Cloud Hosting in India – Has It Fully Arrived? Read Now

The emergence of web hosting services has made lives easier for those who rely on their websites for online buying and selling. There are so many varieties of services that are available and each of them has their own characteristics and features. However, the one that has truly become the most demanding service is the cloud-based server hosting. This has huge benefits compared to other hosting services and you will get them at a very reasonable price. Enhanced security provision is one of the major reasons why cloud hosting in India has become quite popular.

The basic concept of cloud hosting is sharing storage with other users keeping a definite standard of security from the person you are sharing the storage with. In addition to just storage, computing hardware is also processed in this service.

The data that is stored is not limited to one server. As soon as you opt for this service, the data is bifurcated in several servers so that even if the data of one server gets corrupt, the other servers will have the ability to get the lost data back. Although, the chances of data corruption is nil because there is not much pressure on one server as the information and data are separated.

Another benefit of cloud server services is that you can get shared or dedicated server usage according to your budget. Here are few more attractive reasons why you should look to choose from the best cloud hosting providers in India:

  • Scalable and flexible – the first thing that you should look for in a web hosting service is the extent of scalability. Fortunately, cloud hosting services India offers both scalability and flexibility to the fullest possible extent.
  • Be in full control – with cloud hosting services, you will have full control of the resources and features that you have opted for. Starting from computing hardware to installation of software or storage of data, you will know each and everything and you will also be able to change things on your own according to your needs.
  • Remote access – do not worry if you have to access your server from your workstation because cloud services only require your login id and password and you will be able to access the data and server within seconds.
  • High security – as mentioned earlier, cloud storage has top-notch security and breaking into the server is virtually impossible. Most service providers have a 4 layered virtual and physical security that makes your data safe from intruders and hackers.

Trend for Cloud Services

Have you come across an option in your Smartphone where you are asked to get a backup done of all the contacts and sensitive data in a drive? What do you think the drive actually is and where all these data are stored? It is none other than a simple cloud service that is linked to your mobile phone that gets activated as soon as you opt for the service. The data is stored in the Cloud and you can access it through that specific application or in most cases, through your email address.

Almost 90% people in India have smartphones and 95% users have activated cloud services. So, knowingly or unknowingly they are using this service and the trend is such that more and more IT companies are making use of this service than any other. If you search online with cloud hosting provider India, you will find numerous companies offering this service at the cheapest of rates. From this, you can get an idea of how famous this service has become.

The recent statistics of cloud hosting in India has definitely got IT analysts thinking because of the high demand flexibility of this service. With more modifications coming up in the recent times, cloud services are something that almost every company will shift to in order to store data and information. And most importantly, the question that has been pegging everyone about whether cloud hosting has well and truly arrived in India can be answered by the craze that this service has created in the IT sector.

Records show that India is one of the leading countries in Asia that has been involved in cloud hosting services and the overall revenue is expected to cross 1.7 billion USD by this decade. So, you can understand how importance cloud hosting has become. This has led many cloud service providers to invest in India and set servers in the most important states so that they can not only earn huge amounts of money, but also decrease the overall price of this service. As India is entering a digital stage, cloud services have also been on the rise because both of them go hand in hand and it has definitely helped millions to store data securely.

What is your opinion about cloud hosting in India? Feel free to share your inputs/feedback in the comments section below.

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