Link Building for SEO – Is it Still Relevant in 2017-18?

What happens after a website is designed and it goes online? You expect people to visit that website and as a result, there will be more chances of increasing sale of products and services. However, in order to let visitors see the website, it has to acquire a higher rank in the search engine. This is where search engine optimization services are required. Each and every website needs to develop links so that interested people can get that link from other sites and get redirected to your website directly. And this method is not new. In fact, such kind of link building for SEO has been practiced by many webmasters, bloggers, digital marketers, etc., for several years now.  

Your main aim is to reach out to as many visitors possible and that can be in any possible way. The easiest way to get that done is by creating a backlink for your site. For that, you need to know how to build links for website and also linking it with multiple domains. This will have a direct impact on the ranking of the website.

When you link a website to numerous domains it will have better receptivity than one single domain. So, you can understand how crucial the whole backlink part is to a website. There have been various strategies to be successful with link building. This shows that link building has proved to be a valuable tool to reach out to thousands of people so far. But, the question is, if it is still as useful or relevant in today’s world or not. Let’s find out.

The Present Scenario for Link Building

Websites have existed for more than a decade now and from the time backlinks came into the picture, the entire viewpoint of promoting a website changed radically. However, as promotional mediums are becoming easier to afford for websites, the need to get a backlink done has subsided. That does not mean it has completely gone away.

The tactics have changed for link building techniques and this has benefited hundreds of link building sites in this process. So, what exactly has changed in these few years? Well, the fact is, websites become successful only when the content is good. If you see the trend in link building submission, you will notice that there was a high rate of spammy links that existed during the initial period. It means, companies who are creating the backlink did not care about quality content.

At that time, websites were also not so popular. Nowadays, a lot of time is spent in developing the content of the website. So, when you create a backlink for your site and it is used on another website, you will know that if an interested visitor clicks on that link, he/she will get valid information.

Another point that needs special mention for the trend in backlinks is the way in which it is used. Many people are of the opinion that backlinks have become useless because almost every other company having a website are preferring to promote their website on various other platforms.

But, the question still remains as to how the website will be benefited with a quality backlink. The answer is very simple. Top search engines work simply on the basis of quality content on a website. There are very strict rules that have been established when it comes to spam content.

Your backlink for the website will get a great response if it has useful information and content. It has got nothing to do with the success and failure of backlinks. As long as you are not creating spam links, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

Links and Site Authority

Just like a successful backlink and SEO are inter-related, similarly, the backlink is also related to the authority of the site. Backlinks work best when there is a proper authority on the website. The concept of links and site authority is very simple. Consider them as recommendations.

When you visit a highly popular website and you are surfing through it when you find a link to a different website that offers related products and services. You would want to visit that site too because of the reputation of the website that you are already surfing. This is called authority of a site. So, when you create a backlink for your website, always try to land it on a site that is already very popular amongst people. Also, the position of the link is an important factor. It should be placed strategically so that viewers can easily find it on a website.

So far, backlinks have worked wonders for both big and small companies. It is hard to completely do away with link building for SEO because people have benefited a lot from the time it was introduced.

What do you think about this? Leave your opinion in the comments below and we would love to have a discussion.

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