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I am a freelance web developer. I have been hosting a handful of sites (mostly WordPress) for a number of years and semi confident working with Virtualmin.

As part of my job I deal with a lot of clients that host their sites elsewhere. I have a client who recently has experienced some down time on their on website and the server provider isn’t really being very helpful. I want to take this opportunity to submit a proposal for managing their hosting.

Up time is VERY important to them (due to their industry and compliance rules). It is a WordPress site and not very busy (less the 500 visitors per month).

I am a little conflicted on what to advise and looking for some advice from seasoned server administrators.

I am assuming if they really want maximum up time I need to consider MySQL Replication, Multiple web servers and a Nodebalancer (e.g.

Part of my conflict comes from the fact its a website that doesn’t see a lot of traffic and these solutions feel like over kill. But I am not sure what other options I could present while addressing High Availability.

I am currently looking at AWS, Digital Ocean and Linode. I haven’t used AWS or Digital Ocean before. Is it as easy as it looks to setup? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am UK based. Traffic to the website is fairly evenly spilt between US and UK/EU.

Thank you.

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