Looking for webhosting suggestions : webhosting

So I’m planning on having three different websites.

  1. A consulting business website where I talk about services and have a way for people to contact me. (Need domain and domain e-mail hosting)

  2. An e-commerce site where I actually have products that I’d like to sell and ship. (Need domain and domain email hosting)

  3. A blog (just need domain)

As far as hosting options, I was looking at the following Wix.com, GoDaddy WordPress hosting, WordPress.com and Google website hosting that supports WordPress.

Ideally, I’d like to host all three on a single platform. The consulting business e-mails will just go to me. The e-commerce e-mails would go to me to start with and possibly someone else should I decide to hire someone. Also, does anyone have any experience with Google hosting? Looking for advice, input and suggestions from people who have travelled this road before me.

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