[DEV] Zombie War Outbreak is a Post Apocalyptic Survival FPS Shooter : AndroidGaming

Hey there guys just wanted to provide more info on my new game built in the Unity Engine.

Zombie War Outbreak (name still undecided) is a survival shooter where players can roam through maps looking for extra weapons, ammunition, and health related items.

There is around 100+ campaign missions to play through with increasing difficulty as you progress through the missions.

You can manage your inventory on the go and use/discard items as you see fit. After each mission completion money is earned to upgrade and purchase more weapons in the store.

The store is refreshed with new equipment after every visit.

As this game was solely developed by me there will be possible bugs here and there and I would appreciate any feedback that your able to provide.

Reviews, Comments, opinions, and suggestions is appreciated!

Link To the Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cryogenlab.zombie_war_outbreak

Note: There is some subtle things that were added such as trees moving, grass weaving, various effects, sun rays etc as well.

Please do let me know if the game does lag for you or not and what device you are using as these do tend to increase a devices memory usage.

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