How to Play Online Multiplayer With Friends

Tennis Clash is the latest Clash Royale-style sensation to hit the App Store, challenging you to battle against real players in a variety of online tennis matches for loot boxes, points, and more.

You can also challenge your friends to friendly online matches, but the process isn’t very straightforward at all. It seems that a lot of you want to access this feature though, so we thought we’d put together a guide to the process.

If you’ve just started playing Tennis Clash, why not take a look at our guide, which is designed to help new players adjust to the challenge.

Tennis Clash Online Multiplayer Guide:

Tennis Clash features online multiplayer, but accessing it is not straightforward at all. Fortunately for you, we’ve dug into how to access it to help you.

First of all, after downloading and playing through the tutorial, you need to connect a Facebook account. That’s a simple process. On the main menu, you should see the Facebook logo and the word ‘Connect’. Tap on that to get started.

Then, simply tap on ‘Login With Facebook’ and proceed to sign into your Facebook account. Once you’ve achieved this, you simply have to tap on the same button and you’ll see a list of your friends. It’s here that you can initiate an online multiplayer match.

You do have to be friends on Facebook to participate in an online match though, as there’s no baked in friends feature in Tennis Clash. You also have to have a Facebook account to participate in online matches, which will frustrate those that don’t want a Facebook account.

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