Epic Card Game Now Available on iOS and Android

As we reported last month, Epic Card Game – the follow-up to Star Realms – was getting a digital adaptation which included mobile versions. It was released last week on February 18th, but the news got lost amidst me being on holiday and Ian having a more limited scope for covering news in my absence.

In case you didn’t know, or are unsure what Epic is, a quick overview: It’s a more traditional TCG-style game vs. Star Realms’ deck-builder design. Players have 30 health, with the goal being to knock your opponent’s down to zero health first. Economy is even more streamlined than Hearthstone – every card either costs one of zero gold to play, and you only get one gold at the start of your turn. Here’s the launch trailer:

The game itself is also quite forgiving in terms of monetisation. You only pay money for things like extra deck slots, cosmetics, and tickets needed for competitive play. Otherwise, you can play the single-player campaign and the casual modes for free, and have unlimited copies of every card from the get-go.

Epic Digital is available on iOS and Android.

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