[Dev] My 2019 New Years resolution was to publish a game. I failed, but only by a few days: Pipes Game : AndroidGaming

Just played for 30 minutes- Once you get used to the controls it’s really not too bad. Swipe left to rotate one way, and right to rotate the other. I assume the reason it’s not a click for clockwise rotation is that once the water goes into the pipe it’s locked in place. Which means you may end up with a piece rotated in a way you didn’t want it to be. The swipe however doesn’t work all the time, so it takes a few tries on some pieces to get it to move.

Learning the pipes wrapped the screen -(think tunnels on pacman, which I didn’t immediately notice in your video) was a game changer and I went from only being able to get about 100 connections to over 1,000 fairly easily.

Some spots seemed to “stick” as far as scrolling goes, meaning I had to have water in the very bottom pipe before it would allow to me scroll on, dangerous move when you can’t see what’s coming.

Over all a nice game without the annoying ad banner at the bottom(like similar pipe games).

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