Here’s my list of high quality games that play great on iPad Pros : iosgaming

Not to diss you OP but a lot of these are just disappointing mobile games to me. They are great at first glance but show some glaring issues later on.

Sky, Call of Duty mobile, Oceanhorn 2, Black Dessert specifically have gameplay problems that got worse after X number of hours. Yet because these are mobile games they get praise as being “fantastic” because that’s basically the best we get 95% of the time.

I mean I’ve seen a lot of people praise Oceanhorn 2 as “AAA quality” or “Zelda for mobile”. Sorry but if Oceanhorn 2 was released on consoles as is it would receive terrible reviews for bland uninspired gameplay.

Ignore the P2W stuff of CoD witch is it’s own issue, there are some glaring issues in terms of core gameplay like map design, spawn system, weapon and perk balance issues, that simple wouldn’t pass testing in console CoD games.

Sky is amazing the first 2-3 hours and after that it just fails flatter and flatter in terms of gameplay mechanics where it’s clear they had to sacrifice the core gameplay loop for monitization purposes.

All these games are fun for the first number of hours but just don’t hold their ground IMO.

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