RunCloud support is asking for login credentials while not being able to swap my server IPs : webhosting

I’ve been using RunCloud for a while now (almost 2 years) and for the most part, I’m happy with how everything was going, never had any major problems, even though there are a few things that I find annoying. Anyways..

I have a few servers connected with them, but the story begins with server A and server B.

Server A is a game-server I run, and it had somehow old hardware in it.

Server B is a new server with more storage and a faster CPU that I was going to replace Server A.

Since I host Source Engine games, keeping the same IP is important for me and my community (also, I really like how convenient it’s to type). I asked my datacenter if they could migrate the IP from one server to the other, they said yes, deployed Server B, I configured with RunCloud, migrated all my data, tested everything, all golden, and then asked my datacenter to go ahead with the IP swap. After it was done, I just updated a few things here and there, and everything worked, BUT RunCloud.

“Okay, I just have to go the the server settings and update the IP”. Logged on RunCloud, got to Server A settings (the old server) and tried to change it’s IP to Server B IP. This is what happened:

I get it, my newer server has my IP, so I cannot change to it. Makes sense. Let’s ask support for help.

I explained everything in my ticket and received this:

I am sorry to say which not supported in RunCloud. Because both server IPs were already associated with RunCloud.

After 3h of replying and receiving the same shit response, I get this:

Could you please stand by us and share the RunCloud account details so that we can investigate further on this?

After asking what they mean with “account details”, I receive:

The RunCloud account in which you log in to the RunCloud dashboard.

Then after asking for confirmation:

The email that you gave and the password to enter the account of RunCloud.

After almost 4h trying to fix this without losing access to one of my servers dashboard, I gave up, might as well ask my datacenter for another IP to avoid dealing with RunCloud support.

Am I being unreasonable for asking for a fix in this situation? This problem seems like such a simple thing, how is it that hard to swap IPs? Also, how on earth is it acceptable to ask for credentials in a support ticket? That’s the first time in my life I get asked for passwords in a support ticket.

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