Question about server backup to AWS S3 : webhosting

I have a client that wants to cancel one of their hosting accounts, and they asked me to transfer everything into an s3 bucket. I really would prefer not to do this manually. Their source server is running cPanel, and the interface gives me options for FTP. I can set up an “AWS Transfer for SFTP” instance, but that uses RSA keys for authentication, and I am not sure how to integrate this.

I have tried accessing the source server via SSH to do this via command line, but I am unable to connect.

I am trying to work through this guide:, I am having difficulty making heads or tails with it. It does seem to be my best option, though.

Can anyone advise a good way to proceed? The entire backup is like 50 GB and downloading it/uploading it myself using my desktop is not a good solution.

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