Nomad Games parts ways with Asmodee Digital, returns to Self-Publishing

By Joe Robinson

21 Nov 2019

If you’re into digital board games, chances are you’re a fan of Nomad Games. They don’t always get it right, but generally they’re a decent company who know their way around a table-top game and know how to bring it to digital platforms, mobile or otherwise.

Since 2017 they’ve been in a publishing partnership with Asmodee Digital, who’ve also been aggressively active in the digital board games space. It seems that collaboration is now at an end, however, as Nomad yesterday announced they were flying solo once more.

There’s a press release where Asmodee and Nomad say nice things about each other, as you do, but it looks like Nomad’s being expanding their publishing department on their side. Despite still having the partnership with Asmodee Digital at the time, Nomad self-published their digital adaptation of Mystic Vale. I suspect it’s at a point where neither side need each other as much as what makes a deal like this worth it, although hopefully they’ve partnered on as good terms as is suggested.

Mystic Vale iOS

What does that mean for you guys? Probably not much. The partnership actually ended on November 14th, it seems, so you’ll likely notice that Nomad Games will be listed again for certain games. The full breakdown as has been shared so far is as follows… 

Nomad Digital will be self-publishing:

  • Talisman: Digital Edition
  • Talisman: Origins
  • Smash Up
  • Fighting Fantasy Legends and Portal

Asmodee Digital will continue to publish Love Letter. This might mean that Nomad will prioritise support of the games their publishing themselves, so I doubt Love Letter will get more than the most necessary of bug-fixes. I seem to remember there was some kerfuffle over using an Asmodee account to unlock certain things in Talisman. I imagine that’ll no longer be the case (if it even still was, I never checked).

Obviously any future Nomad-developed games will also be published by Nomad, bar any further publishing agreements.

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