Domain parking site not working with Digital Ocean, any ideas? : webhosting

I’m trying to set up a domain parking website for all of my domains (as well as other peoples potentially). As in if I go to,, etc they would all point to the landing page hosted on my droplet.

I set up a website on my droplet basically just using the marketplace Node.js quickstart. My website works fine at: Then I followed this tutorial to set up vanity nameservers to point my parked domains to: ns1/ns2/ I’m using Namecheap and followed the instructions in the same tutorial to set up a personal nameserver as described. Then on another domain I own:, I pointed the “custom DNS” to ns1/ns2/ but as you can see it’s just returning “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” or other similar errors?

There’s just so many variables at play here I’m having trouble figuring out where the issue is taking place. Any help?

Screenshots of my DNS records:

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