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I’m creating this post here while this related post was posted this sub.

I transferred my .com domain to doteasy in july 2019 for 0.77 USD with coupon code (normally 5usd year). Then i realized this was a gimmick. When i read the terms of service, i saw the price is for first year. If i want to transfer the domain out to other provider, i have to pay $15 for domain unlock then i can transfer. Or i renew $15 for 1 year then i could transfer out.

What should i do? Isn’t it illegal marketing? Is there any way to transfer to other provider without paying $15 for domain unlocking or renewing? Can icann do something about this?

Their live chat isn’t working and they reply too late for tickets.

Even if i RENEW on doteasy, they LOCK for 60 more days to transfer away. WTF?

If there is no solution, i will renew today for $15 then transfer away after 60 days to other provider like godaddy for $5-6.

i got my auth code on my email.

but my domain lock is on and i cant turn off.




From doteasy:

If you are looking to transfer away, you can do so either you pay the $15.00 domain transfer fee (and pay again to the new registrar) or you renew the domain at US$15.00 then you may transfer away as well. Please note that though, you will have to wait 60 days in order to transfer a domain away after renewing.

Domain transfer services are included only for active domain names that are either registered or renewed through Doteasy at the regular rate. Members may transfer expired domain names and domain names that were purchased at a promotional rate to another domain name registrar by paying a Domain Transfer Fee. The Domain Transfer Fee is based on the domain type and is subject to any applicable taxes.

US$, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .ca, .eu, .mobi, .club, .link, .work, .xyz, .top, .cloud, .asia

When a client transfers or registers a new domain with us at our promotional price, the domain is not transferable unless the client is paying a domain transfer fee (the fee amount is depending on the domain extension). This policy is written on our website ( point number 8) as well as on the agreement section during the sign-up. Customers have to agree to the policy before paying.

The policy protects us from the registrar hopping domain owners. We offer a discounted price to new comers as an appreciation. However, if they decided not to keep the domain with us but just to take the advantage of the discount and transfer away, a domain transfer fee is required.

However, as soon as the domain is renewed at a regular rate after the initial year, you can transfer the domain away without any additional fee.

New reply from doteasy (i asked “if i renew, can i transfer without fee”):

Yes, if you renew the domain today, you may transfer the domain away without any additional fee but there will be a form for you to complete to acknowledge the risk of losing the domain paid term during the transfer process in the first 60 days. Therefore, we suggest transferring the domain after 60 days of the domain renewal.

WTF? Is this correct and legal?

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