Important Points to Consider Before Selecting a Dedicated Server – Know Everything on Websites, Hosting, Domains

Opting for web hosting services can be easy. You search online for the best service provider, do a bit of background research on the respective company and finalize the best package for hosting services. However, when it comes to selecting a dedicated server hosting service, there are few things that you need to keep in mind. It is not about the installation of the server, but the features that come with it should be put under the scanner.

If you have already been accustomed to hosting services, you will know how beneficial dedicated hosting can be. In simple words, there is no alternative to this hosting service. Yes, other web hosting services also provide a lot of features and functions, but none can be compared to those of dedicated servers, especially when your requirement is of that particular level.

You do not have to share the server with anyone else and you will have total control of the features of the server. All these may seem to be too attractive, but before you take that final step of opting for the best dedicated server, there are few things that you need to consider:

Managing The Dedicated Server

There are primarily two reasons why one would opt for a dedicated server, one is to get dedicated resources and second is to get complete control of the server where you have no limitations on the kind of operating system you want to install or the different the kind of scripts you want to run. A dedicated server allows an individual or business to run their own server without the hassles of actually managing the physical aspects of the server. This is possible because of the remote management facility that allows you to run your server from anywhere in the world.


Flexibility With Security Policies

One of the best advantages of using a dedicated server is you are the one and only admin. You will be the one to decide the security limits. This will give you the power to tweak the Plesk login panel along with SSH and WHM because you can get these IP based limits to be hosted by the service provider. In addition to this, it is also possible to get more firewalls installed, disable system function or unused ports and also install modified versions of antivirus detection measures.


Specified Server Requirements

Not every user has the same requirements for their dedicated server. That is why it is best to buy dedicated server according to the requirements you have. But, how will you decide the best combination of hard drives, processor, and RAM for your server? Well, for that you need to have an assumption of the users you can expect. This will help decide the number of servers you will need.

The choice of cores and processor in a server can be decided based on the application you are running on the server. Try checking the turnaround time of the processor and you will have an idea of how much speed you are looking at. Secondly, for the RAM, it is always best to have RAID setup because that is the latest technology available for dedicated servers and they work remarkably well with the respective processor. Last, but not the least is the RAM and if you prefer speed with performance, you need to opt for DDR4 RAM. Although the price will slightly be on the higher side, you will get guaranteed speed.


Aid To Recover Data

Not every service provider will provide you backup services for your dedicated server. This is mainly because unlike other hosting products, there is very little visibility on what the customer adds to his dedicated server. But there are many backup solutions like CodeGuard that can help you overcome such a situation. You also need to ensure that you can customize your backup solution so that you can backup only the important files. We recommend that you talk to the sales representative before you sign up for your dedicated server to understand what your service provider has to offer you with regards to backup


Guarantee of uptime

When you are dealing with a dedicated server, there are chances of running into a sudden downtime. That is why it becomes an important factor to know the guaranteed uptime of the server. Since you will not share the server with anyone else, it would be best to opt for a service provider that has cloud setup for dedicated servers. This will reduce the chances of downtime to a great extent.


Dedicated servers are the control-providers for technical geeks. If you are one of those who want total control of what you are doing, then the above factors will help pick the best dedicated server in the market.

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