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Dungeoning is getting further into Alpha and we’ve added several major features in the last month, such as active character switching, new Potions system, and a ton of content (dungeons, NPCs and animations). And as we get ready to put in the guidance and messaging system, I’m hoping to get as much first-user experience feedback as possible.

The game is a nonstop incremental RPG– it’s fantasy, party-based, loot-centric, including a hunt-for-collectibles strewn all over the place and (now 74) dungeons to dive (and we just hit 200 NPCs in the game).

Here’s some screens:

Post image

An ice dungeon, a chest & a chimera

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Lava level, with the Warrior in the lead

The collectibles I mentioned get dropped all over the place, from dungeons, to quests, to your daily D20 roll for rewards:

Post image

That’s not supposed to be a face on the Mandrake root– it just turned out that way.

If this looks like something you might want to check out, DM TheWizard (that’s me) in our Discord.

If you’re wondering still, check out a ridiculous amount of screens and GIFs on the website I put up recently (you can also sign up for a Beta invite there if you don’t want to play now in the Alpha).

If you DO want to play, and you DM me, remember– there’s no guidance yet, no tutorial, and only a few popup help windows to tell you what’s going on. The feedback I’m looking for is what we need– I’m hoping to do a light-touch tutorial and/or just signpost everything well enough for players to uncover the rather deep rabbit hole that the game becomes. And I need to hear what is and is not understandable (there’s a Wiki on the Subreddit once you want to start looking at the mechanics).

Look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Everlings are not lizard people.

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