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Hi All. I hope I'm in the right place and someone can help…

I'm what I believe to be moderately competent in networking in general but at the moment I'm having some difficulty.

I'm trying to help my Dad. He's bought a domain name to sell some products on and is hosting this on an ecommerce platform called ShopWired. The instructions for the DNS (using 123-reg here) are on their site.

He already has another website which he hosts using a CPanel VPS on Siteground which has a mailserver already set up. So he's created an additional site within CPanel and has forwarded the associated mailserver (MX Records) over to here. On webmail it works fine if accessed through the CPanel settings – but there was some problems getting mail on a client (Outlook / Mail etc). Naturally I directed the client directly to the IP Address of the server and some emails come through. But not all and when sent from my email accounts they bounce back – this is where I believe there to be a problem with the SPF.

Shopwired will send automated emails from the ecommerce aspect upon purchase of goods or otherwise, so their information needs to be added into the TXT/SPF. This consisted of "v=spf1 include:spf.mandrillapp.com ?all".

I'm assuming now this is what is not allowing me to send emails through anything other than the built-in-to-shopwired Mandrillapp. I need to create an spf which allows to send by both ShopWired and the email server on Siteground.

At current the settings for the domain name on 123-reg are:


I've tried writing my own SPF but frankly don't understand it enough.

What I'd like to achieve is to create a subdomain for the cpanel host on Siteground for example "mailserver.mydomain.name" to perhaps access email on the webmail on cpanel. Of course I would also like the mailserver to work and be approved for all parties.

My information may not be perfect so please ask away with any more detail if you are at all able to help. Much appreciated.

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