Right so over the last month or 2 Ive been building a game called Wireframe for Android and Ios (Alongside working 70 hours a week and running around after 2 kids ?) and it’s near completion. I haven’t really showed anyone and I think it’s about time I got some honest feedback. Go easy on me ?? : MobileGaming

Looks cool, I only have two major criticisms.

1.It looks like the speed progression is too slow, it takes too long to feel like you’re making progress/ the difficulty is ramping up.

2. There doesn’t appear to be a way to tell which way you should turn to get to the next objective if it’s out of view. Yes you can get to it from either direction but at higher difficulties if you go the wrong way there won’t be enough time. Maybe try adding a highlight to the edge of the screen showing the optimal direction? Idk, if I lost because I had no way of knowing that I’d be pretty frustrated.

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