of the techniques used before Monday. Plus, it comes in under $10 and can be found on Amazon.

Try Not To Look In These Places

Now that you have a head start and know where to look, let’s discuss places to avoid.

1. General Job Board Sites

You’re probably familiar with job board sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder and Monster. They may be the first places that pop into your head anytime you start a new job search. And while these are find sites to use for local office jobs, they’re not ideal for remote work.

While you can find remote jobs on Indeed by searching for “remote” in the location box, it’s not so simple.

You have to weed through each individual listing to make sure it’s actually remote-friendly. Many jobs are returned as “remote” but really aren’t. So, it can quickly turn into a time suck trying to determine which job leads are really remote and which aren’t.

Plus, since these job boards are so popular, there is a lot of competition on them. In a matter of minutes, a single job ad can already have dozens of applicants. It’s hard to stand out and make progress when there’s so many others to compete with.

2. Facebook

As a career coach, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love it because it’s a great way for remote job seekers to give themselves an online presence and make worthwhile connections. But I hate it because of all the scammers there are.

Every day, I encounter dozens of scam job ads targeting remote workers. Typically, these Facebook Posts promise work-from-home riches and great pay with no experience needed. Sounds too good to be true, right?

It is. These scammers are after your personal details or your money. Period. There are no jobs. It’s a system of scams disguised as remote work.

Career Coaching for Remote Job Seekers

Did I mention I’m a Certified Professional Career Coach? 😉 Please feel free to learn about my career coaching services tailored specifically to remote workers.

A career coach can help you find career clarity and direction. Plus, it’s just nice to have someone to lean on while you’re navigating a job change.


Ashlee Anderson, CPCC

P.S. This post contains affiliate links. Check out my disclosure statement to learn more.

SuperPayMe Review: Waste of Time or The Real Deal?

Did you know that companies like SuperPayMe claim to pay you for the things we all normally do on the internet, like reading emails, watching videos and visiting websites. But is it really all that they claim? If you’re like me you probably have doubts and it’s why you’re going through several SuperPayMe Reviews to determine whether they are legit or a scam waiting to happen. 

This SuperPayMe Review will answer all your questions. Based on our research, you may want to read along carefully before you join. 

What Is SuperPayMe?

SuperPay.Me is a GPT (Get Paid To) website that basically pays you to do simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and more. The company is part of 99 Ventures, Ltd; which also owns GPT sites and SuperPayMe is currently under the management of Alan Stables. The parent company is currently headquartered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 

How Does SuperPayMe Work?

Once you create a free SuperPayMe account, you can start making money doing the following:

  • Taking Paid Surveys – Like most surveys you can try and see which surveys you qualify for based on your personal information and demographics. You’ll first need to answer a prequalification questionnaire. If you’re a suitable candidate you’ll be able to complete the survey and earn points. 
  • Offers – Offers include such things as signing up for free trials or shopping for heavily discounted items. Some offers require you to enter your credit card information though. 
  • Referrals– SuperPayMe will give you 25% of what your referrals earn for life, which is pretty generous in my opinion. 
  • Promo codes and contests – You can visit their Facebook and Twitter pages to find coupon and promo codes. Their contests can earn you upwards of $1000 if you’re a top earner and really lucky.

But these types of tasks are only good for a little extra money. If that’s not what you are looking for and you would prefer a real work at home opportunity that will actually help you pay your bills consistently, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

How & When Does SuperPayMe Pay You?

SuperPayMe rewards you with points that can later be converted to real cash. That said, 1 point is equivalent to 1 cent (USD). At the time of writing this review, you can cash out using the following options:

  • PayPal – $1 minimum
  • PayZa – $1 minimum
  • Skrill – $10 minimum
  • Bitcoin – $40 minimum

You can also opt for a Tango e-gift card starting from $5 (500 points). You can cash out at any time once you reach the minimum payment threshold. They say you should expect payment within 24 hours of cashing out. 

How Much Money Can I Make With SuperPayMe?

With sites like these, how much you make largely depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. One point is equal to one cent. So for a two-minute survey may earn you 5 points while videos and downloading apps earn you 20 points at best. Signing up for trials may earn you about 100 points. It seems the best way to make money would be getting as many referrals as possible and earning off their efforts.

At the end of the day, the only way to make reasonable cash with GPT sites like SuperPayMe is to use many of them at once. That way you’ll have options in case there’s a dry spell on one of them. That said, you can join and are perfect alternatives to SuperPayMe where you can potentially earn more at is a great place to find paid surveys as well. All these sites are FREE to join as well.

How Do I Get Started With SuperPayMe?

You can go here to sign up for a free account. They’ll give you $0.20 as a sign up bonus once you fill out your profile. At the time of writing SuperPayme is available worldwide. 

SuperPayMe Complaints

If you’re wondering where the catch is, read the following SuperPayMe complaints so that you know exactly what you’ll be getting into. 

Keep your Day Job – You can’t really call it quits at your dayjob and expect to pay your bills with SuperPayMe. You’ll be making a few dollars every month, as most of these ways to earn are not always available daily. But If you truly want to be compensated for your time online, then definitely check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation

No App – Similar to its sister site OfferNation, SuperPayMe doesn’t have an app. So you can’t really make money with them unless you’re on your computer. Users also say the website sucks on mobile as well. Fortunately other similar sites like and do have apps that improve your chances of making money even while on the go. 

Hidden Charges – They don’t tell you that you’ll have to pay the processing fee once you cash out via PayPal and Payza. Well, a 2-3% charge may not seem like much but some really pissed off members say they only realized of the charges after the fact. 

No BBB Profile – If you rely on the Better Business Bureau to avoid scams, you’re not going to be happy. At the time of writing SuperPayMe doesn’t have a profile at the BBB. 

Is SuperPayMe Legit or A Scam?

SuperPayMe is legit. There’s no reason to suggest they may be a scam, and most people are happy with the website. However, you shouldn’t consider it a real income source, and you’ll probably not be making enough money to get by. 

But you can improve your chances of making money doing these simple tasks by joining several other websites as well. That said, and also pay you to do what you already do online like reading emails, watching videos, downloading apps and more. You can join for surveys as well. All of these sites are free to join as well. 

But if you’re not looking to earn pennies and would prefer doing something worthy of your time then consider checking out My Best Work At Home Recommendation. You’ll learn how to build your own online business which may eventually turn into a passive income earner. Best of all, it’s free to get started! 

Well, that’s my SuperPayMe review. If you still have grey areas regarding the company, you can visit their FAQs page. Would you join SuperPayMe? Let us know in the comments section below!

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

What Are the Best Amazon Mturk HITS for Cash? Find Out in This Guide

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a microtasking site that pays you cash to work online. This guide teaches you everything you need to know to start earning money.

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

  • SwagBucks: Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more to earn real money. Join Swagbucks Now to Get $5 Free
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  • InboxDollars: Has so far paid its members over $40 Million. Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more. Join InboxDollars Now and Get Free $5
  • SurveyJunkie: Make $5-$25 in your spare time from home to take online surveys, participating in a Focus Groups and trying new products. Join SurveyJunkie Now
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Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as Amazon Mturk specializes in microtasking.

As the word suggests, a microtask is a small, quick task that should only take a few seconds to minutes to complete, but will also pay a small amount.

The idea behind Mturk is for people to earn some extra cash as flexibly as possible.

You can sign in any time you’re available for work, choose the tasks you want to complete, and start doing them.

Businesses and individuals set up jobs through Amazon Mechanical Turk when they need to take a load off their shoulders by outsourcing small tasks.

Your work can include things like transcribing audio, inputting information into a spreadsheet, tagging images, or researching email addresses or information from websites or businesses.

Every day can be a different scenario for you, which can make working for Mturk fun if you love variety in your work day.

But, learning the ropes of Mturk isn’t quite as simple as just jumping in and getting started, like I did!

I wish I had read helpful information before getting started so I knew which tasks to try and which ones to stay away from.

Fortunately for you, I’m creating this helpful guide so that you can learn all about the system and how to maximize your time completing tasks for cash!

I’m even letting you know about some of the best Mturk hits – those that have been hits worth turking for me – so that you can get started making money.

Working for Amazon Mechanical Turk

Want to know how to work in Amazon Mechanical Turk? You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve personally used Mturk for over a year now, so I’ve learned some helpful tricks of the trade to share with you.

Here’s everything you need to know about using the Amazon Mechanical Turk system, plus helpful pointers for tasks to try and tasks to avoid.

Who Can Complete HITS on Mturk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk does allow some people outside of the United States to work on its HITS, which is what its tasks are known as.

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Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a list of accepted and non-accepted countries. So, your best bet is to contact Mturk if you’d like to sign up to see if your country is available.

U.S. citizens who live elsewhere cannot work on HITS, though. You must actually be living in the U.S. if you’re a U.S. citizen to work on Mturk.

Also, it’s important to note that not everyone will be eligible for all HITS on the site.

You may not have access to certain jobs until you qualify for them. To do that, you may have to complete a qualification exam or complete a certain number of similar HITS.

These types of HITS usually require a specific expertise or more experience than others, so they need only qualified people to do them.

To weed out tasks you’re not qualified for, you can click the checkbox toward the top that says “For which you are qualified.”

If you want to qualify for more tasks, check out the Qualifications tab. This will display a variety of qualifications you can request to take to open up more HITS.

Will I Be an Employee?


As a worker for Mturk, you’ll be an independent contractor.

This means that you work on your own schedule and you’re responsible for your own taxes.

If you live in the U.S., you should get a 1099 form if you earn at least $600 with Mturk for the year. But, make sure you still keep track of your earnings for your own records to ensure that it matches the 1099.

If you don’t earn $600, you won’t get a 1099, but you’ll still need to report the income under Schedule C with your tax return.

Those in other countries will need to follow their country’s tax rules for independent contractors or similar titles for that country.

How Much Can I Earn with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

This really depends on how much time you put into it!

Like most similar microtasking websites, you may find tasks one day that pay well for little work.

Other days, you may not be so lucky.

But, once you find the types of HITS that can maximize your earnings (ones that you can do quickly and earn more from), you can get into a better schedule.

HITS pay a different amount, depending on what the requester needs.

Some are as little as one cent per HIT. Others could be $1 or more, but may take more time.

Currently, for example, there’s a HIT requiring workers to find the website of a company by using Google. Each website found will pay $0.02, but it’s quick work.

The higher-paying hits are usually transcription tasks, which can pay $20 or more around an hour of transcribed audio.

These obviously will take longer to complete, but if you’re an efficient transcriptionist, you can earn more than minimum wage with these tasks.

Some workers can earn a full-time wage from Mturk, but it’s not typical.

Reddit forums provide a more realistic view of what you can earn, which seems to average between $50 and $100 per week, depending on the time you spend on the platform.

How Does Payment Work?

Amazon offers two options for your Mturk payments: Amazon Payments or an Amazon gift card.

This isn’t very convenient for those who want their money to go straight to their bank accounts or PayPal account.

But, your earnings do make it to your Mturk account once a requester approves your tasks. There’s only an initial holding period for new workers until they’ve been active for 10 days.

After that, your earnings go straight to your balance.

You can then choose to transfer your earnings to Amazon Payments or a gift card.

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From Amazon Payments, you can transfer money to your bank account if you choose.

I personally like using an Amazon gift card, since I purchase a lot on Amazon. But, if you need the cash itself, send your money to Amazon Payments and eventually it can go to your bank account.

You only have one transfer per day, so make sure you only transfer once you have what you want in your account for that day.

What Happens After I Complete My Task?

Once you complete a task, you have to wait for approval from the requester.

Requesters have up to 30 days to approve tasks. Unfortunately, that means that you may need to wait 30 days to see any earnings, depending on how speedy the requester is.

In my experience with Mturk, most requesters approve tasks within a couple of days, at the most.

Once your HITS are approved, you’ll see your earnings show up in your balance immediately.

If your HITS are denied, you should first check that you followed all the instructions carefully.

If you believe you followed instructions well, you can get a hold of the requester to ask why your HIT wasn’t approved. Do this by clicking on “Contact the Requester of this HIT” in the HIT itself.

How Can I Get Started?

Signing up for Amazon Mechanical Turk is simple.

Go to the website and fill in your Amazon details, if you have them. If not, you can create an account.

Then, browse through the HITS to find ones that match your skills or look interesting to you.

Spend some time trying different HITS to get a feel for what ones might suit you best and using the site.

My Experience with Amazon Mturk

I’ve spend enough time on Amazon Mechanical Turk to know how to use it and what works for me.

Personally, I like it for side income, but wouldn’t rely on using it as a full-time job. It’s simply not the best use of my time to make money.

I’ve had some HITS get rejected, even though I’ve followed all instructions to a T.

Unfortunately, there are some scammy requesters on the site who use workers to get their tasks done and don’t have any desire to pay them.

Amazon does what it can to keep this from happening, but there’s only so much it can do. However, it does take fraud seriously, so if it happens to you, be sure to report it.

I haven’t had that happen much, though. Most requesters are willing to pay for your work.

When I have some free time, I hop on Mturk to see what’s available. I usually look for one task with a lot of HITS that I think I can complete quickly and keep going until I make about $5.

If I start some HITS that seem to take more of my time then they’re worth, I’ll stop doing those and find something else.

The good thing about Mturk is that you can do the types of HITS you want. You’re never obligated to do ones that don’t fit your skills or interests.

Just make sure that, if you accept a HIT, you finish it.

Overall, Mturk is a legit way to earn some side cash to help with some bills, groceries, or even entertainment for the month.

But, I suggest using it as a fill-in for better-paying jobs, rather than spending hours every week doing small tasks on Mturk.

What are the Best HITS on Mturk?

Again, this depends mostly on your skills. Skilled transcriptionists have the most potential to earn good money here, as transcription tasks tend to pay the highest.

But, there are also some one or two-cent tasks that are so quick to complete that you may be able to rack up money quickly if you learn how to do them efficiently.

Here are a few good resources for finding some of the best HITS on Mturk, and strategies people use to earn the most cash in their spare time:

I personally love following these because you can always stay ahead of the game to find the very best HITS that people are having success with.

Lots of people on these forums are there for the same reason: to make decent money using Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Therefore, they’re willing to share how they do it because they want the same in return.

Make sure that if you’re going to join these forums and subreddits, you share the wealth with your knowledge, too.

Let others know what’s working for you and highlight some recent HITS you’ve done that worked well.

It’s a good way to make sure you’re being a helpful part of the community!

My Top Five Favorite Types of HITS on Mturk:

These are just the hits that have worked really well for me.

Remember that you might not qualify for some HITS or find them to be as convenient for you as they are for me.

But I at least wanted to share some of the ones that make good money for me so that you can try them out for yourself and see what happens.

1. Transcription HITS

These HITS are offered by requesters such as Castingwords (review) and Speechink, and can vary in price from as little as .40 cents for some of the shorter Castingwords hits on up to several dollars for some of the longer Speechink hits – however those hits usually require that you have a higher rating with SpeechInk.

If you’re new to transcription, I suggest starting with SpeechInk transcription HITS, because there are usually only two speakers involved, and they’re usually easier to understand.

SpeechInk posts audios of many different things, such as interviews with insurance claims adjusters, as well as business presentations and voicemails.

Voicemail and insurance claim interviews are generally verbatim transcriptions, where as business presentations are usually nonverbatim.

CastingWords HITS on the other hand can be more than two speakers, and there’s sometimes a lot of crosstalk in CastingWords hits, which makes it more difficult to transcribe these HITS if you’re new to transcription.

Castingwords hits can be verbatim or nonverbatim, so again make sure you read the guidelines carefully. In addition, some new requesters have started posting short audios of medical school lectures.

No matter wich requester you choose to do transcription for, be sure you follow the guidelines or your hits will be rejected.

2. Surveys

I like doing these because they’re easy and can add up quickly. It can be difficult to find legitimate survey hits on Mturk, though there do seem to be more legitimate survey opportunities being posted.

In general, if the survey HIT asks for information such as my address and/or phone number, I stay away from it.

Most survey HITS will tell you how much time you should plan on spending on the survey, so be sure you have that much time to spend on the survey before accepting the HIT.

There is also an overwhelmingly large number of HITS with surveys that are only one question long!

You can literally finish it in a second or two and get another $0.01 to $0.02 in your account.

3. Oscar Smith data entry hits –

These HITS involve typing information from business cards – the fields provided are name, title, company, email, website, address line 1, city, state, zip code, work, fax and cell phone numbers.

In addition, you have the option to add additional lines to the address if needed, and there’s a link you can click on if the phone number is not a US phone number.

You also have to crop the company logo or image from the business card. These hits are only worth 2 cents each, but once you get used to them they go very quickly.

4. Determine the correct part-of-speech tags

This is a new HIT that I’ve seen posted lately by a requester called rzhetsky.lab.  You have decide from the choices provided which part of speech the highlighted word is, or if you’re not certain there’s a link that brings up the entry for the word, which shows the part (or parts) of speech the word can be used as.

If you think the word is being used as a part of speech other than the ones listed in the hit, you can type in the part of speech you think it’s being used as in one of the blanks that follow the parts of speech provided by the requester.

5. Article writing

There are many requesters that post HITS asking for articles on different subjects.

The pay for these HITS, as well as the length of the articles, varies from one requester to the next.

Just like with transcription hits, be sure you follow the requester’s instructions about how long the article needs to be, and if any keywords need to be mentioned a certain number of times.

Also, be sure to see if the money you’re getting paid for an article is worth the time you put into it.

If a requester is asking for a 500 word article for $5 or less, then that should be a red flag for you.

You want to make sure that you’re getting an hourly rate you’re comfortable with.

Some articles will take you longer than others depending on the requirements and the subject.

If you’re writing about something that’s completely new to you, you’ll need to figure in some research time in addition to your writing time.

All that adds up!

So be careful about these ones because they can suck you in fast.

I’m very picky with the article writing HITS I take and I make sure I read all the instructions and look up the topic first before accepting any.

These are just some of the different types of HITS that are posted on Mturk – there are many others.

Tip: If you have a question about how to do a hit, the best thing to do is contact the requester.

If you have a question about whether a hit is legitimate, you can check out their FAQs for samples of hits that violate Mturk’s policies.

If you’re still unsure about a hit, the next best thing to do is contact Mturk via their “contact us” link, and provide as much information as you can about the hit, including the name of the hit and the requester’s name.

Other Worthy Types of HITS to Look for on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Aside from the HITS I like to complete on Mturk, you can also try some of these other options that tend to work pretty well for many people on the site.

As always, keep a close eye on the instructions.

You’re always allowed to preview any task that you’re allowed to work on before you complete any, which should give you a good idea of what you’ll need to do and how much time you should expect to spend on them.

If a task is too vague, you may just want to skip it instead of trying to complete it and getting it turned down by the requester because you didn’t do something correctly.

Now, onto the tasks:

1. Research tasks

There are so many forms of research tasks on Mturk, it’s difficult to explain them all here!

But once you sign into the platform, you’ll probably quickly see what I mean.

I think research tasks are some of the best because they’re usually quick and simple to do.

As long as you know your way around the internet, you can complete most research tasks quickly without a lot of fuss.

Some research tasks might have you look up phone numbers or addresses for businesses in a specific location.

Others will have you searching for information for a blog post.

Other tasks may have you looking up the social media account links for a person or a business.

These are usually HITS that anyone with a working computer and internet connection can do without any special skillsets besides knowing how to browse the internet and find information – which is almost anyone nowadays!

2. Miscellaneous data entry tasks

I mentioned some specific data entry tasks that I’ve had luck with above, but there are so many more to go around on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that in aside from survey HITS, data entry HITS are probably among the most common to find on Mturk.

Many of the ones that are posted have hundreds to thousands of HITS within the listing, so there’s plenty of work for you if you enjoy doing them.

Some of the data entry tasks you can expect to see on Mturk include:

  • Labeling images
  • Pulling information from receipts
  • Entering business information into spreadsheets
  • Entering product information into spreadsheets
  • Retyping information from a document into a new document format
  • Collecting data from forum posts, social media posts, or websites

3. Opinion and rating tasks

Some HITS on Mturk have you rating things according to your opinion.

So they’re similar to taking a survey, only instead of just answering questions, you’ll use numbers or a slider to rate specific aspects of whatever it is.

For example, one current HIT on the site gives you images of a hotel’s rooms and asks you to rate them from 1-5 using a slider.

You’ll grade things like the room’s bedding, color, layout, whether the room looks calming, and your overall impression of the photograph.

You might find similar HITS that ask for your opinions on home interiors, cars, landscapes, etc.

These are quick to do and fun because they’re all about your opinions – no fancy research required!

4. Editing and writing tasks

I mentioned article writing tasks above, but I also want to point out the many other forms of writing and editing HITS that are also available on Mturk.

Aside from writing articles, you can find stuff like writing sentences that meet specific requirements (like showing the proper and incorrect way to use words, for example), copywriting, email writing, newsletter writing, tagline writing, and more.

There are also editing tasks that will ask you to look over an article or even just a few sentences to make sure everything sounds clear and grammatically correct.

As is the case with article writing, some of these tasks can take much more time than others and may not be worth the pay in the end.

You can always try one to experiment and skip the others if you think it’s too time-consuming.

5. Analyzing search results tasks

If you’ve been visiting this site for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about search engine evaluation jobs from Appen.

We’ve talked about them and reviewed them because of their popularity for work at home workers who want something part-time for cash.

You can sometimes find similar tasks on Mturk, although they’re not quite as consistent as those offered by Appen.

These tasks will have you rating the results of specific search queries based on how relevant they are to the query.

Most of these pay just a few cents, but they won’t take long to do.

Although they’re mostly your opinion, you’ll still need to have some knowledge of how search engines and their results tend to work, plus how people typically use the internet to find out what they want to know.

Conclusion: All About Earning Money in Mturk

Amazon Mturk is a valid choice for earning some extra cash online. I just wouldn’t recommend it as a replacement for a full-time job.

But, stay at home moms or those who just need a little extra cash to help with bills can definitely benefit from the platform.

I hope this guide was helpful to you and I’d love to hear about your experiences with Amazon Mturk! Let us know all about it in a comment!

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Your online reputation determines your success

Your online reputation determines your success

submitted by /u/wilsonchua

How to Make $30 in 30 Minutes or Less

Pretty much everyone could use some extra cash in their pocket, especially during these times of economic uncertainty.

But the idea of making $30 in 30 minutes sounds like a gimmick, doesn’t it?

It’s true that – despite what many shady websites and companies would like you to believe – there are no authentic “get rich quick” schemes.

However, scoring some extra pocket change quickly is a different story. You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few legitimate options out there!

So if you’re in need of some extra cash on the double, follow these tips to put some moolah in your pocket with minimal time and effort on your part!

1. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

Still have a few gift cards kicking around since Christmas that you know you’ll never use?

You can sell them for cash quite easily. Services like Cardpool will buy your unwanted gift cards for resale to another buyer.

If you need cash fast, you can hunt down one of their Gift Card Kiosks that are nearby and get paid instantly.

All you need to do is enter the gift card info into their system to see what kind of cashback offer you can get for it. If you decide to accept, the kiosk will print a voucher that you can take to the cashier for payment.

Keep in mind that you won’t make the full value of the gift card. Best case scenario, you might get around 90% of the card’s value back in cash. But if there isn’t much demand for the card in question, you could be looking at as little as half the card’s dollar amount.

Still, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to make $30 in 30 minutes – depending on how many gift cards you have stashed away and how long it takes you to drive to the kiosk!

2. Sell Your Stuff on VarageSale

Selling old items on VarageSale is one of the easiest ways to make cash quickly. (Perfect if you were lacking some incentive to spring clean your garage or basement!)

VarageSale works by advertising your items within your community. Think of it as a lawn sale, except you don’t have to haul everything out to your front yard and stand in the sun all day.

You get to advertise your items online, set your prices, and make bargains with other interested parties.

I love this platform because they take steps to ensure that deals made on their platform are done safely. For example, all users are verified by connecting their Facebook profile and are approved by a VarageSale admin.

Chances are, you’ve got some old items that are worth at least $30. Maybe you have an old Apple product you don’t use anymore, some old clothes your kids have grown out of, or some older furniture you don’t have space for anymore.

Even old textbooks, DVDs, video games, and other things you wouldn’t think to sell can find new homes through VarageSale.

All you need to do is snap a picture of it with your phone, sign up for an account, and list your items. Ten minutes of work – tops!

3. Sign up for Ibotta; Then Spread the Word!

Ibotta is a money-saving app that gives you cashback on certain purchases you make at stores like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy.

It takes under five minutes to set up an account. Once you tell it your store preferences, you can browse coupons to add to your Ibotta wallet. Some offers require you to watch a video or answer a survey question or two.

It’s particularly useful for groceries since those are items you are buying anyway. Many users report saving over $100 on groceries every year just from using the apps coupons.

Before you argue that this is more of a way to save money rather than make money, Ibotta offers a $20 welcome bonus for using the app!

And there’s yet another way to earn cash quickly with this app; by referring others. You’ll make $5 for each friend who signs up and redeems an offer.

4. Do a One-Off Job on Gigwalk 

You don’t need to have an established side business to benefit from the gig economy. There are a lot of gig service sites you can check out to find easy, quick jobs to do.

One such site is Gigwalk. This app for your phone helps you find local jobs in your area. Pins display the available gigs on a map.

Most of these jobs come from retailers that are attempting to verify that their products are available, on display, and being marketed correctly. This means “Gigwalking” often entails entering a store and taking pictures of displays.

When you find a job you’d like to do, you can click the “apply to gig” button. Once you’ve been selected for the gig, you’ll receive more details on how to get the job done.

After you finish your assigned task, you get paid via PayPal.

The jobs themselves can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, with the pay per job ranging from $3-$100.

This app is ideal for those who live in cities where gigs are close together; you could potentially do two or three gigwalks at a time.


You’re not likely to earn a full-time income with these methods, but they can help you net some extra cash quickly. They can also help you earn more money gradually over the course of the year.

Every dollar saved or earned can make a big difference in the long run!

So take advantage of the low-hanging fruit, and you’ll be pocketing that extra cash in no time.

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Corrie Alexander is a content creator and logistics nerd from Toronto, Ontario. Her climb up the corporate ladder cultivated her interest in the topic of career development, a passion rivaled only by her love of exercise and strong coffee. As an alumna of both Horkey Handbook’s Freelance Writing and Virtual Assistant courses, Corrie loves helping other bloggers and small business owners grow! Visit her website,

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Productivity secrets from a CEO

[Transcribed and adapted from the YouTube video: ‘How To Be Productive While Working From Home’]

Key Takeaways

  • Accept reality as it is and prioritize what’s important to you in the short-term
  • Build new routines that encourage productivity at home
  • Develop techniques that create proper work-from-home and life balance
  • Productivity apps should never replace productive habits and routines

We are going to talk about schedules and how to be productive while we’re all at home. I’ve been working from home for about 20 years. And I want to talk to you about my schedule before coronavirus and I want to talk to you about how it’s changed. 

There are many people who are working from home for the first time and countless people whose schedules have been completely disrupted since the pandemic started. 

My old schedule used to be: I would wake up around 6:00 AM and have a leisurely morning until about 9:00 AM when I’d start my creative work. Around noon, my meetings would startcalls, project management, and other meetings. Around 4:30 PM or 5:00 PM I would wrap up, 5:30 PM I’d go to the gym. That was my usual schedule. I’d be asleep by around 10:00 PM.

Since the pandemic, my schedule is: wake up at 7:00 AM (about an hour later than normal). Most of my creative work happens in the morning and calls happen later. Today was the first day I went to work out and it wasn’t the best workout, but it was the workout that I could get. What’s kept me on track is what I’m about to share with you so you can be more productive at home or continue to be productive. 

Bonus:If the COVID-19 pandemic has you worried about money, check out my free Coronavirus Proofing your Finances guide and protect your money during this pandemic!

Accept Change and Find Out What Works Now

Things have changed. But, you need to figure out what works for you now. In my schedule, I’m sleeping a little more. I’m watching at least an hour more of TV per day. I’m on social media more. It’s okay to stretch a little bit and loosen up on the normally rigorous schedule. 

But, I know that there are a few things and routines that are important to me, so I want to make sure that I figure those out. That’s point one: accept change, but figure out what works now. If you need to wake up an hour later or need to watch a little bit more mindless reality TV, do what you need to do to keep yourself sane. Pick those things in your day-to-day that are important to you and find a way to fit them in. That’s number one. 

Build New Routines when Working from Home

I got an email, recently, from someone who said, “I want to know about building new routines because I’ve heard so many people say that, if I just had time, I would learn a language… I would read Shakespeare… I would do all this stuff. And now that I have time, I’m not doing any of it.”

It’s completely normal to feel that way, and if you ask any retiree, they’ll tell you, “Oh, I had a long litany of things I was going to do when I retired. Now, my day consists of going to eat brunch and then going for a walk. And that’s a good day.”

Now that’s fine for some people, but even though there are things going on outside that we can’t control, I always want to focus on the things that I can control. Watching the news or scrolling endlessly through Twitter? That’s not the most productive use of time. So I have a couple of suggestions and things that I’m doing to implement new, constructive routines.  

Learn something new

First, build a new routine for learning. If you were going to build learning into your routine, what would it be? How many people here have talked about wanting to learn a new language one day? Maybe that day is today. Maybe you join some language program, do it online. Sign up for an online class, learn a new language or a new skill.

Make time for relationships

The second thing is to build a new routine for relationships. We can’t go out and see our family and friends like we used to, and that can really put a lot of stress on ourselves. But, it’s so important to maintain these relationships and bake in time to talk to friends and family. Text and FaceTime everybody.  Next up, get a bunch of friends together on Zoom, almost like a house party, but virtual. These are the kinds of things that we need to do for our routine, for our relationships.

Bonus: Having more than one stream of income can help you through tough economic times. Learn how to start earning money on the side with my FREE Ultimate Guide to Making Money

Take pride in the little victories

Did you know that as I was growing up, my mom taught us every day how to make our beds? There is beauty in simplicity, and it can be so helpful in maintaining productive, long-lasting routines. Try these different routines that celebrate the simple: 

  • Brewing fresh coffee 
  • Making your bed
  • Performing hygienic rituals at times you normally would during the workweek
  • Actually get dressed, don’t wear pajamas every day
  • Planning and cooking meals
  • Finding ways to get exercise inside the house or in low-populated outdoor areas
  • If you want to become a morning person, now’s the perfect time

Think about one routine just for you. Overall, the key is to accept what’s going on outside and remember that we can only focus on what we can control.

Find ways to be of service

So the third one is to serve someone else. I believe that every single person has something we can do to help someone else, and I’m willing to bet each and every one of us can help someone. When I was a kid, my mom used to take us to retirement homes and we would play piano for them. 

What if you called up an elderly care or nursing home in your neighborhood and said, “Can I talk to someone there for 15 minutes?” Do you think someone would be there and be welcoming to a call? Yes. 

There are so many ways that we can help people. And, right now, there’s a lot of elderly people who can’t even get groceries. So I would say every one of us has something that we can do right now to help other people. Community service would be something that I would build into our schedule.

Working From Home Versus Self-Care

What percentage of the day do you devote to work and what percentage to self-care? 

Self-care, for me, is a leisurely morning, right? I don’t want to be rushed in the morning. Self-care for me is working out, being able to text friends whenever I have the chance, and enjoying the little things. 

People traditionally think about massages and things when they hear “self-care.” That’s why I think whether it’s serving someone or building a routine just for you, you’ve got to find something that’s going to give you energy during these times. A percentage is a weird way to think about working from home versus self-care, so I’d say that make sure you’re doing enough things that give you energy or sustain you and you’ll find that happy balance between work and life. 

Another step you can take to promote work-life balance at home  is to carve out your own workspace. Find a spot in your home, apartment, or wherever you live and dedicate a certain portion of it to your work. Our homes can be super cozy, and Netflix is right there. But, if you dedicate yourself to a workspace, you can get more stuff done and turn your brain off of work mode easier.

Productivity AppsDo They Work?

I think productivity apps are highly overrated, just like personal finance apps. 

I use a calendar and email, but productivity is not about apps. It’s about psychology and boundaries. It’s deciding what’s important to you and building the systems into your life. Apps are irrelevant. Yes, a reminder five minutes before a meeting is fine, but don’t focus on apps. No magical app is going to save you. It’s about getting clear-minded and then finding the personal systems that enable your productivity.

Bonus: If you’re worried about your personal finances, you can improve them without even leaving your couch. Check out my Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance for tips you can implement TODAY.

Live a Productive Life at Home

Remember, you get the chance to reinvent yourself right now. As much bad stuff as there is happening outside, we can only control what we focus on. We can only focus on what we can control. 

Sometimes, all we can do is live day by day, and that’s enough. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t come out the other side of this pandemic like a Renaissance person. If there are days where you must focus on simple truths and routines, that’s okay. 

So, I’m hoping as much as possible that things get better outside and that we can focus on things that we can control and build new routines and mindsets that work for us. Accept that things have changed, figure out the important things, and prioritize it.

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13 Free, Easy Strategies for Effective Stress Management

We’re living in scary, uncertain times, and for a lot of us, that translates into high levels of stress and anxiety.

But as natural as these responses may be, chronic stress and anxiety pose their own threats. Chronic stress has been linked to many serious health conditions, and it has also been shown to depress immune function, which is something none of us need right now.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 13 things you can do to help you cope during this time. None of these things cost money, and you can do them all at home (or at least in your neighborhood).

13 Ways to Manage Your Stress and Find Calm on Your Own

The next time you’re feeling swept up in counterproductive thoughts, try one of these tactics.

1. Take a Few Deep Breaths

If you’re like most people, you probably respond to feelings of emotional distress by taking shorter, shallower, more rapid breaths. This means your body gets less oxygen, which in turn affects your ability to think clearly and function — and that can exacerbate that tangle of emotions.

Taking a few deep breaths will replenish your body’s oxygen supply, and as a bonus, it will give you a few moments to pause, which can also help you calm down.

When you feel yourself getting stressed out, stop and breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, then exhale through pursed lips. Do this several times until you feel yourself calm down.

Several variations of this exercise exist, so play around until you find something that works best for you.

2. Try a Grounding Technique

If stress and anxiety are threatening to overwhelm you, try one of these grounding techniques. They work by pulling you away from your anxiety-producing thoughts, most of which either dwell on the past or ruminate on the unknown future, and bringing you back into the present.

An easy one to remember is the “five senses” technique. Here’s how you do it: Stop for a moment and think about what all of your five senses are experiencing at that precise moment.  What do you hear? What are you smelling? What do you feel on your skin? What do you see? What do you taste?

Whenever you catch your thoughts spiraling out of control, take a minute to pause and do one of these exercises, and hopefully you will feel better quickly.

3. Limit Your Time Online

Many researchers have found a strong connection between heavy social media use and a higher likelihood of experiencing anxiety and depression. The same is true for your smartphone.

This is the case even without a global pandemic hanging over our heads, so imagine how much more intense that dynamic is right now, where every push alert to our phone could bring news of another border closure or federal emergency measure.

Mix the unrelenting flood of news about these unprecedented events with the stress of watching political arguments unfold in comments sections, attempting to sort out the nuggets of truth from the fire hose of misinformation and trying to block out the increasingly panicked posts from family members and friends, and you have a recipe for lots and lots of anxiety.

This is not an argument for complete abstinence from using social media, smartphones and the internet, by the way.  These things can bring great value to our lives, especially now more than ever, when we need both the social connections and the critical information they bring to us. (Not to mention deliveries of food and supplies while social distancing!)

However, even good things can be bad for us if we don’t put limits on our consumption, so if you find that being online is causing you a lot of stress, put some parameters in place.

One option is to give yourself an hour to check in the morning and in the evenings. Another option is to institute no-phone hours after a certain time. A third option is to take a few minutes to turn off your phone’s alerts and notifications.

None of those work for you? Here are seven other ideas for you to try.

4. Spend Time in Nature

The sun rises at North Shore Park in St. Petersburg, Fla. There are plenty of places to watch a sunrise or sunset while practicing social distancing. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

Sometimes the cure for what ails you is right outside your front door.

Researchers have found that spending time in nature can reduce anxiety, stress and depression. It seems to reduce the levels of cortisol, which is released in response to stress, and the prefrontal cortex — aka the area of the brain that’s active when you’re engaged in repetitive, negative thinking — shows lower amounts of activity. They’re not exactly sure why this happens, just that it does.

City dwellers (and anyone else who doesn’t have access to green spaces due to social distancing and shelter-in-place restrictions), we still have good news for you: Researchers found that listening to calming outdoor sounds or looking at trees and other greenery can have the same effect as spending time in nature.

So fire up a playlist of ambient ocean sounds, gaze at some photos of Canadian forests and feel your stress slowly melt away.

5. Write Your Feelings Down

Journaling is one of the most common strategies for dealing with mental health challenges, and for good reason. Researchers say writing down your feelings can help you make better sense of them. Instead of rushing around your body and mind in a confusing whirl of stimuli, the feelings become understandable, clearer and easier to manage.

Want to try this out but not sure where to start? This post has seven good prompts for you to try.

6. Meditate

Meditation has gotten a lot of press in recent years as a one-size-fits-all solution for everything from a lack of focus to anxiety to boosting your productivity.

But what makes meditation so potent in a time like this is that it helps you develop awareness of your own thoughts, which is the first step to being able to manage them more effectively. If you have the ability to catch yourself getting carried away by your anxiety-producing thoughts, then you’ll also have the ability to redirect them in ways that are more productive and useful for you.

So you want to try meditation but you’re not sure where to begin? Try one of these five free meditation apps and use the guided meditations. Make an effort to meditate at least once a day for a few days, and see if it works for you.

7. Drink Some Water

Feeling anxious? Stop what you are doing, go to the fridge, pour yourself a glass of water and drink it down.

Researchers have found that drinking water can lower a person’s stress and anxiety levels. Our bodies are primarily made of water, and when we’re dehydrated, we don’t function as well as we could. So if you’re feeling panicky, take a moment to drink a cool glass of water, and see if that helps you calm down.

8. Learn a New Skill

Getty Images

You probably noticed your friends’ lists are full of posts about people taking up baking or gardening or cross-stitching right now.  There’s a good reason for that: Learning a new skill can occupy your brain so thoroughly that it leaves little room for the rumination that can lead to anxiety and stress.

Researchers have found that learning a new skill can be a great buffer against workplace stress, and that holds true in our day-to-day life as well.

So if you’ve wanted to learn to play a new instrument, how to do carpentry or how to knit, now is a great time to do it. You’ll boost your mental health, and you’ll learn a new skill in the process.  That’s a definite win-win!

9. Reach Out to Friends and Family

Part of what makes social distancing so hard is that our need for social connection is hardwired into our DNA. Tight social relationships — and the cooperation and resource-sharing that come with them — are how we’ve survived this long as a species.

The health risks of loneliness are well-known by this point: It can suppress your immunity, lead to greater inflammation of your internal organs, and it can also leave you vulnerable should you face a crisis and need help.

Thanks to technology, we have a lot of ways to stay connected with one another, even though we’re stranded in our houses. Set up a group chat with a group of friends and exchange funny memes. Schedule video chats with friends and family members, with or without quarantinis.

Or you could just pick up the phone.

10. Work Out

“The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea,” author Isak Dinesen wrote back in the 1930s.

Working out is a fast way to make your own supply of sweat, and it has the added benefit of flushing your body with endorphins, which are the hormones that make you feel good. Here’s more on the very well-documented connections between exercise and stress relief.

You don’t have to go to a gym to work out.  All you need is a bit of space, and you can do a full bodyweight workout. You can do yoga (and in fact, many local studios are live-streaming classes now, so check your area!).  You can even go for a walk, which, in this time of SUPER INSANITY HARD CORE HULKSMASH WORKOUTS, is probably the most underrated form of exercise.

All you need to do is find something you like doing, and do it at least three or four times a week. What you end up doing doesn’t matter as much as being consistent in whatever you choose to do.

11. Declutter Your House

Getty Images

It doesn’t matter whether you’re KonMari-ing or Swedish death cleaning or “hinching your way to happiness”  — the mental health benefits of decluttering are well documented. Now more than ever, your home is your sanctuary, but it’s hard to feel restful and at ease in a house filled with clutter.

Start taking some time each day to deal with clutter. This can mean anything from setting up a new organizational system to shoving a bunch of junk in a box and hiding it in the garage until you feel like dealing with it.

As the clutter vanishes from sight, your home will become calmer and more restful, and who doesn’t want a calm, restful home in a time like this?

12. Create a Schedule

After several days of social distancing and working from home, it can seem like time has become a meaningless construct. What day of the week is it? What time is it? Why am I still in my pajamas at 2 p.m.? Has it really been four days since I washed my hair?

One of the most jarring things about what’s happening now is that many of our previous structures have fallen away, and that can leave us feeling dislocated from everything we used to know and understand.

A simple remedy for this is to establish a daily routine for yourself. This will help you prioritize the things you need to take care of yourself, while also removing the need to make your decisions from scratch. (Decision fatigue is real.)

Take some time to create a schedule for yourself (and for your kids, if you have them), and then do your best to stick with it. It’ll help you create a sense of normalcy in a world that is anything but.

13. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep and stress are intimately connected. If you are stressed out, you can’t sleep. If you can’t sleep, you’re more prone to becoming stressed out because your ability to cope is depleted. It’s a nasty cycle that can be hard to break.

If you’re struggling to sleep at night, try these tricks:

  • No screen time for an hour before bed.
  • Limit your caffeine intake earlier in the day.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before you go to bed.
  • Exercise during the day.
  • Write down what’s bothering you.

If none of these work for you, check out these 20 ways to help you fall asleep.

Things are very hard for a lot of us right now, but if we prioritize taking care of ourselves, we’ll be in a much better place to take care of others. And if we can take care of others, we’ll be able to get through this together.

Caitlin Constantine is the deputy managing editor for The Penny Hoarder.

How to Make Money with Forex

make money with forexEveryone wants to make money to get a good lifestyle. Forex trading is considered as the best way to earn money in a short span of time. It is basically done with the help of  a market maker or a broker. In Forex trading you have to choose a particular currency pair in which you want your value to change in. The orders can be placed via brokers and later on this order passes to interbank market along with, to a partner in order to fill your position. You can close your trade whenever you want. When you close the trade, your Interbank Market position will also be closed simultaneously. After that your account will be credited with the gain or loss. This process is very small and can be completed within few seconds.

Buying and selling of currencies is what that takes place in Forex market. Placing a trade in foreign exchange market is a very simple task. The criteria is also very simple than the ones used in the other markets. Therefore even if you have slightest knowledge about it, you can pick up the procedure very soon and can perform very well.

Forex trading is basically based on the idea of exchange of currencies. In this sort of trade, you can expect that your currency will change and you will get an increased value of the currency as compared to the currency that you just sold.

Now the question arises, how you can make money via forex trading by minimizing the risk of losing:#

#1 Trade with Money you can afford to Lose:

It is not necessary that you will always win while trading. There are many risks associated with this trading. So you should keep those risks in mind while playing. Always start with a small amount of money which you can afford to lose. Putting a big amount into trading at the very initial stage can be dangerous. You should be truthful towards yourself. You can go for demo trading in the beginning and then can start actual trading when you will be having some money and a little bit of experience. The amount of money which you can afford to lose is known as disposable money. This is that amount of money without which you can survive easily. Always trade with disposable capital, even if you lose it won’t make much difference to you.

#2 Education regarding Forex Trading:

The best way to understand forex trading system is to gather some good and helpful knowledge about it. You must get forex trading education of high quality if you really want to earn money with it. If you are getting forex trading education from a professional then you can surely come to know about some effective strategies that will help you in making money in forex trading. If you are a beginner and are about to trade without specific knowledge, then it might be possible that you would lose. If you would try to gather information about forex trading from any other resources, then you will not get accurate information as no one could tell you more about trading than a professional who is already trading.

make money with forex trading

#3 Master one Trading Strategy:

If you would try to learn all the strategies of trading, then you will get nothing. You would become like jack of all trades and the master of none. Do not confuse your mind by making itself try to understand too many trading strategies because this will let you make too many mistakes in trading. If you really want to learn trading, then you must understand the technicalities of strategies of trading. When you will be aware about the technicalities, then you will be able to make fruitful decisions. Many complicated trading systems can trap you if you are having lack of expertise and specific knowledge. There are systems like trading software programs and indicators which can be totally wrong to follow. The basic key to make money in forex trading is to master any of the trading strategies. You can opt for a simple trading strategy like price action trading. This strategy is being used from a very long time. Moreover as you start trading with simple strategies, these strategies will help you in understanding the trading procedure in a better manner.


These were the few points which you should keep in mind when you start trading in forex. Nothing is complicated just a clean simple strategy is required and you can win whatever amount you want to win. A little bit of knowledge and practice can make miracles. Obviously you can’t make any predictions in trading business but you should also use your intelligence to reduce risks involved with forex trading. Nothing could be better than to learn trading from professionals as only a professional trader can let you know about all the tricks and techniques used in trading.

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