Hostgator Traffic and Other Help needed

I’ve got some sites set up on a shared Hostgator account, the cheapest type of account they offer for now. From what I’ve been reading recently, I should switch providers, and I plan to.

  1. Traffic – My first and main question is about traffic. Hostgator reports my traffic for each domain, and for example one site looks like this:


But when I go to the wordpress stats for that site, it looks like this:


So first of all, is one (or both) inaccurate? Is there traffic coming to my domain that hostgator is counting, and then not fully making it to my site? Could that be related to the slow loading time? HG separates regular traffic from “not viewed traffic” which covers bots and things like that, but the regular traffic numbers seem really high to me. How do I find the accurate data if this isn’t it?


2) Slow loading – My 3 sites are all on wordpress with a few plugins and it’s basically the same plugins on each site. There’s not much besides some articles with image/text on the sites, but the load time is very slow (3-5+ seconds).

Images are jpg/png, but from reading some of the comments here, the images are probably larger than they should be. I will be looking into a solution for that sometime soon, but I’m not sure if they’re the problem. Is WEBP ideal for everyone? Some people suggested it in other threads so I wondered if I should also switch to it.

3) Hosting – Also, I am shopping around for a better host, after learning a bit about the EIG situation. So I’d like to know if anyone would suggest an alternative that’s relatively cheap, for hosting several sites. In the future, I may get a better host and separate each site when it’s required. But for now I’d like the best lower cost option that will allow me to potentially add more sites in the future and not compromise too much in loading these wordpress sites or anything like that.

Some people also suggest cloudflare for their DNS but I’m still looking into that and don’t know much about CDN and caching. If you have good resources or a guide for that I’d like to look into it as well.