Search Scoop: Week of March 29th

Adam Henige
Adam Henige Going One Step Deeper into GA — Always love new Google Analytics hacks – this list includes some new ones to me like pulling Core Web Vitals numbers into GA. Very cool tips here. Jerod Karam
Jerod Karam Here’s how to organize your digital life before you die. — This is good advice for anyone. Personally, I use 1Password for all my passwords and other secure information. If I get run over by a bus, two of my close buddies and trusted confidants have the password and access keys to get into my password vault. I also have absolutely nothing on my computer desktop except one folder named “Open In Case Of Death.” Between that folder and the 1Password vault, I feel comfortable that the right people will be able to get into the right accounts easily. Joe Ford
Joe Ford Here’s What the ioS 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads — The big fight among the Big Cap tech companies that run our lives continue, as Facebook and Apple are clashing in regards to the latest iOS14 updates. Find out what this update means for pixels and your ability to run retargeting and lookalike audience campaigns. Kelli Kaufman
Kelli Kaufman 25 Clever Content Marketing Examples with Amazing Results — Need a refresh to your content marketing campaign? This article has great examples of content marketing that worked successfully. From blogging to video marketing, there is a little inspiration for everything here. Lexie Kimball
Lexie Kimball 19 Most Common SEO Errors That Hurt Your Rankings — If you have errors on your website, they might be hurting your rankings. Learn the most common SEO errors that could potentially be keeping you from beating your competition. Michael Hall
Michael Hall Local Pack-O-Meter — Created by Local SEO Guide, the Local-Pack-O-Meter uses data from 60 million US Google search queries to provide SERP stats of the queries. For example, you can see changes in SERPs that display local packs over time (which has increased in recent months).