Moved my domain to google, and now I have a disaster on my hands. Gsuite sign-up failed and now I can’t send or receive emails. I can’t get support because I can’t log into GSuite

Well, that was a disaster.

I was having trouble with my domain provider, so I transferred my domain to google. When I tried to sign up for Gsuite, it told me that I already have an account, which is odd, because I don’t. A while ago I tried to sign up for Gsuite through, but something went wrong during set up that time, so I had them reverse that change.

I can’t sign into the Gsuite admin console because although there’s apparently an account associated with my domain, I can’t log into it. Out of desperation, I tried logging in with my domain email address and telling it that I forgot my password. That looked like it worked but when I reset it and try to log in, I get: is used for G Suite accounts only. Regular Gmail accounts cannot be used to sign in to Learn More

Weirdly, when I try to use 2-factor authentication to reset my password, the message I get on my phone says that I’m trying to reset the password on my gmail account. Somehow my gmail account and Gsuite accounts have gotten tangled up I guess.

I managed to get somebody at google domains support to tell me that there’s no users associated with the Gsuite account. They sent me a form to fill in to request support but said it’ll take a week to get back to me. I really can’t wait that long.

Any ideas how I can get back access to my email would be great. I’d love to use Gsuite, but right now, I have a business critical problem that’s way more important.

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