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[DEV] Continuous TD – My first android game in beta test: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.game.ContinuumTD : AndroidGaming

I’ve been working on and off on games for years, but with corona here and way too much spare time. I decided to complete(ish) and release my first mobile game. It’s some sort of mix between a regular td and an incremental game, as you can’t finish it without playing a bunch of time and get the right upgrades. Hopefully, it gives some challenges as you can upgrade a bunch of different stuff to help you on your way!

link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.game.ContinuumTD

Continuous TD features 2 game modes, upgrades, special abilities on towers, incremental gameplay, RPG aspects (you level up towers and “the user”) and some more stuff.

Feel free to test it out and give feedback, either here, on the discord: https://discord.gg/jC6yc6hcwH or via play store.

What is the game that you are playing and your player ID ? Share it if it is available in multi-player mode : MobileGaming

lets find each other and play together!

tell us the name of the games, your player ID and a little bit about the concept of the game.

I start from my self:

a chat app with over 30+ group games. Over a million people from around the world use Plato each month to find fun and make new friends with lots of group games ! ( ocho – pool – rable soccer – ludo – werewolf – bankroll – bowlong – cup pong – sea battle – backgammon and lots of card games.

my plato ID is : yasamanmm

Mastermind word finder game app is a memory game that expands your vocabulary by solving word puzzles and also a word guessing game that is the modernized and upgraded version of word searching and memorable word mastermind board game with lots of different game modes. (timer-score battle- frozen time, infinity ,…)

my WMM ID is: GJK

its your turn my dear :)))

[Game Review] Hexicon – Words w/ Friends but Better : AndroidGaming

Hexicon is a turn based word game with a strategic element in the form of a hexagonal grid. Players play words that earn them tiles on the board. Points are earned when a hexagon of tiles is formed. The player with the majority control of that hexagon earns a point. The board is then updated with new tiles. The goal of the game is to reach 16 points. The game is easy to learn but has a good skill ceiling which means improving and finding better strategies is a blast.

The strategy involved in placing words is reminiscent of words with friends however Hexicon keeps the game much more fresh and dynamic by updating the board. The strategic possibilities are much more nuanced and the gridlock that often occurs in board based word games is not present in Hexicon.

The game’s only monetization is for coins which can be used to purchase cosmetic items such as avatars and board themes. There are no obtrusive ads or popups. The game is completely free to play and has no powerups or anything of that sort.

Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hexicon&hl=en_US&gl=US

Apple App Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hexicon-word-game/id1462065373

The tutorial for the game is extremely short and intuitive so I would highly recommend downloading the game and giving it a shot.

[Android/iOS] Sleepy Squares – puzzle game made by my friend and I who would appreciate any feedback! : MobileGaming





Hey guys, as the title says, we’d be grateful for any thoughts on the game we’ve worked on for the last couple months. The main goal of the game is to put the squares to sleep before you run out of space. The longer you last, the more difficult this becomes. You could technically play forever with the right amount of strategy (with bit of luck).

Feel free to give any sort of criticism, we won’t take it personally! Cheers!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BombChomp.SleepyHeadz

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sleepy-squares/id1528662701

Game streaming revenues in China set to skyrocket to $4.5bn following platf | Pocket Gamer.biz

The games streaming market in China is set to generate $4.5 billion in 2020.

According to data from SafeBettingSites, the country’s streaming industry is growing exponentially, with revenues up from $3.11 billion in 2019. At its current rate, the space could be worth $7.44bn by 2022.

A large proportion of this revenue originates from two streaming platforms, DouYu and Huya. This month, the two platforms entered a merger agreement, which will see DouYu morph into a subsidiary of Huya. The latter will also acquire all of the former’s outstanding shares.

The deal was also mediated by Chinese tech behemoth Tencent, which has a pre-existing majority stake in Huya, as well as a 38 per cent hold in DouYu. The merger is set to complete in 2021 and Tencent will then hold a 67.5 per cent stake.

Stream of growth

However, the two companies have soared separately in the last year, with Huya seeing a 79 per cent rise in year-on-year revenue and DouYu seeing a 99.3 per cent rise, according to data from iResearch.

The two companies will also merge their userbases, which saw impressive growth in 2020. During Q2, Huya averages around 168.5 million monthly active users (MAUs) with DouYu following in the rearview with 165.3 million. Together, that’s a new userbase of over 300 million.

The game streaming market in China is made up of around 340 million users, which means the newly merged Huya will have a majority hold on the current landscape. Tencent also owns or has stakes in the most popular games in the region, including a 1.5 per cent stake in Bluehole Studio, the developer of PUBG Mobile, and Honor of Kings, which Tencent publishes.

China is also leading the charge on gaming revenue for 2020, according to Newzoo. So far, it has generated $40.8 billion, with the US following closely behind with $36.9 billion. And as the space becomes more lucrative, more and more companies will seek to publish their titles in China. However, that alone comes with its own set of obstacles, and regulations in the country are getting tighter as a result.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is an enjoyable game

“Hardspace: Shipbreaker” is the perfect game for people with a love of space and paying off crippling debt.

Developed by Blackbird Interactive and released early access on June 16 for PC, Hardspace: Shipbreaker has the player take the role of a spaceship salvager working to pay off their one billion credit debt to their corporate overlords.

Hardspace is a dystopian future, where much of planet Earth, the moon, Mars, and space around it is colonized and industrialized.

You play as some unlucky soul who signed away their life to LYNX Corporation to become a “cutter”, salvaging decommissioned space ships. You operate in a zero-gravity environment, armed with a laser cutter, tether hook, and a scanner working to salvage as much as possible.

The main gameplay of Hardspace is figuring out how to safely cut apart the ships you’re given while still making the most money in the alloted 15 minute work day.

Ships and their components can be cut away or pulled apart for salvage. Once you dissect enough of the ship, you can start tearing away whole sections of hull to send off for processing using your tether tool. Taking the ship apart becomes almost like a puzzle, trying to find the best way to tear it apart in the least amount of motions. And everything on the ship can be salvaged for money, up to and including engines, fuel tanks, life support systems, energy cells, and even nuclear reactors. That last one threw me for a loop because we are not qualified to handle those things.

But the risk is downplayed in the face of making money. You’re working on spaceships powered by nuclear reactors, given a laser cutter and a winch and told “yeah, just pull that thing out and get it to stasis before it goes critical.”

I’m not even making a joke here. Your co-worker’s advice in some of the opening missions when salvaging a nuclear reactor is to just get it out of its casing — the thing keeping it stable — and throw it into a stasis field as fast as possible before it blows up and kills you.

And you’re going to want to, because those reactors are worth a lot of money and can bring you one step closer to paying off your debt.

And managing that debt becomes the core gameplay of Hardspace once you master the cutting part.

Someone in the Steam forums did the math — using the cost of living in the game as a baseline — and converted credits to dollars. The player’s debt is roughly $43 million when they first sign on with LYNX. And let me tell you, knowing that number did not make things any better. If anything, it made it worse.

Just the word “debt” is enough to make most people feel a hole open in their gut when they remember how much they currently owe. As if it’s not bad enough in real life, now I’m being haunted by it in video games.

What’s worse is that LYNX does everything they can to bleed you dry. Room and board does not come with employment. You’re forced to rent your equipment, your living space, and pay for everything you need — including oxygen. So, if you don’t work hard enough, you can actually end up in more debt than you started.

Your debt is this massive monster that you are desperately trying to get a handle on. And in this game, death doesn’t let you get away from your debt — it’s just passed along to your clone and added on to your original debt as a “resurrection fee.”

But there is a way out. By completing work orders, you gain certifications that give you access to upgraded equipment and better ships.

The more advanced the ship, the more advanced the components. And the more advanced the components, the more money they’re worth.

Ships go from these small shuttles meant to carry a crew of five to large cargo transporters. But the more complicated the ship, the more hazardous it becomes. Reactors become bigger, fuel lines run through the whole thing, and one wrong cut could end it all.

There’s multiple difficulties in the game, with the easiest giving you free infinite resurrections and all the time in the world to take apart a ship and the hardest giving you but one life to live, making each wrong move a life-or-death situation that could end your whole game.

Final Verdict

Hardspace is this fun blend of job simulator, puzzle, and management game. The game is getting constant updates and the developers actually seem invested in the community and take suggestions seriously. It’s currently going for $25 on Steam and well worth the price.

It’s the kind of game that I can really get immersed in and excited when I take out a clean chunk of debt. Knocking off over three million in debt in one shift feels so rewarding — like paying on the principle of a car loan and being a few months ahead. On the flipside, it’s heart-wrenching when you accidentally blow up a reactor and get fined to Hell and back for one small screw-up.

The game’s about settling into your role and job and making the most of bad situation until you’re the master of it.

[DEV] “Reaper of Immortals” is a game I released a while ago and I would love to share it with everyone here, link in the comments! : AndroidGaming

level 1

Does it work with external controler?

City Shield Game : MobileGaming

During the lockdown, I was inspired to develop a mobile game inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. Just to find out having a game named COVID Shield would not be accepted on the android and apple app stores. I had to change the games name o City Shield and finally got accepted by the android play store but not apple store.


New Free-To-Play Pokemon Puzzle Game Launches On Nintendo Switch And Mobile Devices

A new, and different kind of, Pokemon game released on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices today. Titled Pokemon Cafe Mix, the game is a puzzler in which players and Pokemon work together to serve customers in their cafe. All customers and staff are Pokemon, and players can use different Pokemon abilities when feeding their customers.

Obviously, this is not a game with the most hardcore of gamers in mind. It’s likely that the game’s biggest appeal is that it’s far too cute for its own good. Either way, if you’d like to try it out, the game is available on both iOS and Android as well as Nintendo Switch. More details on the game can be found on the official site.

[DEV] I created a game about pooing birds in 8 hours! : AndroidGaming

Hey everone, I created a little whac-a-mole game, which you can find here:

The entire development, asset & animation creation took only 8 hours in total.
It’s nothing special, but I’m currently looking into ways to challenge myself in terms of game development.

If you have any ideas for the game, let me know.

I already have some ideas on my feature list, but I wanted to release the game, because feature creep kicks in 😛