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17 Ways to Get Free Clothes from Your Favorite Stores Online

If you’re in need of free clothing because you can’t afford it or just want to find a way to save money on your clothes, this guide can help. We’ve found several ways for you to get free clothes online or locally - even free designer clothes - for you or your family.Clothes are absolute necessities, but they also can create significant expenses, especially for families.

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What if you could get clothing for free?

Even just one free shopping trip could save you a lot of money for you and your family.

Or maybe you want to learn ways to get free designer clothes to save on all your designer favorites.

This list might be able to help you do just that.

I’ve pulled together several ideas for getting free clothing in your neighborhood or online, even from your favorite retailers and brands.

What Do I Do If I Need Clothes and Have No Money?

First, I know there are some of you reading this that may have come across this post looking for ways to get free clothing for you or your family because you don’t have enough money to afford them.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that’s all too common in the world, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Many times, people don’t know that help exists in finding clothing for free or cheap, but the truth is that there is a lot of help available in these cases.

You usually just need to tap into neighborhood resources to find them.

First, start with your local welfare office.

It’s the best place to go when you need any kind of financial help, including money for clothing, food, or housing.

If your welfare office doesn’t have a program that it helps with, it probably knows what resources are available in your community that can help.

Depending on your circumstances, you might qualify for help through the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and other similar agencies that help people in need.

Many communities also have clothing drives for families and individuals who need clothes, so keep an eye on announcements in the newspaper for those.

Churches also might be able to help, as they usually have resources saved to assist people in the community.

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People you know could point you in the right direction if they know of any places that can help you, so don’t be afraid to tell your friends and loved ones that you’re in need.

How to Get Free Clothes Online and Locally

The following list includes several ways to get free clothes online or locally, and you might even be able to snag clothes from your favorite stores and brands.

Search Craigslist’s Free Section

Craigslist is mostly for people who want to buy or sell things for cash, but it also has a free section in each area where people can list items for free.

A lot of the time, you’ll see free toys, free furniture, and free clothing, so it’s possible that you can grab some clothes here.

You can also search outside of your area in surrounding towns if you don’t mind driving a little bit to meet up with your seller.

Craigslist is free to use, so you won’t need to worry about paying any fees to get free items.

Use Buying and Selling Apps

There are a few apps available for people to buy and sell stuff in their neighborhoods, including Nextdoor, OfferUp, and 5Miles.

The apps are free to use for buying and selling, so you can browse listings in your area without paying anything.

You won’t always find stuff for free, but it’s possible if you remember to check daily, as free items usually get claimed quickly.

And there are usually listings for cheap clothing, too, which can still help you save.

Read More: 22 of the Best Places to Sell Clothes Online (Plus Extra Ideas to Try!)

Browse eBay Sales

eBay is a great place to find clothing for cheaper than you can buy it in the store, even if it’s brand-new with tags.

Lots of sellers focus solely on selling clothing, and many of them run occasional deals that can help you save if you buy multiple items from them.

For example, you might find a deal that lets you buy three items from a seller and get one free, helping you save overall.

Sometimes, eBay even has sitewide discounts or deals on specific item categories to help you save more.

You can also search for eBay promo codes for discounts, free shipping, and other ways to save, on places like Coupon Follow and Giving Assistant.

Check Freecycle

Freecycle, much like it sounds, is a site people use to list and find free stuff in their area.

The site is divided into groups based on location.

You can find one in your area that’s already open. If there’s not one, you can start your own!

The site is free to use for everyone.

Look on Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook account, you can use Facebook Marketplace to find free clothes from people in your area.

The Marketplace is free for people to use for buying or selling, and it’s not uncommon to find people listing free things to give away, including clothing.

You can message sellers on their listings to learn more about their items and set up a meeting time and place that works for both of you.

Check Facebook buying and selling groups you’re in too, as people can share their Marketplace listings in groups.

Search for Garage Sales in Your Neighborhood

A big item for garage sales is clothing, so if there are any going on in your neighborhood, be sure to check them out to see what you can find.

You might be able to negotiate with the owner to see if you can get a few items for free if you buy a bunch of others.

Look in the newspaper to find yard sales or go on your local Facebook groups where people advertise them.

Join Clothing Store Rewards Programs

See if the stores you shop with have a loyalty program you can join to get rewards when you shop (most do nowadays).

Usually, you’ll just need to sign up for an account or the email newsletter to join the program, but they’re free to join.

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Use your account when you shop the retailer to earn points that you can use toward other purchases.

Share About Your Favorite Stores

Some clothing brands and retailers have referral programs that pay you to share about their company and products.

Depending on the program, you might be able to get a discount code or a cash amount each time you tell someone about the brand, and they shop using your invite.

This is an excellent method for bloggers and influencers to use, as they can tap into their audience to get cash for their shopping trips.

To find out if a store has a referral program, look in the website menu or at the bottom of the homepage for a link. If you can’t find one, contact customer service.

Blog About Your Favorite Stores

Start your own fashion blog and you could end up with free clothing to talk about on your blog.

Plenty of fashion lovers do it!

Just look at Instagram, where fashion influencers have taken over.

Lots of brands partner with influencers with big followings on their blog or social media channels, so work on growing traffic and your audience before trying to get sponsorships.

Test Clothing Items

Did you know that some clothing companies have product testing programs for fans to test out clothing, shoes, and accessories in exchange for their feedback?

Several shoe companies pay product testers, for example.

Sometimes, you’ll need to send the items back after testing; other times, they’re yours to keep for free.

Use Trading Sites

Some sites are designed for trading clothes, which can give you an easy way to swap stuff you don’t want for stuff you do want – all for free.

Swap.com is one of them that allows you to ship clothing you no longer want and get store credit for Swap to sell back on its site.

You can then trade in your credit to buy other clothing from Swap.

There’s also Rehash, which works similarly by letting you find people you want to swap closets with and then exchange your items.

Get Cash Back When You Shop

Every time you shop online, you could be earning cash!

Reward sites like Swagbucks and Honey help you do it through their paid shopping.

Both of these companies have extensions to install on your browser. When you shop at a partnered store, they’ll let you know when they have discounts available and how much cash back you can get.

Accept the offer and it’ll automatically apply your savings to your cart and give you cash back in your account.

Then, turn around and use the cash back you earn to shop for clothes for free.

Enter Giveaways and Contests

Visit the websites of your favorite clothing brands and retailers or subscribe to their newsletters to learn about any new sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways they have going on.

You can also look for giveaways from your favorite fashion blogs or Instagram influencers.

Keep contest websites bookmarked, too.

Try Contestgirl, Sweeties Sweeps, and Online-Sweepstakes, to name a few.

Follow Brands on Social Media

Your favorite clothing brands probably have active social media channels.

Clothing brands are especially active on Instagram, where they can post pictures of some of their best pieces, show them off in stories, and host giveaways.

Following a brand helps you know when new promotions are happening, which means you’ll be one of the first to know how to get deals on clothing, and maybe even a few items for free!

Sign Up for Store Credit Cards

Many clothing retailers have their own store credit cards that you can use to make purchases.

Their interest rates are often higher than non-store credit cards, but if you’re smart about paying them off quickly, it won’t make a difference.

These store cards usually come with excellent rewards programs, like getting cash off your next purchase when you get enough points saved up and exclusive discounts just for rewards members.

So, the more you shop with it, the more you can save toward future purchases.

Use Your Credit Card Rewards to Shop

If you have other credit cards that give points or cash rewards, you can use them to shop for clothing.

When you get enough rewards saved in your account, use them to go on a clothing shopping trip for free.

These types of credit cards work a little differently from each other, so the way you use your points may vary a bit.

Some cards let you turn points into a gift card, while others will let you deposit your accrued cash to your bank account or use it on a future statement.

Whatever way you choose, it still all adds up to free cash for clothes.

Look for Clothing Donation Organizations

There are a lot of organizations waiting to help people in need of things, including clothing.

Some of these organizations operate in specific localities while others are available nationwide or even globally.

You can find organizations with a Google search, but here are a few to start you off with:

Get Free Clothes Locally and Online

See how possible it is for you to find free clothing in your area and online?

These ideas are 100% legitimate ways to get free clothes.

Remember, if you’re in desperate need of clothing, reach out to places in your community, like shelters, your welfare office, churches, and community centers.

People you know may also be able to guide you to the right places to get help.

Do you have other ideas for ways to get free clothing?

Drop a comment below and let us know about them.

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16 Ways to Get Free Toothpaste Samples from Companies by Mail

It’s not just your dentist that hands out free toothpaste samples. There are several other ways you might be able to get samples of a new toothpaste to try out without having to pay a cent for them. Keep your teeth clean and your smile healthy with these tips.Who doesn’t like getting free stuff, especially when it’s stuff you need to use every day, like toothpaste?

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Getting toothpaste samples for free can save you a little money each month.

And when you’re a budget shopper or like to search for other freebies, all your savings can really add up.

Plus, trying out a toothpaste before you make the switch can help you decide if you like its flavor, texture, and how it works on your teeth.

This article is going to show you where you can get toothpaste samples for free!

How to Get Free Toothpaste Samples

The following ideas could help you get more toothpaste samples to add to your stash for free:

Go to Your Dentist Appointments

This one is pretty obvious for many of you, but I also know that not everyone goes to the dentist regularly to know that this is the #1 place to get free toothpaste samples.

Whether you’re a child or adult, you can walk out of your appointments with free toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and other goodies to keep your mouth healthy.

Most dentists give away free samples for all teeth cleaning appointments, which usually happen twice a year.

In my experience, the dentists I’ve used are always very lenient if I mention that I’d like an extra toothpaste or toothbrush to hold me over until my next appointment.

Some have even given mouthwash samples and tongue cleaners for oral hygiene.

Your dentist will usually be willing to help you out with whatever you need to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

You just need to ask!

Get Free Samples from Sample Sites

There are a bunch of freebie sample sites on the web, and you can often find toothpaste samples on them.

These sites can be hit or miss, though.

There’s no guarantee that the samples you sign up for will make it to your home, so you’ll need to weigh whether the potential to get them is worth it to you to try.

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There are some sites that seem to have deals that work better than others, so I’m going to list some of those:

On most of these sites, you can search for something specific, so you can input “toothpaste” and see what deals come up.

Use Reward Sites

If you’re a member of reward sites, like Swagbucks, MyPoints, or InboxDollars, use them to find free toothpaste samples.

These sites usually have a lot going on and a lot of ways to save and make you money.

One of the best ways for you to find free toothpaste samples one these sites is through offers.

Offers come from companies that are basically advertising their products or services.

Sometimes, they’ll offer something for free with a purchase or just for signing up to their newsletter or registering on the site.

Look for toothpaste offers by searching and see what comes up.

Some sites also have exclusive coupons for members that could get you free toothpaste samples.

Here are more reward sites to sign up for.

Ask Brands for Samples

Another way to get free toothpaste is to ask for samples from some of your favorite brands.

You might be surprised how many brands will willingly send you over some samples, hoping to turn you into a customer.

If there’s a new product you want to try or a flavor you’re not sure if you’ll like, you can visit the brand’s website, search for the contact form, and fill out the form to request samples.

There’s no guarantee that it’ll work, but I’ve done this in the past to get some samples of new toothpaste products for my family, like a Colgate sample.

Some brands to consider contacting include:

  • Arm & Hammer
  • Colgate
  • Crest
  • Aquafresh
  • Tom’s of Maine
  • Sensodyne
  • Mentadent
  • Gleem
  • Pepsodent

Blog About Toothpaste

No, I don’t mean you need to have a full blog dedicated to toothpaste, unless that’s your thing!

But if you blog about health, family, or even dental topics, then you might be a good candidate for brands to send you toothpaste samples in exchange for review.

For example, I’ve known parenting bloggers who’ve received full oral health kits to review on their blogs, complete with toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes for their families.

You can find blogging opportunities on paid blogging networks or reach out to companies directly to see if they work with bloggers.

Show Off on Social Media

As an influencer on social media, you also might qualify for some opportunities to work with toothpaste brands.

Influencers typically talk about or show pictures of products from companies they’re working with to share with their followers.

It’s all a form of advertising, but it comes across much more naturally and relatable.

Toothpaste brands might be willing to work with influencers who are dental hygienists, health influencers, or parents.

Again, you can usually find these types of partnerships through paid blogging and influencer networks, but many brands allow you to reach out to them if you’re interested in influencer opps.

Follow Toothpaste Brands on Social Media

Most major toothpaste brands are on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow their accounts and you could be one of the first to know when a brand starts a new contest or giveaway.

Not only could you score free toothpaste if you win, but you also might have a chance to win bigger prizes from the company.

To make sure you don’t miss any new posts, set alerts for the company on each social media channel to get notified when they post.

Look for Toothpaste Giveaways

Not all toothpaste giveaways will come from toothpaste brands.

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You can also find them from dental offices, bloggers, or retail stores that are giving away oral health stuff.

Keep your eyes peeled on your social media channels or when visiting the websites of your favorite bloggers or retail stores that sell toothpaste.

You can also bookmark a few sites that list giveaways, like Just Free Stuff and Contest Bee.

Sign Up for Email Newsletters

As much as I dislike a cluttered email inbox, sometimes it’s worth it to get newsletters from companies I really like, including toothpaste brands.


Most brands put exclusive coupons and deals in their email newsletters that only subscribers can take advantage of.

If you have a Gmail account, you can automatically set these types of emails to go to your Promotions folder to keep them from going in your primary inbox, which is helpful for separating everything.

I do this, and then when I want to search through my company newsletters, I can just hop over to the Promotions folder to sift through everything.

Email newsletters are free to sign up for, but they usually contain such valuable stuff for fans of the brand, and you never know what free stuff you might be able to snag.

Look In Your Mailbox

Wait – don’t throw away your junk mail!

Sometimes, there are coupons hidden inside them, and you might just find one for free samples of toothpaste.

Not too long ago, I found a coupon for a free Tom’s of Maine toothpaste when I bought one at regular price.

A few months ago, I had a coupon for a free Aquafresh toothpaste, no other purchase necessary!

So, they do come around sometimes. You just need to keep your eyes peeled and be careful not to throw away coupons.

Use Ibotta

Ibotta is most definitely one of my favorite apps on my phone.

I use it almost every time I shop for groceries or products in-store and online to get rebates on the things I buy.

But it’s also great for something else: freebies.

Some rebates are for the full price of a product (and some are even more than the full price, so you get cash back!), meaning that you’ll get it for free once the rebate goes through.

And Ibotta is usually quick to send you your rebates. You’ll usually see them within 24 hours after your purchase is complete.

When you have $20, you can send your cash to your PayPal account.

Get Free Samples from Colgate Professional

If you’re a dentist, sign up for the Advanced Care Plan from Colgate Professional.

This plan is exclusively for dental professionals to save money on their sample purchases for patients and even get stuff for free.

When you buy toothbrushes for patients, you’ll not only get free imprinting of your business name on them, but you can also get a free toothpaste sample to go with each one when you enroll.

Pricing is also low for members and you can set up a schedule to have more sent your way whenever you want.

Plus, you’ll get coupons and freebie deals sent your way throughout the year.

Become a Member of the Hello Friends Community

This community comes from the oral health brand, Hello.

You can sign up for free to share your opinions on products and connect with the brand and other fans.

Members may be eligible for free products, too, through exclusive giveaways, coupons, and other offers!

Follow Deal Sites

I mentioned earlier to check out some free sample sites to see if they’re offering any free toothpaste samples.

There are also deal sites, which are a little different.

Deal sites don’t necessarily focus on freebies, but instead on deals that can save you money.

However, it’s common to find freebies on them, too.

Some of my favorites include Krazy Coupon Lady, Brad’s Deals, and Slick Deals.

They update frequently (usually, several times a day), and you can search for specific items on them to find toothpaste deals.

Teachers: Get a Free Colgate Kit for Your Classroom

Teachers of kindergarten or first-grade classrooms can receive a free Colgate kit for their students just by completing this form.

The kit will include 25 free toothpaste and toothbrush samples and classroom materials for you to help your students learn about oral hygiene.

What About Free Samples for Dental Professionals?

If you’re a dental professional, it’s probably the easiest for you to get free toothpaste samples!

Good news, right?

We mentioned the Colgate Professionals Advanced Care Plan already, but there are other ways to get free samples as a dental professional.

Dentists are the ones that many companies want to work with to get samples of their products into the hands of their patients.

Handing out those samples of a particular brand in the office is a form of advertisement for a company just as much as it is a benefit to your patients and their teeth.

That’s why a lot of toothpaste brands have special offers for dentists to get samples for free, or at least pretty cheap.

To get free samples for your office, sign up for GSK Health Partner.

This site is for various health professionals to sign up for industry news, product information, etc.

When you register, you can request free dental health samples here.

Reach out to toothpaste brands, too.

Many of them have their own separate websites for dental professionals to register to buy sample products and get exclusive samples for free.

Get Free Toothpaste in the Mail!

I’m positive that you’ll have luck getting free toothpaste samples in the mail with at least a few of the tips above, so don’t forget to try out the options that apply to you.

If you’re anything like my family, these tips will work so well for you that you’ll end up with a several months’ supply of free toothpaste tucked away in the bathroom cabinet!

If you know of some other ways to get free toothpaste samples, definitely drop them down below to help out others who still want a few more options.

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51 Legitimate Sites Where You Can Download Free eBooks

eBooks are perfect for reading on-the-go, so it’s not surprising that some people prefer to read them over print books. It’s even better when you can find eBook downloads for free! These 51 sites offer free eBook downloads, and some of them don’t even require you to register an account.Are you an avid eBook reader?

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Digital books are super convenient, especially when you’re traveling.

Just load one onto your phone or tablet, and you have an instant book waiting for you to read it.

But how much have you spent on your digital book library?

Although eBooks are sometimes less expensive than print books, they aren’t always, so you could end up spending a lot of money on your collection.

Unless you get them for free!

The following list includes websites like iBookPile and Oxford Owl, which offer free eBook downloads for kids and adults to get new stuff to read whenever they want to read it.

The best part is that most of the sites don’t even require you to register an account.

Just head to the site, browse the selections, and download what you want to start reading.

Where to Download Free eBooks Legally without Registration

If you’re not a fan of registering for every site you want to download eBooks from, then this category is for you.

The following websites are all free to use, and they don’t require you to register an account to download anything.

Just visit the site, find what you want, and save it to your computer or device.


OpenLibrary.org has thousands upon thousands of books in multiple categories to browse through, including biographies, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.

Although you aren’t required to sign up for anything, you can choose to register an account to save books to find easily later.

Visit OpenLibrary.org.

eBook Hunter

This site has mostly romance, thriller, and paranormal books for you to download, but there are also others here to enjoy.

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You can also request an eBook you want to read by filling out the online form.

Visit eBook Hunter.


Bookyards has over 24,000 eBook titles in its collection, and it’s all for free for you to download.

The site does welcome donations to keep it available for free, but you’re not obligated to give anything if you can’t or don’t want to.

Visit Bookyards.com.

Project Gutenberg

This online library has more than 60,000 free eBooks available to everyone.

You can choose to read them online through the website or download them to your tablet, e-reader, or other device to read even when you’re offline.

Visit Project Gutenberg.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a free online library of eBooks for children.

The books are designed for ages 3-11, and you can browse through the selections by age, subject, and reading level.

Visit Oxford Owl.

eBook Lobby

As the name suggests, eBook Lobby is a digital lobby full of electronic books.

Browse the categories to find books within your areas of interest to read on your devices.

Categories include cooking, health, sports, and travel.

Visit eBook Lobby.

Open Culture

Open Culture is a site that showcases all kinds of free media for resources and entertainment, and eBooks are one of the things it gives away for free.

You can find eBooks for your Apple devices, Kindle, and other reading devices.

Visit Open Culture.

Planet eBook

Planet eBook features free classic literature, like Moby Dick and The Three Musketeers.

Search the featured books on the main website or browse the selections by author or title.

Visit Planet eBook.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a site dedicated to helping you find things that exist or existed on the web, including eBooks.

Search for a specific title to locate it or browse the collections to find books from the California Digital Library, Biodiversity Heritage Library, and more.

Visit Internet Archive.


This online library has more than two million electronic books to share with the world for free.

If you’re using the website, you can switch to the mobile version for proper viewing on a mobile device.

Visit Booksee.org.

Get Free eBooks

The name of this one says it all!

Visit the site and have access to tons of free digital books in a variety of categories.

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You can also find articles with book list suggestions depending on what kind of books you’re looking for.

Visit Get Free eBooks.

UPenn Digital Library

This online book resource comes from the University of Pennsylvania, and it lists more than three million books that you can find on the web for free.

It’s updated almost every day, so check back often to see what’s new.

Visit UPenn Digital Library.

Library Genesis

This site is quite outdated looking, but it still works to find free books online.

You can search for a book by title or topic or browse the most recently added titles using the Last link at the top of the page.

Visit Library Genesis.


Wikibooks is like the Wikipedia of the book world, allowing you to view online versions of books or download books that are free to the public.

There’s even a section filled with children’s books.

Visit Wikibooks.

The eBook Directory

This website has lots of ways for you to find new books to read online, whether you want to know what other websites to find them on or just browse the site to see what’s new.

Visit The eBook Directory.

PDF Grab

This site features thousands of free textbooks and eBooks in their PDF versions.

As long as you have a PDF reader, you can view and read these texts (some browsers have built-in capabilities for reading them right on your browser, too).

Visit PDF Grab.


Find tons of books completely for free, including classic books and modern novels.

You can email yourself the book or send it to your Kindle with a registration, but you don’t need to register to just download the books you want.

Visit Z-Library.


Feedbooks puts public domain books on display for you to read online or download for free.

Find everything from classic mysteries to brand new releases.

Visit Feedbooks.


If you’re looking for books on science, technology, and similar subjects, then this is your place.

The free resources here could definitely help someone in a relevant career or course of study in college.

You can also find lecture notes for science-related topics.

Visit FreeTechBooks.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online has lots of free children’s books for kids to enjoy without visiting the library or buying new books for their bookshelf.

The site runs off donations, but it’s not necessary to give anything or sign up to get access to the books.

Visit Storyline Online.

Ocean of PDF

This book site gets updated pretty frequently with PDF files that you can download to your computer or another device to read when you want.

You can also request books you want to read, although there are no guarantees that they’ll get added.

Visit Ocean of PDF.

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is a government site that has collections of free books available to the public, including children’s books, American history books, and government-related books.

You can also find print clips, paintings, audio recordings, and other helpful information.

Visit The Library of Congress.


LibriVox has audiobooks for free that you can download and listen to in your spare time.

Want to help out?

You can also offer to volunteer your time reading audiobooks for people to listen to.

Visit LibriVox.

Centsless Books

Centsless Books doesn’t actually provide free books itself, but it links to other websites where you can find the books it lists for free.

You can also choose to sign up for the free newsletter to get emails when new books are available for free.

Visit Centsless Books.


Find everything from free books to poetry to study guides here.

There is a lot of reference-type material available for free, so it could be helpful to people who are studying or writing papers.

Visit Bibliomania.


Choose any book you want to read that’s listed on iBookPile and start reading!

The site has helpful answers to FAQs that explain how to download your books and convert them to the file you need for your specific device or e-reader.

Visit iBookPile.

Online Programming Books

Get free books about programming and computing from this site, which has tons of reference books to help you learn topics like C++, SQL, and Linux.

All the books come from authors and publishers that have listed their books for free.

Visit Online Programming Books.

International Children’s Digital Library

This is one of the best online digital libraries for kids.

Browse the Featured Books on the homepage or click on the Read Books link to head to the search page to look for books by category, age range, length, and more.

You can even search by book color!

Visit International Children’s Digital Library.


Authorama is a simple site that features free-to-read books that the site owner collected and put together on one page to make them easy to find.

Visit Authorama.


Browse tons of book categories on this website to find a new book to enjoy or use the search function to look for a book by title, author, or even ISBN.

Visit FreeBookSpot.

Free Computer Books

This is another site devoted to computer books in all kinds of relevant topics, like software engineering, computer languages, math, and networking.

The site updates weekly, so there’s always something new to find and learn.

Visit Free Computer Books.


Bartleby is a good resource for finding some of the best classic books in PDF form, like The Scarlet Letter & Rappaccini’s Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.

Visit Bartleby.


TradePub is an excellent place to find trade publications, including magazines, white papers, case studies, and books.

Categories include marketing, finance, career, and healthcare.

Visit TradePub.com.

Alive and Free

This free book website focuses on books that come from authors who are still alive, so don’t expect to find old classics here.

It’s small, but all the selections are still ones you can read for free!

There are also several links at the bottom of the page to other websites that feature free books.

Visit Alive and Free.

Where to Download Free Epub Books Online with Registration

Here are some other sites that do require you to register for them.

Still, registration is free, and you can always unsubscribe from emails if you don’t want to continue receiving them.

Your Local Library

First, let’s start with your local library!

Your library branch might have its own app or service for getting eBooks for free as long as you have a library card through that branch.

Many libraries are going digital, even in rural areas, so there’s a good chance your library is set up with something.

A lot of them partner with other apps, like Overdrive or Libby, to give you access to eBooks at your fingertips, and you can use your library account information to sign up and log in.

Ask the librarian the next time you visit or give your local branch a call to see what’s available.

Usually, you can “borrow” a limited number of books at one time, just like you would at the library, and have a few weeks to finish them up before returning them to the digital catalog.


This site has over 50,000 free eBooks listed for you to explore and enjoy.

Search for a specific book or browse by category, author, and other search filters.

Visit ManyBooks.net.


Register for this site for free to get access to free books all over the web, including ones you can find on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other popular book suppliers.

Visit BookBub.


AvaxHome lists new free books just about every day, including magazines, cookbooks, and other types of books to devour in your spare time.

Visit AvaxHome.


This site is an excellent resource for free audiobooks in just about any genre.

There are books available for children, teens, and adults.

Visit AudioBookbay.


Overdrive is an app and website that many libraries connect with to bring you free eBooks to read right through your library account.

You’ll usually need a valid library card to enjoy everything Overdrive has to offer.

Visit Overdrive.

Free eBooks

Although you don’t have to register for a Free-eBooks account to browse the site, you can do so to get five free eBooks every month to read, and they’ll get sent directly to your email inbox.

Visit Free eBooks.


BookBoon offers a free eBook subscription to give you access to more than 1000 free textbooks from professors who are experts in a range of subjects.

You can also sign up for a free trial to its business eBook subscription for 30 days.

Visit BookBoon.


Find free eBooks about cooking, computers, hobbies, health, drama, education, and more.

There are also free Bibles and children’s books.

Visit Books-Share.

Google Play

Many books available on Google Play are 100% free to download, including The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells.

Visit Google Play.


DailyLit sends you installments of free eBooks to read at your leisure after you sign up for an account.

Choose how long you have to read and it’ll send you a chunk of the book that fits within that time slot.

Visit DailyLit.

DP Group

DP Group is a forum for book enthusiasts.

There are many conversations here about free eBooks and where to find them.

You just need to sign up for a free account to be able to see and create posts.

Visit DP Group.

Read Print

Get thousands of online books here that you can search by title, author, subject, and more.

You can also join the site’s online book clubs and groups to find other like-minded book lovers.

Visit Read Print.


Sign up for an account to be able to add free books to your “cart” to read.

Visit BAEN.

Free Kindle eBooks

As the name suggests, this is where you can find free Kindle eBooks to read for kids, teens, and adults.

You can sign up for the newsletter if you choose to get suggestions and notifications for new books.

Visit Free Kindle eBooks.


This forum can help you find free magazines, comics, and books to read.

It also has a premium subscription service which you can get a free trial of.

Visit Mobilism.


Get free audiobooks and eBooks on this site, which is also the home of the popular Kobo e-reader.

Visit Kobo.

Build Your Digital eBook Library for Free

Conclusion  mention trial sites like scribd and amazon kindle unlimited

Before I wrap this up, I also want to mention that you can sometimes get eBooks for free by subscribing to an eBook service with a free trial.

The free trials usually give you access to all paid features for a limited time, so you can try them out and decide if they’re worth spending your money on.

Here are a few that you can try with a trial:

Who knows – after you try one of these you might decide that they offer all the books you want to read and that a subscription might be worth the cost.

Still, you can try them out for free until you’re sure.

And you always have the huge list of 100% free services above to fall back on if you want to save money.

What are your favorite free eBook sites to use?

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31 Ways to Get Free Bible Books by Postal Mail or Online in 2021

Everyone should have access to a Bible if they want one, which is why many churches and religious organizations send them to people by mail or offer digital Bibles online for free. If you’re in need of a Bible for yourself or your family, here are 31 options for places to find one.The Bible is a go-to resource for Christians, which is why it’s important for you to have one if you want to continue to study the word of God.

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But not all people or families have extra money to spend on a Bible.

Sure, you can probably access a Bible when you go to church, as most churches have them sitting in the seats or pews.

You can also read the Bible in most hotel rooms, as one usually is tucked away in a drawer.

But maybe you want your own copy.

If you don’t have a Bible and can’t afford to get one, then this post can help you.

We’ve put together 31 legitimate ways to get a free Bible shipped through the mail or as a digital copy online, so you’ll always have access to the scriptures.

How to Get Free Bible Books by Postal Mail

First, we’re going to talk about ways to get a Bible through the mail.

The following places let you fill out a form online to have a Bible shipped to your home, no questions asked.

Of course, these places mostly rely on the honor system, meaning that you should really only request one if you don’t have any other means of getting one.

Many of these places rely on donations from people who donate Bibles to help others in need, all so they can read the Bible when they choose.

So, do the right thing and only request your free Bible if you really have no other way of getting one.

Living on a Dime

Living on a Dime is a blog about saving money and making money, but it also has a page devoted to getting a free Bible.

All you need to do is add the Bible to your online shopping cart and then add the promo code listed on the website to get it for free.

These free Bibles come from donations people give to the site to help those in need.

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

Request a free King James Version Bible from this church, which is located in Newton, MS.

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The church will even send Bibles to those located outside of the United States as long as you provide a telephone number for shipping.

Just fill out the online form to receive one.


MyFreeBible is a site that lists a bunch of places to get a physical copy of the book or a digital copy.

It also has a request form to fill out to get a pocket edition of the Bible, which is perfectly sized to tuck away in your purse or pocket.

The program is supported by donations of others.

Bible Senders

This organization has sent free Bibles to people globally for years, and you can still go through it to get one for yourself.

Just use the contact page to fill out your information.

If you’re looking for Bibles for your organization, school, etc., you might also be able to place a bulk order with the company to get them donated.

Bibles for America

If you’re looking for a study Bible to help you learn as you read, you can send for one here.

Just fill out the quick form with your information to get a free Bible that includes shipping costs.

Orders must be within the United States.


If you’re in the United States, you can request a Bible for free from this website.

These Bibles are for nursing home patients, inmates, and homeless people.

The site also has a resource for getting an inexpensive Bible if you don’t fall into one of the above categories to be eligible for a free one.


Fill out your name and address information to get a free physical Bible shipped to your home, no questions asked.

There is fine print noting that, if you fill out the form, you’re also agreeing to receive emails from the company.

However, if you don’t want them, you should be able to unsubscribe once you start receiving them.


WayFM offers a free New Living Translation HelpFinder Bible that’s a little different than regular versions of the book.

This one is particularly helpful in helping you understand how God views specific issues you might have in life.

If you’re looking for something a little different to go along with your Bible study, then this might be the right Bible for you.

The United States Bible Society, Inc.

Fill out the short form online with your name and address information to get a Bible sent to your home.

This one will also set you up with emails from the organization, which you can unsubscribe from through the emails you receive if you don’t want them.

Spread the Word Campaign

The Spread the Word Campaign comes from the Family Broadcasting Corporation to help give people in need a Bible.

The organization normally accepts requests from people in any country, but currently has U.S. submissions closed to allow people outside of the U.S. to also get free Bibles.


This site makes it clear that if you can afford to buy a Bible, you should not request a free one to make it fair for people who really can’t afford one.

If you need a free one, fill out the form. Make sure you answer the question about your reason for requesting one.

Bibles for Canada

This organization sends free Bibles to Canadians in need.

Add the books that you want to your cart on the site and checkout to receive them for free.

How to Get a Free Bible Online

If you don’t need a print copy of the Bible sent to your home, or you just want a way to also access the Bible when you don’t have your copy with you, these digital versions can help.

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Some of them are displayed for free on websites while others are downloads or apps.

Either way, they’re perfect for an easy way to read the Bible even when you’re away from home.


I mentioned this site as a place where you can get a Bible mailed to you, but you can also view the full Bible online here.

Just click this link to see a full view of the Bible index where you can click on the books and chapters you want to read.

It’s best to view on a computer, but you can still access it from your phone or tablet.


Bible.com is one of the best places to get a downloadable Bible for free that you can take with you wherever you go.

The site even offers several different versions of the book so that you can choose which one you want to download.

Plus, you can even highlight parts , make notes, and more.

You just need to download the app from the website!


This site has a simple text version of the Bible available on its website.

You can use the search function to find specific topics or parts that you want to read, or use the navigation bar to skip directly to a book or chapter.


Want to listen to the Bible when you’re in the car or relaxing at home?

Head to this site, which offers audio versions of the book, some of which are completely free to download.

There are also free hymns on the site that you can listen to.

The Bible App

The Bible App comes from YouVersion, a Christian company that makes both this app and a version for kids.

The app is available in several languages, giving people all over the world access to it.

You can use the app to compare different versions of the Bible, take notes, highlight information, share passages, connect with friends, and more.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools is a resourceful website that has tons of information and tips about studying the Bible if you ever need any help.

But there’s also a free digital version of the book available on the website.

You can either search for a specific section of the bible or use the Browse button to go directly to the book you want to read.

Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Bible website also lets you search for specific information in the Bible if you’re looking for a topic or story.

But you can click on the QuickNav button at the top to head to any book in the Old or New Testament that you want to read online.

The Gideon Bible App

This is another popular Bible app that’s available in the App Store and Google Play.

Download it for free to access the book in several languages, search the Bible by keyword or phrases, download text to read or listen to at another time, and more.


StudyLight has a few ways on its website for you to read the Bible.

First, you can search for a phrase, book, etc.

You can also go to the Read the Bible section and choose where to start reading from. The site will take you there.

There are also Daily Devotionals and a Daily Reading Plan to help you move through the Bible.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway has the book broken down into books and chapters for easy reading at your own pace, or use the search tool to find what you need.

Click on Read the Bible to find reading plans, audio Bibles, and other helpful resources.

The Online Bible

As the name suggests, the Online Bible is a fully digital Bible that you can read on your devices wherever you go.

There’s a mobile version for Apple and Android devices, a Mac version, and a Windows version that you can download for your PC or laptop.

Each version contains multiple translations, a search feature, and other helpful tools to help you read and learn.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

This church offers free digital Bibles to those who need it, just by entering your information in the online form.

You will need to sign up with your email address to take advantage of the offer but you can choose whether or not to sign up to the church’s weekly emails.

Other Ways to Get a Free Bible

Finally, here are a few more ways to get a Bible for free that don’t fit neatly into the other categories.

Ask Your Church

One way you might be able to get a free Bible if you haven’t had luck with other methods is to ask your church.

Most churches have Bibles available for people to use during service.

But if you’re really in need of one, your church would probably be happy to give you one or to find one for you to have.

Ask Family and Friends

Your family and friends might be another option to ask about a free Bible.

Even if people you know don’t have one to give away, they might know someone who does or where they could get one from.

You never know – some people might also buy you one if you’re in need.

Check One Out at the Library

Some libraries keep their Bibles in their reference section, making them unable to be checked out.

But others might have a few copies that you can check out with your library card.

You can also check with your library to see if they have any older Bibles they took off the shelves to make room for new ones.

They might be willing to give you one if so.


No, you should not just take the Bible that’s sitting on the end table or in a drawer of your hotel room.

But you can ask the hotel staff if it’s okay to take it or if they have any extras they’d be willing to give you.

Some hotels would be happy to give away a Bible to someone in need.

Yard Sales

If you find a Bible at a yard sale, it’s probably already pretty cheap.

But if you really can’t afford the money to spare for it, you can always ask the yard sale owner if you can get it for free.

It doesn’t mean they’ll agree, but it’s worth a try.

Thrift Stores

You probably won’t find a free Bible in a thrift store, but it’s possible that you can haggle with the store owner to get it for free.

Even if not, it should be really cheap.

Most books at thrift stores are under $5, with many just $1 or $2.

Religious People Who Visit Your Home

Have you ever had religious groups or individuals show up at your home to talk to you about God?

Sometimes they’ll offer to give away a Bible if you’re interested in learning about religion.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, sometimes do this.

If they don’t have any Bibles to give away, you can express your interest in having one. It’s possible that they can get one for you.

How to Get a Free Study Bible by Mail or Online

Every Christian should be able to access free Christian literature so that they can continue learning about God and His teachings.

That’s exactly why the above organizations offer Bibles for free, either by mail or online.

They want to help as many people learn about God as possible.

If you know of anywhere else where you can get a free Bible, let us know in the comments below.

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7 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for FREE

If you’d like to start an online boutique from home, but you’re short on funds, keep reading. I have 7 easy ways for you to start an online fashion boutique for free!

I’ve often daydreamed of owning my own fashion boutique with piles of designer denim, trendy new tunics, and stylish jewelry hanging from eclectic jewelry stands. But where do you begin? How do you become a wholesaler? And my gosh, what are the startup costs involved!?

7 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for Free

For the majority of the population, starting a brick-and-mortar fashion boutique is simply out of the question. But guess what? Technology has made it possible for you to open your own online fashion store. And better yet — you don’t need any experience or money to get started!

Here are 7 easy ways to start an online fashion boutique for free!

Started in 2017 by Ashley Phyllis, CC Originals sells graphic t-shirts, tanks, and accessories. With this fashion business, you can earn a 20-30% commission on sales, plus bonuses for building a team. The opportunity is free for your first 30-days, then after that, it’s $9.99 a month for your website. CC Originals accepts Stylists from the US and Canada, and commissions are distributed weekly.

Former Co-Founder of Pandora, Jesper Nielsen, has branched out into the direct sales arena selling jewelry, watches, handbags, and accessories. With this business opportunity, you can sign up for free. I couldn’t find any reviews, information on the commission rates, or terms, so you’ll need to contact them for additional info. This opportunity is available to individuals in the US and Europe.

Share your love of fashion as a Stylevator with Stylevate; it’s free to join! With this fashion opportunity, you’ll earn a 20% commission for selling and sharing their clothes from fashion brands like Jones of New York and Tahari ASL. You’ll receive your own mobile storefront, and if you on-board another Stylevator, you will earn 5% on anything they buy or sell. I’m not certain how long the startup fee will be waived, so I’d hop on this now if you’re interested in joining.

This program is sponsored by Lands End, Sears, and Kmart. Through this program, you can sell clothes, shoes, accessories, appliances, and much more. Sign up for FREE, and then view the startup videos to get started. Simply share items via social media and earn a 5% commission for items you sell through your personal shopper link.

Teespring allows creative types to design their own t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, totes, throw pillows, and coffee mugs. Create an account for free and then start designing items for sale.

I have zero design skills, but I designed this t-shirt which costs $26.99, and for every t-shirt that is sold, I would earn $8.60 profit.

Payments are made via PayPal or Payoneer. With Teespring, they give you a free storefront that you’re able to promote on your social media profiles and email.

J Elizabeth Boutique is a direct sales company that sells printed tees, sweatshirts, tanks, and accessories for women, men, and children. Right now, when you join, your first month’s fee is waived, so you can sign-up for free. After the first month, it’s only $14.99 per month. With this opportunity, consultants earn 20-25% commissions on sales, plus additional commissions for building a team.

SQN Sport is an affiliate opportunity where you can earn a 20-25% commission on activewear for women. You don’t receive a website with this opportunity, but you can sell on your social media channels, blog, or at pop-up shows. While this program is free to join, they do put a $400 hold on your credit card for merchandise that is used at pop-ups, and the hold is removed once you return the clothing. According to their website, “you’ll also receive monthly newsletters with special promotions, content, and codes that you can adapt for your own marketing efforts.”

7 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for Free

My Thoughts About Free Business Opportunities

Remember, whatever business you decide to start, you must have a passion for what you are doing, and you should LOVE what you’re selling! Without enthusiasm and excitement, you’ll likely become bored, unmotivated, and ultimately it will fail. Just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean that it’s always a good fit.

I’ve also noticed that when people get stuff for free, they don’t have the same motivation and urgency as when they invest their hard-earned money into an opportunity. They sign-up, and then when sales don’t immediately roll in, they quit because they have nothing to lose. Whereas if you invest money into a business, you’re more likely to stick with it because of your financial investment.

Sometimes, it’s better to save your money and invest in the business opportunity you’re really passionate about instead of wasting time on an opportunity just because it’s free.


As you can see, you don’t always need a big budget to start an online fashion boutique! If one of these free business ideas speaks to you, start building up your leads and contacts through social media, and in no time, you’ll be earning an income from home in an industry that you’re passionate about.

Have you signed up for any of these free business opportunities? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience. If you enjoyed this post — please share it on your favorite social media site.

Originally published on March 12, 2015. Content updated on February 24, 2021.


33 Places to Find Free Online College Courses for Senior Citizens in 2021

Did you know that, as a senior citizen, you may be eligible to get free online training or courses in everything from cooking to digital marketing? The 33 places in this list offer free online courses for seniors to learn the information they want at their own pace. You might be a senior citizen by age, but it’s never too late to learn.

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In fact, some senior citizens begin a whole new career once they reach retirement age.

Or they start a business or decide they want a promotion.

Learning through online courses can help them achieve that.

Even if you’re retired, you might still want to dig into learning something that’s always been of interest to you, but you never had the time to learn it.

You may not know it yet, but you’re about to find out that there are several websites and places where you can go as a senior to get free online courses to expand your learning!

These sites want you to keep learning and growing.

Can Senior Citizens Attend College for Free?

Yes, they can!

Some colleges and universities offer free education programs to seniors who can prove their age.

Others have free courses for seniors to take, while others might offer steep discounts to seniors.

Either way, you can get a cheaper education and learn the things you’ve always wanted to learn.

But there is plenty of free information floating around online, too, for you to take advantage of, and this guide will show you several top websites to find it.

The great thing about learning online is that you can go at your own pace.

You don’t have to worry about being at school at a specific time, either, because most free online courses are ones that you can log into whenever you have time to complete them.

Places to Find Free Online College Courses for Senior Citizens

The following websites are perfect spots for finding free college courses and training in a variety of subject areas.


Udemy lets people with special skills and expertise teach online and sell their courses to the world through the platform.

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However, there are also a lot of courses listed here for free.

Some of them are mini-courses that give you an overview of a subject while others are full courses that people offer to anyone who wants them.

You can learn things like creating tables in Excel, how to be productive when working from home, and how to work with HTML.

Open Yale Courses

Yes, you can learn through Yale!

Like some other highly respected universities and colleges, Yale offers some free courses to anyone who wants to take them.

They include educational materials and pre-recorded lectures for you to make the most of your free class.


If you want to learn coding, try Codecademy.

This course is completely interactive to hold your interest and keep you learning.

You can sign up for the free Basic plan to access the basic courses, content, and features.


FutureLearn features free courses in healthy dieting, becoming a lawyer, digital skills, and more.

Even courses that aren’t free allow you to try them for a limited time so that you can get an idea if it’s something you want to continue with.

Google Digital Garage

Use Google Digital Garage to learn everything you can about having an online business, digital marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, and more.

These free resources range anywhere from one hour to several hours.

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course is one of its most popular, giving those who complete it a free certification.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative

Find courses for independent learning (learning at your own pace without a professor) from this site, which has classes on chemistry, Chinese language, business, STEM, and more.


Experts drop courses on Alison for people like you who want to learn.

There’s a lot to explore here in a range of subject areas, and some courses even have certifications and diplomas upon completion.

Class Central

Class Central is somewhat of a curated list of tons of courses from all over the web.

The site links to free courses it finds from other places, like Coursera, UC San Diego, and Harvard University.

It currently has courses from more than 1000 universities, so it’s pretty likely that you’ll be able to find something you want to learn about.

Open Culture

This site provides a huge list of free courses available on the web, broken down into different categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Memrise is an app that helps you learn languages.

There are currently 22 of them available to learn.

This app is all about teaching you language in real-life situations, so you will know how to say things you need to say if you travel.

MIT Open Courseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created this site to give people who want to learn the chance to learn.

Its free courses focus on subjects like humanities, society, and energy.

Stanford’s Free Courses

Stanford is another top university that offers free online courses on its website.

Learn everything from child nutrition to algorithms.

Some courses give you CME Credit (Continuing Medical Education), which can be helpful if you’re interested in moving up or starting in a medical field.

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BBC Languages

If you’re interested in learning a language, you can visit BBC Languages to get you started.

While you won’t learn a full language enough to become fluent in it here, it’s a great place to learn common phrases and grammar techniques if you plan to travel.

Harvard Extension School

Everyone wants to say that they’ve went to Harvard, and when you take a course through the University, you kind of can!

Harvard has some free courses available to anyone to take through its Extension School.

Ted Ed

If quick video content is more your style of learning, then Ted Ed is for you.

This site features all kinds of informative videos in different categories, like health, social studies, and business, and many of them are less than 10 minutes long.


Coursera is one of the most popular course sites on the web.

Although many of them are paid courses, there is a full section of free courses you can sign up for.

They change from time to time, so keep checking back to see what’s new.

Lifehack Free Classes

Lifehack Free Classes includes a few free courses that focus on productivity, motivation, and learning strategy.

Sign up for any or all of them that interest you.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth hosts courses from universities like New York University, Harvard University, and the University of Notre Dame.

You can click through to the university’s page to get your free courses.

Video Lectures

As the name states, this site is all about video lectures from professors at various universities.

You can browse the categories to find a lecture that looks interesting to you.

The cool thing about this site is you won’t be stuck in a course you need to complete.

Instead, you can learn about something completely new each day.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that is part social platform, part professional resources.

LinkedIn Learning is its educational portion that features courses you can take to keep improving your professional skills.

Some courses are free, and there’s also a one-month free trial that lets you look around before committing.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is mostly a place to find learning resources for grades K-12, but you can also learn tons of new things from this site.

Many lessons are also geared toward college students.

It’s free, and it contains so many courses for math, science, history, and more.

The site is supported completely through donations, so if you do have anything to spare, it would be a great place to give back to.

Massive Open Online Courses

This site has a library of close to 3000 free online courses for you to choose from in life sciences, engineering, and more.

There are even highly discounted master’s degree programs you can join if you don’t mind paying a little for them.


edX hosts a bunch of free online courses from top universities and colleges from all over the country.

Learn a new language, study psychology, dabble in economics, and browse through several other categories to find your perfect skill.


Learn a language for free with Duolingo.

The site currently offers several languages, like Spanish, Japanese, and Danish.

What’s great about Duolingo is that it adapts to the way you learn, so it keeps up with how fast or slow you want to move along.

It’s also available in an app if you want to use it on your mobile device.

Other Ideas for Finding Free Online Classes for Retirees

The online course sites above are perfect for finding learning opportunities in just about any industry.

But there are a few more general ideas you can try, too:

Your Favorite Course Creators

If you’ve already scoped out someone online who’s creating courses that you want to try but don’t necessarily want to pay for, keep digging.

Many course creators give away free mini-courses or training that offers similar information as their course but maybe not quite as in-depth.

Usually, they’ll offer the mini-course if you sign up for their email list.

Look around the site to see if you can find an email course signup link.

If your search isn’t turning up anything, you can always email the course creator to see what they have available as far as free courses or a discounted course for seniors.

Your Health Insurance Company

Health insurance companies sometimes have free courses or trainings that revolve around your health.

For instance, you can usually find some type of information about staying active or eating healthy.

Some also have free public health courses, wellness courses, or even trainings that help you learn more about health insurance and its benefits.

If you’re not sure what kind of learning benefits, if any, you have, contact your health insurance provider.

Local Hospitals or Provider Networks

Similarly, local hospitals and provider networks sometimes have trainings or courses related to healthcare and wellness.

Look on the hospital or network’s website to find out more information, or ask your doctor about any upcoming programs.

You might even be able to get free fitness classes through your local hospital.


YouTube has all kinds of free videos that cost you nothing to watch, so it can be an excellent resource for learning just about anything you want to.

Use the search bar to find what you want to learn, and you’re almost guaranteed to find several videos that can teach you something.

Community Centers

If you search for “free classes near me” or something similar, you might come up with community centers.

That’s because they often host free trainings or courses to help people in your community learn.

And if they don’t have anything available right now, they might still be able to connect you with other places in your area that do, so it’s worth giving them a call.


The churches in your area might host classes or be able to point you to resources in your community that do.

If you’re a member of a church, you might also qualify for funding from the church to go back to school or complete a course you’ve been wanting to take.


Many libraries offer free courses and training programs for their communities.

Visit your library to ask for a list of upcoming events you can attend.

Some libraries might also have classes online for free.

Community Colleges

Do you have a community college nearby?

You might be able to take a class or two for free.

Some community colleges allow seniors to sit in on a few classes for free.

If yours doesn’t, you could still qualify for special tuition prices for senior citizens.


AARP offers health insurance, shopping, and all kinds of benefits for senior citizens.

It also has a resource library filled with free courses, events, training, and other stuff to help you learn what you want to learn.

Browse the site to also find in-person workshops that can help you learn everything from computers to job networking.

Get Started with Your Free Courses

Before you begin applying for free courses, make sure you have a reliable computer and internet connection.

If you live with others who could be a distraction to you while learning, try to find a quiet area of your home to learn in and consider investing in a set of headphones that can block out noise.

Also make sure you have a notebook handy to jot down notes as you learn.

You can also use Google Docs or have a Microsoft Word document ready if you prefer typing overwriting.

Finally, be sure to see if a course has a certificate of completion that you can download or order after you’ve completed the course.

Some courses might charge a fee for a certificate, but that fee is often minimal compared to paying full price for a course.

And it could be worth it to have a certificate if you plan on continuing work or starting a business!

If you know of other places for seniors to find free courses, be sure to let us know in a comment.

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5 Ways to Get a CARFAX Report for Free Before You Buy a Vehicle

When you’re in the market for a used car, you’ll want to know everything you can about it to make sure you’re getting a good deal and a safe car. A CARFAX report can help you determine if you are, but you might not want to shell out $40 for one. No worries – here’s how to get one for free.Knowing the history of a car before you buy it can help keep you safe and make sure you’re buying a car that’s worth your time.

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One of the ways to do that is by getting a CARFAX report that details the history of the car based on data from several different places.

When you’re buying a used car, it’s incredibly important to know where the car comes from and what it’s been through, which is why CARFAX exists.

However, if a dealership or seller doesn’t provide a CARFAX report for you, you’ll need to buy it yourself.

Although most CARFAX reports are not very expensive, it’s still about $40 you may not want to pay on top of buying a vehicle.

Continue reading this guide to learn how you can get a free CARFAX report legitimately (i.e. no hack involved!).


CARFAX is a detailed report of a vehicle.

Both individuals and dealerships/auto companies can use CARFAX reports to make sure they’re getting good deals on cars.

For individuals buying a car, the CARFAX report helps them understand what the vehicle has been through.

The results could make a buyer think twice about buying a car (if it’s been through several accidents, for example, it might not be safe) and help them see if they’re getting a good price.

Dealerships can also use CARFAX reports to determine whether a car they’re thinking of buying for their lot is worth its price tag.

It can also help them value cards for trade-ins.

When you want to learn more about a car with CARFAX, you’ll just need to get the VIN (vehicle identification number) for the vehicle.

Give that number to CARFAX, pay for the report, and CARFAX will do its thing.

CARFAX aggregates its information from thousands of sources, including:

  • United States motor vehicle agencies,
  • Auto auctions
  • Car dealerships
  • Rental agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • State inspection agencies
  • Salvage and recycle yards
  • Collision repair companies

The data CARFAX collects on the vehicle can tell you a lot about the car, including what it’s been through and the kind of condition it could now be in.

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One of the most important pieces of information you’ll find in the CARFAX report is the vehicle’s accident history.

However, you’ll only see this information if the accident was actually reported to authorities and/or insurance companies.

What Do You Need CARFAX For?

A CARFAX report can give you tons of information on a vehicle you’re interested in, including information about odometer readings, any airbag deployments, and whether the warranty has been used, voided, or is still usable.

Here are a few of the most important pieces of information you’ll find in the report:

Number of Owners

A CARFAX lists all known owners of the vehicle (without their personal information exposed, of course).

Why is this important?

It’s always good to see how many owners your car has been through because the more owners it has, the more possibilities of the car being in not-so-great shape.

This isn’t always true, of course.

But in many cases, a car that’s only had one owner tends to be in better shape than those with multiple owners.

When a car has only had one owner, it’s easier for that owner to keep track of maintenance and repairs because the owner knows its full history, making it easier for you to know what to expect from the car.

Accident History

You’ll also learn about a vehicle’s accident history, including the type of accident(s) it was involved in and when, and whether there was any structural damage to the car.

CARFAX also lets you know the severity of the damage using a scale that ranges from minor to severe.

The report will also note if the airbags have been deployed on the vehicle and what dates the deployments were recorded.

This is important to note because airbags need to be repaired when deployed.

If a report shows that airbags have already been deployed, then you should be sure to get an inspection to see if they’ve been repaired before you buy.


If a vehicle has been involved in any recalls, the CARFAX report will note the year of the recall.

However, you’ll need to get a hold of an authorized dealership for that vehicle’s manufacturer to get more details about the type of recall.

Service History

When dealerships or service facilities take note of a vehicle’s servicing, that service date gets put into a database that CARFAX can access to add to the report.

In most cases, you’ll be able to see what kind of servicing was done, like an oil and filter change, tires changed and rotated, or a new motor put in.

Some servicing details could be left out, though, depending on what a facility reports.

Still, you should get a good overall look as to what’s been done to the vehicle, how often owners kept up with basic maintenance, etc.

Branded Titles

Some cars get branded titles, which means that they have been compromised in some way.

A branded title can label a car as a lemon, a salvage, water damaged, rebuilt, junk, and more.

This just means that, at some point, the car had a title with the label(s) mentioned in the CARFAX report.

The car’s issues could have been taken care of since then, but a branded title is definitely something you’ll want to look into further.

CARFAX Buyback Guarantee Qualifications

The CARFAX Buyback Guarantee program protects car buyers who purchase a car without knowing that it has a DMV branded title.

Sometimes, these titles may not show up on a CARFAX report.

If a buyer buys a car with one of these titles that didn’t show up on their CARFAX report, they could become eligible for the program, which buys back the car from the consumer.

If a vehicle isn’t eligible for the program because it lists these brands in the report, the report will note this for the buyer.

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Do All Cars Have a CARFAX Report?

No, not all cars have a CARFAX report.

Although the company has most cars on file, there is a possibility of some cars not being a significant part of the system.

There’s also the possibility that a car doesn’t have much information on it, depending on what information has been supplied to the agencies from which CARFAX gets its data.

You might also be looking at a car that has been in an accident that isn’t showing up on the CARFAX report.

This can happen when the previous owner never reported the accident to the police or their insurance agency.

While a CARFAX report is typically pretty detailed for most cars, not all cars will be the same.

Can I Get a CARFAX for Free?

CARFAX normally charges for its reports if you go through its website and order one.

However, there are ways to get CARFAX reports for free, which can be important to you if you’re already short on cash from paying for a car.

CARFAX reports can especially get expensive if you have multiple cars you want to run reports on because you’ll need to pay for each one.

Fortunately, CARFAX provides a discount on multiple reports, but you’ll still pay about $100 for six of them.

When you’re already making a down payment and first payment on a car, that extra cash can add up, so saving money however you can is probably always welcome.

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How to Get a Free CARFAX Report

Want to skip paying $39.99 for one CARFAX report?

Here’s how to do it.

Shop with CARFAX

First, you can shop with CARFAX itself.

The website lists used cars for sale near you that you can browse and find a dealer for.

If you use CARFAX for search for and find the car you want to buy, you should be able to get your report for free.

That’s because the cars listed on the website come with a CARFAX report for free!

This is definitely the best way to go to ensure that you can get a free report when you’re researching cars.

Sign Up for a CARFAX Car Care Account

CARFAX has a free Car Care account that you can sign up for to get information about your car that you own now.

This can be a great way to learn more about your car, its service history, and what services it might be due for now or soon.

You can access all the tools and information right from your Car Care account, including recall information.

Ask the Dealership

Many dealerships are happy to provide you with a free CARFAX report for a vehicle you’re interested in.

They probably have one on file anyway that they can print or copy for you.

And if not, they’ll usually go ahead and get one for you if it means they can potentially get a new customer.

The least you can do is ask for one!

Ask the Owner to Pay for One

If you’re buying from a private seller instead of a dealership, you can ask the seller if they can copy the CARFAX report for you or order one.

Again, most people will be happy to spend $40 if they think you will probably buy their car from them.

Browse Online Car Listing Websites

Some other used car listing websites, like Autotrader, also provide free CARFAX reports for some cars, although they don’t list them for all cars like CARFAX does.

But it’s still worth a try if you find a car you like on one of them.

Free CARFAX Alternative Options

There are some other free providers of car history reports, but they may not be as detailed as CARFAX reports.

VINCheck.info is probably one of the best.

Its reports offer information on impounds, sales histories, vehicle specifications, theft history, and more.

All you need is a VIN for the car to order your report.

Be careful using sites like these, though.

The scam sites will have you fill out a bunch of information to get your “report,” and will probably sell that information for marketing purposes.

You can also get cheap reports from approved data providers through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

These reports are usually a fraction of the cost of a CARFAX report, but you also may not get as much information from them.

Be a Smart Car Shopper

Trying to get a CARFAX report for a vehicle you want to buy is a smart step to take before purchasing a used car.

However, it’s definitely not the only step you should take.

Some people rely heavily on what the CARFAX report says.

While the report does include a lot of information, it’s not the only pertinent piece of information about a car.

After you’ve viewed the report, you should still take the car for a test drive.

A test drive helps you get a feel for the car, discover any potential problems with how it currently runs, and decide whether you actually like it.

You should also get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic you trust.

A trustworthy car dealership will understand you wanting to make sure the car you’re looking at is a good one for you and shouldn’t have a problem with an inspection.

Just be prepared to pay for any private inspection you have done on the vehicle, as the dealership won’t cover this for you.

When you’re armed with information from a CARFAX report, test drive, and inspection, you’ll be prepared to make an informed decision about buying the car you’re interested in.

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Local SEO Audit – How to Do a Quick SEO Audit + Free Template

Start 2021 off right with this quick local SEO website audit that Nick Pierno – Whitespark’s Director of Custom Projects – presented at our 2020 Local Search Summit. Nick runs through the importance of how assessing the SEO viability of a website can help surface potential problem areas and shares his audit checklist to get you set up for success.

Video Transcript

A Note on SEO Scan Tools

There are some good SEO scan tools (Woorank or SEOptimer) out there that I usually run sites through during my audit process to catch anything I missed or just get a kind of programmatic look at things, I’d say these scan tools work better in tandem with a manual audit, rather than as a replacement for one.

Gauging a Website’s Overall Local SEO Health

You can obviously spend a dozen hours or longer auditing every little detail of a website. And I’m sure there are even businesses out there doing that and doing fantastic work. On the other hand, someone with some SEO experience can get a pretty good read on things just putzing around a site for 10 minutes. I think this quick audit sort of sits between both extremes.

This provides some formality and structure to the process without becoming a huge expensive project unto itself. The audit scope is actually really flexible too, you can painstakingly dig into every item on the list and roll it up into a formal document, and that may take about five hours. Or you can rip through it taking a quick glance at each area, marking the checkboxes and end up with a pretty good summary (maybe for internal use or something) in about 30 minutes.

Who is this audit for?

  • SEOs
  • Developers
  • Agencies & marketers
  • Website and business owners
  • Anyone whose friend and family ask them for SEO/website recommendations

This audit is for everyone. SEOs might use this when they’re kicking off a project and making an action plan, while developers might use it before launching a site to make sure that it’s SEO ready. Agencies or marketers might use it to evaluate prospects during their sales process. Website or business owners who’ve had some SEO or development work done, may want to use it to check things over or just get a general sense of where they’re at. I personally use it pretty much any time I need to get a read on a local business’s SEO setup. I’ll spend a few hours on it when I have a client who wants it packaged up as a deliverable. Or I’ll do a 30-minute version when a friend or family member asks me to take a look at their site, which happens kind of often. So I think you can use it in pretty much any scenario.

The Audit Checklist

This audit process uses a checklist. The full version includes things like GMB, citations, and reviews, in addition to about 30 website-specific areas that it covers.

👉 Grab the full checklist and an example resource including a list of tools that will help you through the process.

To use it, just run through the list of areas to check. Each area has a priority so that once you’re done auditing, you know where to start. Feel free to tweak those priorities if you don’t agree with mine. Then there’s a status drop down with three choices, all good, heads up, or danger. Those are pretty self explanatory. Then there’s a notes column to jot down what you noticed for future reference.

Now, we don’t have time to cover every item on the checklist today, we don’t even have time to cover all the website items. So we’ll actually just go over a few of the most important areas.

Top Audit Priority Items
The areas we’re going to focus on today:

  • Current rankings
  • HTTPS and URL variants
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Indexation
  • Tile tags
  • Content
  • Backlinks

You could theoretically just use this handful of items to give a website a decent quick once over. I’ve randomly selected a website from a plumber in Austin, Texas to use for some examples. For whatever reason, I always use plumbers for my SEO examples. I completed a copy of the checklist for this site as a point of reference for you when you go back to use the template.

#1. Check the site’s current search presence

This will give you a general sense of where the site’s at. If they’re ranking number one, you might not find a lot to comment on. If they’re nowhere to be found, maybe you’ll find some simple things that will make a huge difference. How do we do this? Pretty straightforward. We’ll search their flagship or most important phrases on Google.

You’ll want to do this from an incognito or private browsing session just to prevent your search history from affecting the results. I’ll start by looking at the homepage title tag. If anyone’s even remotely attempted to optimize the site, there will be some target terms in there. If the target terms seem dumb, that’s okay. We’re more interested right now in seeing if they rank for what they’ve targeted.

Here I pulled out plumbing company from their homepage title, and I added the geo modifier Austin, TX to make sure I’m searching their region, not mine. If they’re not ranking for those flagship terms, you can also try searching for a longer string from the title tag. Like here, I’ve got Plumbing Company | Plumbing Services: Austin, TX, which is their exact homepage title without the company name. This will help determine if they can rank for a longer, more specific search even though they weren’t ranking for the shorter, more competitive terms (possibly because they’re outmatched by their competition). You might also search for phrases you think they should be targeting or ranking for. I searched plumbing, Austin, TX, (probably the most competitive term in their space) and they were on page five.

I should also mention that there are all sorts of rank tracking tools out there, shoutout to Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker. But I think for this quick and dirty check that the manual search does the trick.

Whenever you’re searching, you’re really just looking to get a sense of whether they’re killing it or not killing it at all. Or maybe there’s something holding them back. When I search plumbing company Austin, TX. ATX is ranking at the top of the local pack for my search and they’re on page two of the organic results. To me, this indicates that the site is viable, doesn’t have any big deal breakers or impediments. In this case, maybe some content improvements, or link building are all it really needs.

Search the company name
It’s also worth searching for the company name. Sometimes you’ll need to throw in a geo modifier like the city if it’s not a super unique name. You just want to see if they have a knowledge panel, i.e. they own the top ranking spot. Maybe you want to see if their citations or their other profiles occupy the rest of the page. Ideally, it’ll kind of own as much of this page as possible.

As I mentioned before, ATX had a top local pack ranking, they were on the page two for a decent phrase, and now on the branded SERP they have the knowledge panel, so branded looks pretty good. There are no major problems with the site showing up. But there’s also a lot of room to improve and the rankings department. So, I marked this as a heads up, and we’ll press on to see how they could work towards bettering their rankings.

#2. Indexation

Why? Well, because being in Google’s index is kind of the whole point of this.

Do a Google search for site: yourdomain.com. In this case, we’re searching for site:atxplumbingcompany.com. This will show you all the pages Google has indexed for that domain. You want to make sure that all the important pages are there. If the pages are there, then nothing is overtly blocking them. If they aren’t there, check the site’s robots.txt (yourdomain.com/robots.txt). Note: If there isn’t a robots, then it’s not the culprit, though it’s a good idea to create one (most CMS generate one).

Looking at the file, you just want to see if any important pages are disallowed or if the whole site is disallowed, which happens fairly often with WordPress and is a feature they have to easily hide a site while it’s being developed. Sometimes it gets forgotten and the site gets launched, so the entire site gets ignored by Google until someone figures it out.

You can prevent this by unchecking “discourage search engines” under the reading settings in the WordPress dashboard. You can also check the HTML <head> section of your source code for a noindex tag, which acts in much the same way, just on a per page basis.

These two indexing blockers are the most common offenders. But if nothing is, blocking search engines from a page and it’s still not showing up, you can try requesting indexing through Search Console or you can just Google how to do that. You may need a deeper technical dive might need to hire a professional or do some more research into it. ATX’s pages are all present in Google’s index. So there’s nothing for them to report here. I give them an “all good”.

#3. Check for HTTPS secure connection and URL variants

Why worry about HTTPS? Google formally recommends it and it’s generally considered to be a ranking signal (albeit probably a minor one). More importantly, browsers make non-HTTPS sites look suspicious to site visitors with scary icons in the address bar and other warnings, which might make people nervous. It’s super easy to check, because all the popular browsers let you know right in the address bar. So you probably already know after the first time you visit the site whether or not it’s using HTTPS.

In order to use HTTPS, you need an SSL certificate. In the past, these were expensive and annoying to set up but you can get one for free from an organization called Let’s Encrypt, and a lot of popular hosts are offering them now with very easy setup that only takes a few clicks. That being said, you might want to consult a professional or do some really thorough research before migrating an established HTTP site. It can be a bit of a process and it does come with some risks. So just be careful.

Some sites might use HTTPS, but some of their content is not secure. You can also see this in the address bar (see below). It’s usually an image or resource on the page, that’s still using HTTP leftover from migration.

You can easily troubleshoot that kind of insecure content with your browser’s developer tools, or with online tools like why no padlock and then you can get those resources fixed up.

Check the common URL variants (HTTP, HTTPS, www, non www). I check these manually by entering them into my address bar. You want them all to end up at the same place. Not to be confused with them all resolving to a page, because they can all work by showing their own version of a page. You want each one to redirect back to a single variant.

If you enter “www.atxplumbingcompany.com” it should spit you back out at just at “atxplumbingcompany.com” or vice versa, whatever the version you want to use is. You’ll see in the image below, ATX’s site breaking when I try to use www as a sub domain, which is probably the worst case scenario. They need a redirect for this.

So ATX’s site doesn’t use HTTPS, and the www version doesn’t redirect anywhere. So that’s fairly bad. I’d consider this a “danger” item and something they should address ASAP.

#4. How does the site behave on mobile devices?

This is important because most sites today are indexed by Google Mobile First, which means your site is evaluated primarily on what the search engine sees, and a mobile viewport. Mobile usage is also massive, any given local business site is probably getting 50 to 70% of its traffic from mobile users. Ultimately, if the mobile experience of a site is really bad, or it’s just like a desktop site and people have to struggle to use it, that can hurt a website’s performance.

There are a few easy ways to check this:

  • You can plug the site into Google’s mobile friendly test. It’ll spit out a simple “yes” or “no” answer and give you a few extra details.
  • You can also just resize your browser window to its narrowest width.
    You can use your browser’s developer tools to resize your browser (this gets a little bit narrower, closer to what a phone looks like).
  • You can view the site on your mobile phone.

If Google says the page is mobile-friendly, and your visual inspection shows everything is readable and functional, you’re good to go. I give ATX an “all good” on this.

#5. Title tags

Title tags can be a pretty big ranking factor for any site. But I think the right title tag is basically mission critical for smaller websites trying to get local rankings (must read: how to build relevance in local search). They’re also one of the easiest tasks with a dramatic impact, especially if you back them up with your content. Title tags also generally determine how your pages look in the SERPs, when they’re shared on social media and instant messaging platforms, etc. Optimizing title tags is a task with what I’d call a good easiness-to-impact ratio.

First, I want to see if the title tag is updated at all, even if it just says “home” or the company name. If it is optimized to whatever degree, the next thing to look for is if it’s targeting the right phrases. If you have some SEO experience or you’re familiar with the industry you’re looking at, you can probably venture a pretty solid guess using your big brain. For less obvious situations than say, a plumber like in this situation, you can use Google Ads Keyword Planner, which is great for brainstorming keyword variations. It offers you the ability to filter by region right down to the city level. That’s really handy, because you can get region and city specific keyword volumes. It’s geared towards Google Ads, though, so the keywords it gives you may tend to have a transactional bias. I think that’s a good thing for local search most of the time, but it’s worth keeping in mind. Also note, you’ll also need a Google Ads account to use it. I do take the search volume and competition numbers that it generates with a grain of salt. They tend to be most meaningful relative to each other.

Other tools you can use include Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Google Search Console queries report, Google Analytics landing pages report and dozens and dozens of other keyword tools.


The highest volume keywords aren’t always the best targets even for a homepage a service page. Sometimes you can get better results by finding lower volume lower competition phrases, because you can actually start getting traffic on them.

To measure the competition, you can quickly audit a few sites in the search results for a given phrase and get an idea of how hard they’ll be to beat.

Another thing to look for is like super long or spammy seeming title tags. Even though long title tags aren’t necessarily harmful and there are strategic uses for them, they can be a sign that someone is being spammy or inexperienced or even that the title tags are getting auto-generated by the CMS.


Make title tags stand out a little by being more friendly, unique descriptive. compared to all the other blue links in the SERP. You still want to target your keywords, but you can add in a bit of warmth and charm to your snippets. I think this approach can lead to better click through rates and just generally brand better brand experience.

I think ATX’s home and service page titles could use a bit more love but there’s nothing particularly wrong with them. I give them an “all clear” and I’ll just make a note to them that it’s worth revisiting the title tags.

#6. Content

Content is a huge ranking factor and also conversion and brand experience factors. Content is hard to prescribe though and is more of an art than an exact science. Trying to define good content for SEO often devolves into word counts, keyword density, repetition, and your headings and copy. More recently, we’re looking at Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) using synonyms and different ways of saying things and so on.

But for me, especially as far as doing a quick audit goes, I think it really just boils down to having a good chunk of decent quality text that directly supports the target concept for a given page. In other words, I think you should make it substantial and relevant.

You want your content to support the target keywords or concepts for the pages on. You want it to be detailed and informative, and try to answer all the questions an average user might have about the service or product or whatever the page is talking about. It certainly doesn’t hurt to include the phrases and keywords that you’re targeting and their synonyms within the content.

Be careful to avoid cramming anything in just for SEO purposes. Write for the customer. Write about the topic at hand. By doing this, you almost always include the right phrases just by default, and the more you write, the more likely you’ll hit on those LSI terms and phrases too.

It’s also nice to try and link to your other pages as well as relevant external pages whenever it makes sense. Internal links are definitely valuable. I think the external ones can help a page look more useful and natural, among other things.

I think a hefty amount of content (assuming it hits the right notes) helps a page rank. I was eye-rolling minimum word counts earlier but I don’t know any other way to quantify it. I’d say shoot for like 800 words on an important page. That’s just a shot in the dark. I just want to shoot for like a nice big chunk of meat for the SEO that search engines can chew on basically, you can distribute that between headings, paragraphs, blurbs, lists on any other kinds of formats to avoid making a huge walls of text., which isn’t user friendly or pretty.

For the bonus round, I really like including dynamic content feeds on the homepage whenever it’s possible. This could be your latest blog posts, product inventory, recent jobs you’ve completed, and so on. As long as the content is semi-regularly updated, it means you have a semi-regularly updated homepage too. Often, home pages get neglected and are static for a long time. Dynamic content feeds show Google that the site and its content are actively maintained and cared for which I think is a good thing.

So AFX’s content is decent, it’s well-written (even if it reads a bit SEO for my taste) but the homepage falls a bit below that 800 word mark, and the way it’s laid out doesn’t really give me an informational vibe. It’s all very salesy. Nothing terribly wrong with it, I just suggest they expand on it. The service pages I spot checked are acceptable too, but definitely not enough material on them (a couple 100 words or so).

#7. Links

Why should we look at links? Assuming the relevance is established by the title tag and the page content, and assuming there’s no other major technical impediment, I’d say backlinks are the single most powerful driver of rankings in the universe.

Use a backlink checker tool to evaluate this.

Depending on where the site I’m auditing is sitting in the rankings, I’ll choose a couple sites to compare its backlink profile against. If my target site is on page two, which it is, then I might take a look at the number one ranking site and then the bottom site ranking on the first page results. That’ll basically tell me the threshold for breaking onto the front page and then the threshold for unseating the top spot.

Plug those domains into your backlink checker tool and it will give you some sort of summary metric, such as page authority and domain authority for Moz, or URL rank and domain rank for Ahrefs. (Side note: I think the page level metrics usually matter more than the domain metrics for a page’s ranking ability.) You also might want to compare the number of backlinks and the number of referring domains. A lot of the time, tons of links will come from a single domain because it’s in a sidebar, or footer, etc. 5,000 links from the same site is obviously a lot different than a link from 5,000 different sites.

It’s also worth looking at the individual sites that are linking. Those summary metrics try to factor in quality, trust, relevance, volume, etc. into their algorithms, but none of them are completely reliable. It might be worth taking a look for yourself. You should be asking, “Are a large portion of these links coming from directories?” This happens a lot with local businesses. Do you see a lot of low-quality sites or sites that aren’t relevant to the target site or lots of sites that are in a different language? Sometimes these can be signs of some sort of shady link building that they did in the past.

Just because a link tool scores one site higher than another, doesn’t necessarily mean it will rank better. Google just has way more sophisticated algorithms and way more data to work with. And of course, there are other factors that backlinks determine the rankings to.

In ATX’s case, their competitor Daniels Austin outranks another competitor Radiant Plumbing on a search for plumbing company. Even though the latter has more links and a higher score, Daniels Austin actually uses the exact phrase plumbing company in their homepage copy and Radiant Plumbing doesn’t. So, in spite of having maybe a little bit better of a link situation (according to Ahrefs anyway) a page’s content relevance can still win out. When there’s a huge gap though, the results are usually a lot more predictable, which explains why ATX is quite a ways behind these other two sites in the results. Their backlink metrics are considerably lower. ATX has a very low UR and DR due to only having 28 referring domains which are all either local directories like Yellow Pages or link building junk like Austinplumbingcompany.blogspot.com. That sounds generally pretty harmless, but they need to outweigh it with some quality links in order to get it working in their favor. I would indicate to them that this is fairly urgent area for them to work on, it’s probably the biggest thing holding them back right now.

Communicating the Audit Results

When I’m done running through the checklist, I’ll have a list of “heads up” and “danger” items that I’ll communicate to the business owner or project stakeholders. In a more formal setting, I’ll actually turn the results of this audit into a document with a section for each area and recommendations for how to fix it.

What’s covered in the audit checklist?
The audit checklist covers 90% or more of the things that would be be preventing or helping a website to rank. The full checklist includes some off-site stuff like reviews and GMB which also factor in ranking. Even if you look at the whole checklist and just rip through it quickly, you’ll find what’s working and what’s not.

Shindo Life codes – free spins and more

January 11, 2021: We’ve added a new code to our list and removed the expired ones

There’s a Roblox game out there for everyone, whether it’s running away from Piggy, or looking after cute pets in Adopt Me! But recently one game in particular has risen to massive popularity: Shindo Life. Originally called Shinobi Life 2, the game is a re-imagining of the original Shinobi Life, a Naruto-style ninja game where you explore an open world, and fight against opponents in the arena, using your martial prowess and abilities. But you can also use spins to get freebies, which can make your character stronger.

That’s where our Shindo Life codes list comes in. Here we’ll round up the latest free codes in the game so you can claim some free spins and power yourself up. We also explain how to redeem the codes in-game lower down the page.

If you find this article helpful, be sure to check out some of our other Roblox content. For more freebies, try our Roblox promo codes guide. We also have a list of Prime Gaming loot, which often features new Roblox cosmetics!

Here are the latest shindo life codes:

  • RELLspecsOut! – free spins (new)

Expired list:

  • 2021N3wY3AR!
  • 1ceW0rks!
  • gri11Burgars! 
  • fiar3W0rkz!
  • g3tG0als! 
  • th3N3w3raBegan!
  • fourFOURfour! 
  • k1llStr3ak! 
  • r1cecrisp5!
  • m33ksm3llz! 
  • 12D4yz0fh0tsauce!
  • anc1entp00p!
  • d4ndyd4ne! 
  • Okaybreathair! 
  • n0n0noooooo!
  • B3LLaReR1ng1ng!
  • c4ndywh00ps!
  • g1ftz0hgafts!
  • c0ldNc0zy!
  • Sn0wdayz!
  • Jin6le3!
  • M3rrym3rry!
  • 8hunnet!
  • MerryGiftmas!
  • G1ft4u!
  • s4ntaBois!
  • SubToRiserrDawn!
  • C4ntst0pus!
  • Sub2ProbAzim!
  • Sub2Alphi!
  • r3vn3g3!
  • 0nW4rdtoW1ns!
  • Sub2GhostInTheCosmos!
  • Sub2Sw33P33!
  • WeDidEtBois!
  • w3B4ckbaby!
  • 700k!
  • 600kSubs!
  • Ch4seDaDr3am!
  • K33pTry1ng!
  • B3L3veEt!
  • d0ntLoseHope!
  • Ch4s3Dr3ams!
  • Go4ll0ut!
  • KeepM0v1ngOnwards!
  • BelieveInSelf!
  • OneMillionSubs2021!
  • N3v3rSt0p!
  • wh1t3f4ng!
  • W0rkH4rd!
  • K33pg0ing!
  • H0t0cak4!
  • Th1sM0mentC0unts!
  • Tru5t1nG0D!
  • Y0uG0tTh15!
  • St4yStr0ng!
YouTube Thumbnail

what are shindo life codes?

These codes are given out by the developer of Shindo Life, and they offer in-game rewards, but most notably, they give you free spins.

how do i get more shindo life codes?

What you really want from Shindo Life codes are free spins, and you can get these in-game by completing daily quests or leveling up. You can also join the Rell Games Discord to see when any new codes are posted for the game.

how do i redeem shindo life codes?

In order to redeem these codes, you need to cycle through the in-game menu to the ‘edit’ section. In the top right you’ll see ‘YouTube codes’. Tap here to enter your code, and then the redeem button, to get your rewards!

If you want to play Shindo Life for yourself, you can download Roblox on Google Play and the App Store. For more recommendations, we also have a list of the best Roblox games!

Free Email Templates | GoDaddy Pro

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How many hours each week do you spend emailing clients? Once recent study from CNBC suggests the average worker commits more than five hours a day to tapping away at emails. That’s a lot of time you could get back — and at GoDaddy Pro, we’re all about taking back those hours. It’s why we’re creating a series of free email templates that web pros like designers and developers can use to save themselves serious time.

For many of us, our primary money-making skill doesn’t have much to do with writing. It’s about perfecting a .CSS stylesheet or editing images until (as clients are fond of saying) they have that “pop.” Ask us to handle those techie tasks and we’re all over it. But ask us to write a simple message, say, asking a client to send in content, and it’s a delete-and-repeat ordeal to finally get that email out the door.

Here’s the free email templates

We plan to create these free email templates that you can quickly copy and paste into a messages that address these common scenarios:

  • Getting Content
  • Your Site Was Hacked
  • Security Plan
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Checking In
  • Contract Renewals
  • Holding a Contest
  • Lead Outreach
  • Asking for Feedback
  • Onboarding Email
  • Screening Prospects
  • Apology

We’ll continue adding free email templates to this post as they’re created, so keep checking back to get the latest content. And if you think there’s a scenario we missed, drop us a line on the GoDaddy Pro Community. We’ll keep producing free email templates as they’re needed. And if you’re a fan of time-saving hacks like these, GoDaddy Pro is a tailor-made fit.

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