Need your advice for my hosting : webhosting

Good morning everyone,

I currently host 25 wordpress sites.

They are currently hosted by OVH on a VPS Cloud 3 server (2core, 8go, 50go).

I was thinking of changing :

What I am looking for:

My needs:

  • 30,000 / 100,000 page views per day.

  • Some of these sites have around 25k pages.

  • 30 wordpress minimum.

  • An easily scalable server. I actually have +40 clients. I’m sure 50% of my clients would accept my offer, so 50 wordpress website and 200K pageviews a day. I also have 2 other clients whith big Laravel apps with hight performance needs.

So I was thinking of going on AWS EC2 hosting with Plesk. Especiallly this offer : Is AWS a good idea in my case ?

If yes, what type of server do I need? T3, M5 ect…

Thank you for your answers.

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