Looking for inexpensive VPS with highish RAM: $12/m for 4+Gb RAm

I'm hosting several Java apps and JVM is unfortunatelly merciless when it comes to RAM consumption. Currently I use a $5/m 1Gb RAM/25GB disk space DigitalOcean droplet, but I fear soon I'll run out of all of the RAM there. The next DO droplet is $10/m for 2Gb RAM which feels too high for me. 4GB RAM would cost $20/m which I really can't pay. I'm looking for at least 3GB RAM (and if it's just 3GB, it should be under $10/m).

So I've tried to compile a list of other options that I've seen mentioned in this subreddit: https://imgur.com/a/wE94jof

  • hetzner.com: minimum $40.46/m for 63Gb RAM. Too high.
  • ovh.com: $11.87m/6GB RAM
  • vpsdime.com: $7m/6GB RAM
  • virmach.com: $7m/2GB RAM
  • drserver.net: $15m/4GB RAM (saw someone recommend it as being $7/m a couple of months ago, but it seems like that sale has expired by now)
  • smarthost.net: $6.95m/8GB RAM (has just been recommended by /u/king8654 (I hope you don't mind the ping, can remove))

If someone could recommend other options that fit my parameters or has something to say about the options in my list, please do so! To me, obviously vpsdime and smarthost look very tempting, if you have any experience with either, please, share!

EDIT: Another option I've found is:

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