July 2019 Web Server Survey

In the July 2019 survey we received responses from 1,395,897,118 sites across 238,145,990 unique domain names and 8,938,144 web-facing computers. This reflects gains of 62.5 million sites, 1.15 million domains, and 98,000 computers.

nginx continues to extend its lead at the top of the list of web server vendors by total number of sites: it has gained 43.3 million sites since the June 2019 survey, bringing its total to 483 million. It now leads second-place Apache by 6.84 percentage points.

nginx has achieved the milestone of serving more than a third of sites in the survey. It becomes the fourth web server to achieve this in the 24 years since Netcraft’s Web Server Survey began in August 1995. At that time NCSA [archive.org] – one of the very earliest web servers – served 53% of all sites. NCSA was quickly replaced by Apache, which passed the one-third milestone in June 1996 and continued to serve more than a third of sites until February 2016. Microsoft have served more than a third of sites for four separate periods most recently falling below a third in January 2019.

Unusually, nginx did not fare as well in any of the other metrics this month, losing out in both absolute numbers and market share in terms of domains (-4.0 million, -1.81pp), active sites (-1.2 million, -1.00pp) and in the top million busiest sites (-9,300, -0.93pp). The drops in domains and active sites are accounted for by large changes at two hosting providers; 2.8 million domains hosted by Endurance International Group moved from using nginx to Apache, and 1.5 million domains and 1.4 million active sites hosted by ecommerce provider Shopify now identify as using cloudflare. nginx also lost a small amount of market share of web-facing computers (-0.10pp) despite gaining 21,300 in absolute terms. These losses buck the trend of recent months that has seen nginx gaining market share from Apache and Microsoft.

Apache gained both the largest number of domains and the largest number of active sites since the June survey with increases of 2.2 million and 2.1 million respectively. Microsoft gained the largest number of web-facing computers with an increase of 43,200.

Cloudflare’s web server moves up another place into fourth this month after gaining 4.7 million sites to bring its total to 39.9 million. It serves 9.5 million more sites than fifth placed openresty, but stands well behind the 190 million sites served by Microsoft’s IIS. The 39.9 million sites served using Cloudflare are spread across 15.2 million unique domains, 2.6 sites per domain, a significantly smaller number of sites per domain than the top three placed web servers. Nginx has 8.2 sites per domain, Apache has 5.3, and Microsoft IIS has 9.3; the total for all sites in the survey is 5.8 sites per domain.

Envoy – the open source edge and service proxy for cloud-native applications, which leapt up to the tenth largest web server by sites in the May survey – has dropped over 200 places and is only seen hosting 13,000 sites in the July survey. This comes as a result of Squarespace sites no longer identifying themselves as using Envoy, but rather announcing “Squarespace” as the web server. Squarespace is the eleventh largest web server by number of sites with 5.2 million sites on 2.8 million unique domains; the seventh largest number of domains.

Total number of websites

Web server market share

Developer June 2019 Percent July 2019 Percent Change
nginx 439,626,713 32.97% 482,877,275 34.59% 1.62
Apache 374,360,949 28.08% 387,366,826 27.75% -0.32
Microsoft 205,235,291 15.39% 203,673,344 14.59% -0.80
Google 28,181,744 2.11% 29,385,065 2.11% -0.01
Web server market share for active sites

Developer June 2019 Percent July 2019 Percent Change
Apache 54,879,492 29.39% 56,937,841 29.91% 0.52
nginx 38,382,083 20.55% 37,218,850 19.55% -1.00
Google 15,584,272 8.34% 16,266,687 8.54% 0.20
Microsoft 11,210,548 6.00% 11,308,526 5.94% -0.06

For more information see Active Sites

Web server market share for top million busiest sites

Developer June 2019 Percent July 2019 Percent Change
Apache 314,942 31.49% 317,735 31.77% 0.28
nginx 263,428 26.34% 254,154 25.42% -0.93
Microsoft 84,488 8.45% 83,811 8.38% -0.07
LiteSpeed 17,447 1.74% 17,580 1.76% 0.01
Web server market share for computers

Developer June 2019 Percent July 2019 Percent Change
Apache 3,246,279 36.72% 3,256,546 36.43% -0.29
nginx 2,697,198 30.51% 2,718,488 30.41% -0.10
Microsoft 1,586,342 17.94% 1,629,529 18.23% 0.29
Web server market share for domains

Developer June 2019 Percent July 2019 Percent Change
Apache 71,411,357 30.13% 73,631,312 30.92% 0.79
nginx 63,356,903 26.73% 59,343,533 24.92% -1.81
Microsoft 49,975,554 21.09% 49,917,660 20.96% -0.13
Google 2,315,811 0.98% 2,294,579 0.96% -0.01
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