Madfinger Games demoing new Shadowgun War Games gameplay on 15 November | Pocket

Madfinger Games is building up the buzz for its upcoming title Shadowgun War Games.

The new title is a mobile multiplayer first-person-shooter with fast-paced gameplay, and is the fourth instalment in the franchise.

Marak Rabas, the CEO of Madfinger Games will host a livestream Twitch on November 15th, to demonstrate the gameplay for the studio’s new mobile title.

If you want to tune in and learn more about Shadowgun War Games then click here.

Beating the competition

In September 2019, The Czech studio announced an incoming beta, however, spaces available were limited.

In October, we caught up with Rabas at Unite Copenhagen 2019 to discuss the game and how it will match up against competition such as Call of Duty.

Also at the event in Denmark, Madfinger Games lead programmer revealed that the company has seen 250 million downloads across all of its mobile titles.

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