Memory usage keeps increasing. Is this a leak? : webhosting

I moved my site from shared hosting to DO + ServerPilot and I love the speed. But now I would like to put 5 websites on this 2gb droplet.

However I noticed my 1 website was using a lot of memory. So I ran some commands and found my systemd-journald uses more and more memory by the hour until I restart it.

10pm last night my systemd-journald used 1% memory. Now not even 24 hours later its using 5.9%.

I ran: journalctl –vacuum-time=1d

to decrease the filesize of the journal but that doesnt stop the memory problem. The only fix is restarting it.

Anyone else run into this issue or know how to fix it?

Or maybe point me in the right direction for the ask this question?

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