Mobile Game Dev, IGG, Offering Support To Wuhan During Coronavirus Outbreak

IGG Games, who developed Lords MobileCastle Clash, and numerous other predominately mobile titles, have began publicly detailing their efforts to assist with the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and other regions of China.

While IGG was founded in Singapore, it includes branches in cities all over the world. The company has called on its international offices to assist them in gathering supplies to aid with coronavirus treatment and prevention. In order to support these efforts, the company has allocated a $500,000 donation fund to its coronavirus relief plan.

Supplies the company is amassing include N95 masks, surgical gloves and other medical items. By calling on its international staff, the supplies of pharmacies located in countries that are less impacted by coronavirus than China and others in its vicinity can be allocated to those who currently need them most, whether they’re suffering from the virus or aiding in its treatment. IGG is sourcing these masks and other supplies from medical suppliers in some cases, and in others sending employees directly to pharmacies to purchase whatever they may have in stock the old-fashioned way.

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A sort of blog page created by IGG to provide updates about its relief plan as they happen has specific details on just how much its international teams have amassed. Its Indonesian office, for example, was able to gather 500,000 surgical masks despite dealing with the aftermath of a local volcanic eruption. IGG Brazil, meanwhile, recently received a shipment of 1,000,000 surgical masks. These shipments are both en route to China pending approval for international shipping.

In order to ensure that these supplies reach their intended destination, IGG is overseeing their delivery to hospitals outside of Wuhan, whose staff can then either use them to treat their local patients or else help send them on their way to the disease’s epicenter. A transportation lockdown is currently impacting traffic in and out of Wuhan, so assistance is required to get supplies into the city. That said, IGG has confirmed the arrival of over 60,000 surgical gloves and 1,300 masks to Wuhan already, with much, much more on its way.

Future updates can be found on IGG’s website.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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