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GoDaddy Domain Transfer

Hello all

I have recently purchased a domain from someone which was a smooth deal, we both have GD accounts and it was a transfer within, his GD domain transferred to mine. I got an email pertaining to the website I had bought which said: “activate now”I clicked it, and as soon as I enter my details I get this popup: https://imgur.com/a/PLYwVi5

The registrar has not gotten any emails, or anything regarding the transfer yet. In my Domain Manager page, it reads this: https://imgur.com/a/J1FsfYn

How long does this process usually take and is there a way to speed it up? This is my first time buying a domain and having it transferred so excuse my “noob-iness”

Free Email Templates | GoDaddy Pro

Just copy & paste

How many hours each week do you spend emailing clients? Once recent study from CNBC suggests the average worker commits more than five hours a day to tapping away at emails. That’s a lot of time you could get back — and at GoDaddy Pro, we’re all about taking back those hours. It’s why we’re creating a series of free email templates that web pros like designers and developers can use to save themselves serious time.

For many of us, our primary money-making skill doesn’t have much to do with writing. It’s about perfecting a .CSS stylesheet or editing images until (as clients are fond of saying) they have that “pop.” Ask us to handle those techie tasks and we’re all over it. But ask us to write a simple message, say, asking a client to send in content, and it’s a delete-and-repeat ordeal to finally get that email out the door.

Here’s the free email templates

We plan to create these free email templates that you can quickly copy and paste into a messages that address these common scenarios:

  • Getting Content
  • Your Site Was Hacked
  • Security Plan
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Checking In
  • Contract Renewals
  • Holding a Contest
  • Lead Outreach
  • Asking for Feedback
  • Onboarding Email
  • Screening Prospects
  • Apology

We’ll continue adding free email templates to this post as they’re created, so keep checking back to get the latest content. And if you think there’s a scenario we missed, drop us a line on the GoDaddy Pro Community. We’ll keep producing free email templates as they’re needed. And if you’re a fan of time-saving hacks like these, GoDaddy Pro is a tailor-made fit.

GoDaddy Pro saves you serious time

On average, our users report that GoDaddy Pro saves them three hours per month for each site they’re working on. And when you consider that most web pros work on multiple sites at once, we’re talking about some serious time reclaimed. It’s made possible by the Hub from GoDaddy Pro, a single-login interface where you can manage all your clients’ websites from one place. Right away, you can imagine how nice it would be to ditch the hassle of juggling all those FTP credentials.

Once you’ve added websites, mundane tasks like running updates and security checks stop eating away at your day as much. The Hub also helps you handle other time-consuming tasks like billing and managing the other products that contribute to your clients’ success.

Like our free email templates, GoDaddy Pro doesn’t cost a thing. If you haven’t already, hustle over there and sign up today.

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Advice on Transfering my website from GoDaddy shared Cpanel hosting to DigitalOcean

I asked the same question on r/wordpress and one person suggested to post it here also.

Newbie here. I use Godaddy hosting + Cloudflare CDN. WordPress website. My website is around 400mb (WP_content ~ 130mb). 5-6k visitors/month.

I am currently using this DO tutorial to set up my Droplet. I’m still completing the prerequisites mentioned in the article. I’m stuck at 3rd prerequisite: setup SSL. In the tutorial to set up SSL, they are asking to set up a server block. Which is something I did while installing LEMP (Step 2). But there are some differences, like the commands and code used in the file

Especially this line: server_name example.com www.example.com*;* and few other extra commands too.

And when I followed the steps from the SSL article (this is the article which they suggested I should follow) I got an error while I entered this command

sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/example.com /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

Directory already exists. What should I do?

And do I have to do SSL before transferring the file? Because if I do that way I can minimize the downtime (not that anyone would miss my website, but you know).


Is there any other better tutorials that explain everything in one article or a video?

Although I’m just copy-pasting commands from the articles, I really want to learn this. Could you help me?

GoDaddy Q&A with The Dancing Divas & Dudes founder Elizabeth Pistole

Dancers disproving disabilities

Dancing Divas and Dudes Founder Elizabeth PistoleElizabeth Pistole is the founder of The Dancing Divas & Dudes dance team for individuals with special needs. Proving that dancers can disprove disabilities, she has been able to expand the organization, originally based out of Nashville, Tennessee, to include several national locations.

When Elizabeth was growing up, she enjoyed a bright future of opportunities. For 13 years she enjoyed competitive dancing and being part of a team. Each activity she participated in allowed her to gain confidence, self-respect, and taught her how to set goals and achieve them.

Her sister, Natalie, however, did not have the same opportunities.

Natalie faced a challenge — Down Syndrome.


Growing up alongside Natalie, Elizabeth witnessed the obstacles and societal stigmas her sister faced and decided it was time to do something about it.

If her sister and other individuals with special needs were to be given any advantages, it was up to her to create those opportunities.

In an effort to combat and erase society’s stigma towards individuals with special needs, Elizabeth established The Dancing Divas & Dudes organization.

Q&A with Elizabeth Pistole, founder of The Dancing Divas & Dudes

This interview has been gently edited for length and clarity.

GoDaddy: Tell us about your business. What do you do?

Elizabeth Pistole: The Dancing Divas & Dudes was started as Nashville’s first dance team for individuals with special needs.

The organization was created to serve as a microphone to the special needs community.

We now have several chapters in several states.

Dancing Divas And Dudes Practice with Instructor
“Through dance and teamwork, our dancers strive to express the value and worth of individuals with special needs,” says Dancing Divas & Dudes founder Elizabeth Pistole.

GoDaddy: Why did you start your business?

EP: As a competitive dancer of 13 years, I had many childhood opportunities to learn teamwork, achieve personal goals, and learn many life skills.

My sister, Natalie, who was born with Down Syndrome, did not have the same opportunities as I did. I was able to grow as a young woman because I had a support system that pushed me to reach my potential.

Society does not offer that support system to Natalie, as many people see her as lacking potential and value.

With Dancing Divas & Dudes, the member’s community involvement and performances play a crucial role in erasing society’s stigmas attached to them and providing a potential-filled future.

GoDaddy: What are some examples of how the program can combat stigma in the community?

Dancing Divas and Dudes Girl DancingEP: Internally, we help each dancer grow confidence by expressing their emotions through creative movement.

This confidence eliminates inadequate feelings and allows the dancers to effectively build team and communication skills.

We are goal-oriented and help individuals with special needs not settle but reach their potential.

Externally, our organization specifically targets the demographic of individuals who do not recognize the value of individuals with special needs.

Monthly activities allow organic integration into the community. Specifically interacting with this demographic plays a key role in eliminating the stigma that individuals with special needs are not able to contribute back to society.

GoDaddy: Is it challenging for the members?

EP: If we were only ever expected to learn 2+2, then we would never understand calculus. Society typically expects individuals with special needs to do mundane jobs or not work at all.

The Dancing Divas & Dudes believe that individuals with special needs should be able to achieve their wildest dreams.

Dancing Divas And Dudes Special Needs Dance Organization Troupe
Part of being a member is to learn to face challenges and set goals.

GoDaddy: How did you get started? What were your first steps?

EP: The team started with a passion for my sister and dance.

My first step was to identify that there was a market for a special needs dance team and that the market for special needs programs was not overly saturated.

The job of identifying the market was tackled through research, analyzing needs, and receiving feedback from the general audience we intended to serve.

GoDaddy: How did you select who would qualify to participate?

EP: Through in-depth study and observation, two demographics were most commonly not being recognized — the high functioning individuals with special needs who were not being pushed to reach their potential and the members of society who were fearful to interact with the atypical community.

The challenge then became finding a way to address both demographics simultaneously. This was addressed by creating a goal-oriented program that would interact with all community members on a regular basis.

Dancing Dude With Instructor
After careful observation, each member of the program is given a personalized set of goals. “Many programs for individuals with special needs do not work with each participant to establish personal goals,” Elizabeth says.

GoDaddy: What were some of the challenges with developing such an ambitious program?

EP: The approach to creating this program was to create a strategic development plan. This development plan was crucial to ensuring the proper growth and foundation of such a unique program.

This development plan was detail-oriented to break down the policies, budget, program marketing, lesson plans, volunteer rotation, performance schedules and community interaction calendar.

This strategy created a guidebook of clear communication that was needed for the organization to successfully implement this original program.

Setting clear guidelines for everyone to follow prevented miscommunication, which translated to the reliability of the emerging program.

GoDaddy: How long did it take to see success?

EP: The credibility of the new program fast-tracked it to success.

The success of hard work and meticulous set up came to fruition quickly after the program was launched. Participation was 45% higher than expected.

Within one month there had been more than 10 requests for the team to attend events.


This almost immediate reaction from the community was a clear indication of how critical our program was.

GoDaddy: Where and when was your first competition?

EP: After several months of the program existing, the personal goals each dancer had set for themselves were becoming feasible.

The team was then able to travel to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for their first competition where they performed for more than 500 people and lived out their mission of “Dancers Disproving Disabilities.”

Since then, the team has intentionally interacted with over 13,500 members of the society through numerous events and travel.

Dancing Divas And Dudes in City

GoDaddy: What external pressures are you up against?

EP: The most pressing pressure was the idea that individuals with special needs aren’t capable of competing.

Most people thought that the dancers would not be able to travel and perform for large audiences, and they definitely didn’t believe that they could compete well.

Beyond the lack of belief in our dancers, many believed that I was too young to be able to run the program well. While these are added pressures they have in no way stopped me from persevering for my sister and her peers.

GoDaddy: What resources have helped you on your journey?

EP: Social media and online communication have played a huge role in my success. Being able to communicate with thousands in an efficient manner has been instrumental. I also made a relationship with a mentor who could answer questions when needed.

I have gained a lot of momentum for my organization by building relationships with other local businesses and networking to share my mission.

However, my most important resource is my dancers. They inspire me to make my organization the best it can be and help me tailor the program to serve them best.

GoDaddy: What challenges have you overcome so far? Any big milestones or achievements?

EP: With any new business, there are inevitable challenges you will have to face. There have been small challenges such as finding inexpensive practice space to big challenges such as needing to develop new programs.

A challenge we overcame that also served as an achievement was mentoring a student at Auburn University to start a chapter there.

It was challenging to work remotely and make sure that things were done properly but it allowed us to develop a startup guide.

By working through that challenge we created the ability to implement programs in multiple locations.


This growth was a huge milestone because it broadened the reach of our organization.

Dancing Divas And Dudes Special Needs Dance Troupe Posing Following A Performance

GoDaddy: How are things today? What are you focusing on?

EP: Through hard work and dedication, our growth rate has been exponential. We started with one dancer and now have 20 dancers in Nashville and 30 in Alabama.

We started with one program and we now have three programs in each chapter: competition team, noncompetition team and a dudes team.

It took one-and-a-half years to have our first performance. Now we perform four regional competitions and four local performances per year. We started with a few team building activities per month.

Dancing Divas and Dudes at Candy Store

GoDaddy: Do you see growth in the community as well?

EP: We now have one activity a month and we strive for six of those [per year] to be community-driven. We try to serve at other organizations so that we can show the ability of individuals with special needs to give back to their community.

GoDaddy: Has there been anyone other than yourself to help manage the organization?

EP: Organizationally, we have grown from four board members to 10 over the past year. We have recruited more than 130 volunteers, hired two staff members, and partnered with 10 different nonprofits. We have started two new chapters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Auburn, Alabama.

GoDaddy: Outside of competition and community events, are there any other activities that help grow the organization?

EP: Our first annual gala is this month, which is predicted to increase the budget by 437.5%. With such growth, we are focused on our programming in order to make it sustainable.

Dancing Divas And Dudes Night Shine Gala

GoDaddy: What’s your day-to-day routine like? How do you work?

EP: Being the owner of an organization comes with a different schedule every day. If I am not working in the office I am meeting with local businesses, other organizations, or attending networking events.

GoDaddy: What are some tools you rely on to keep organized?

EP: I use my Office 365 account through GoDaddy to communicate about meetings/events, schedule email reminders for the events, and follow up after each meeting.

In the office, I do a lot of coordinating and planning. My Office 365 account also allows me to communicate and coordinate meetings, team events, other chapters, my board and performances.

GoDaddy Email Marketing campaigns are utilized to share updates and events.

GoDaddy has been instrumental in allowing me to organize and manage well.

GoDaddy: What is the best way for people to find out more about the organization?

EP: I manage and utilize three different websites, all through GoDaddy.

Our primary website offers information about our mission, has links to social media, allows volunteers to sign up, and enables people to give feedback and join our team.

Dancing Divas And Dudes Website
Elizabeth created The Dancing Divas & Dudes website using GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing platform.

We also have a .info website where I upload team information, volunteer information, and any other information that others may need to access.

Our annual fundraiser also has a website where people can buy tickets and donate. At least once a week, I go into my dashboard to monitor our traffic and promote our online presence.

GoDaddy: Where do you see yourself, and the business, in five years?

EP: We have ambitious goals for the future. Our goals are as follows:

  • Have at least 15 competition dancers, 20 non-competition dancers, and 15 dudes in all chapters
  • Increase the number of dancers served by 266%
  • Separate the non-competition team into skill levels so that teaching and choreography can be tailored properly

GoDaddy: With an increase in dancers, does that allow you to increase performances?

EP: Yes, for performances, our goals include:

  • Performing in the 2021 National Dance Competition in Orlando, Florida
  • Have the Alabama and Auburn chapters participate in regional competitions
  • Be able to participate in more local services projects

GoDaddy: What kind of operational changes will you need to make to manage this growth?

EP: We will increase our national board to 15 members, develop national committees, have at least four chapters by the end of 2019, seven chapters by the end of 2020, and one in every state by 2030.

GoDaddy: What other ambitions do you have that will help the organization get your message out?

Dancing Divas And Dudes Dancing Dude in Red ShirtEP: I want to provide high school graduates with special needs a scholarship to attend a university with a special needs program and participate in that university’s dance team.

We would also like to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Finally, we would like to share our message internationally and perform in Iceland where they have a high abortion rate of individuals with Down Syndrome.

GoDaddy: Any advice or recommendations for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

EP: My first advice is you are never too young to start chasing your dreams. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

My second piece of advice is to prepare! Most businesses fail due to a lack of preparation and planning.

Make a detailed business plan that you can follow and rely on through rough areas.

Lastly, it is a lot of work so make sure you have the time and passion to start a new venture.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Pistole for sharing her story. Be sure to check out The Dancing Divas & Dudes website and follow The Dancing Divas and Dudes on Facebook and Instagram.

The new GoDaddy Pro home screen

All your sites and clients at a glance

Our new GoDaddy Pro home screen is a central dashboard that lets you see everything at a glance. We’ve redesigned it to help you get in, do your best work, and get out.

Welcome to the new GoDaddy Pro home screen

We’ve organized the new GoDaddy Pro home screen into sections based on related information and tasks. We call them cards. They’re like meta boxes in WordPress.

New GoDaddy Pro home
The new GoDaddy Pro home screen


Activity Summary (Recent Activity)

The Activity Summary card is a summary of recent activity from your clients and their sites. The activity updates are grouped by type. You can quickly take action.

GoDaddy Pro - Activity Summary
An activity summary showing everything at a glance


Site Activity

The Site Activity card shows recent activity from all the sites you manage. If there’s a client associated with site activity, the client’s name will appear next to the update.

GoDaddy Pro - Site Activity
The latest activity from your managed websites


Client Activity

The Client Activity card shows recent activity from your clients. If there’s client activity associated with a specific site, we include a link to the affected site, so you can get to it faster.

GoDaddy Pro - Client Activity
The latest activity from your managed clients


Your Benefits

The Your Benefits card shows your current points balance, and your progress towards the next membership tier. Refer to this card if you’re ever wondering about your benefit status.

GoDaddy Pro - Benefits and Rewards
Your GoDaddy Pro reward points and benefits are easier to access



The Featured card highlights new announcements and important info from the GoDaddy Pro program. For example, we’re currently highlighting our partnership with WP FeedBack.

GoDaddy Pro - Featured
Highlighting announcements & important info from GoDaddy


Recommended Reading

These cards are highlights from the community. We’re starting with GoDaddy Blog articles, but it may expand to include additional content from GoDaddy Pro members and around the web.

Is there something you’d like to see here? Let us know in the GoDaddy Community forums.

GoDaddy Pro - Community Picks
Top picks from the community – more to come soon!


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GoDaddy Pro at WordCamp US 2019

Makers of the web, unite

We love WordCamp US. It brings together WordPress users from around North America and beyond. It’s a chance to meet new people, catch up with familiar faces and immerse ourselves in the WordPress community.

These offline, in-person experiences are crucial for keeping WordPress community members connected to each other.

For WordPress newbies, these events are a chance to learn from experienced users. For web designers & developers, these events are a chance to share their knowledge and potentially find new clients or business partners.

Related: The GoDaddy community events calendar

Makers of the web, unite at WordCamp US 2019

Are you building websites for others? You don’t need to be a coder, and you don’t need to do it full-time. If you’re helping clients get online, you’re a Maker of the web.

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If you’re a Maker of the web, we want you to join us at WordCamp US 2019 in St. Louis.

We share a common purpose

If you’ve seen our ads, you know that we’re huge advocates for people who make their own way. This is a global community of everyday entrepreneurs who are on a journey to transform their big ideas into something real.

We’re here to help those entrepreneurs along their journey. But we also know that we’re not alone. If you’re a Maker of the web, we share a common purpose: helping people grow & succeed online.

Let’s help more people succeed with WordPress

As the world’s largest WordPress hosting provider, we’re introducing new people to WordPress every single day.

That’s why we invest in creating a stellar WordPress experience with an easy setup wizard; 100s of professional GPL-compliant WordPress themes; and award-winning 24/7 support.

It’s why we sponsor full-time WordPress core contributors; why we release our themes and plugins under the GPL; and why we support local WordCamps and WordPress meetups around the world.

And it’s why we created GoDaddy Pro, our free partner program for the Makers of the web.

By working together, we can help more people succeed with WordPress.

Teaming up with local web designers & developers

If you’re a Maker of the web, GoDaddy Pro gives you the tools and support you need to start and grow your business. That includes GoDaddy Pro Sites, a single dashboard for managing all your WordPress sites and clients from one place.

It also includes more perks and benefits, like discounts on GoDaddy products, secure access to manage your client’s GoDaddy account, and our recent partnership with WP FeedBack.

Check it all out for yourself by joining GoDaddy Pro.

What’s GoDaddy Pro doing at WordCamp US 2019?

We’ve attended every #WCUS since it kicked off in Philadelphia four years ago.

In 2016 we started covering the event on Twitter and recapping our experiences in follow-up blog posts:

Our team will be on the ground in St. Louis again this year, sharing highlights and takeaways from sessions.

But that’s not all we’re doing.

GoDaddy Pro booth at WordCamp US 2019
GoDaddy Pro booth (concept) at WordCamp US 2019

Take a selfie, win an iPhone 11 Pro

Photography played a huge role in our recent refresh and we want to share some of that magic with everyone at WordCamp US.

That’s why we’re turning the GoDaddy Pro booth into a photo booth.

We’ll have photographers hanging about, ready to take your picture.

It could be your new Twitter profile pic; a glamour shot for Insta; or a dramatic Facebook cover photo. The choice is yours…!

We’re also holding a draw for a new iPhone 11 Pro.

You can take fantastic photos whenever, wherever you want.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Snap a selfie at our booth, or have one of our photographers take your picture
  • Post your pic it to Twitter or Instagram
  • Tag @GoDaddy #MakersOfTheWeb #WCUS
  • That’s it! You’re entered into the draw

We’re also giving away collectible Wapuu pins. These can get you another entry in the draw:

  • Wear the Wapuu pin with pride
  • Find another person with a matching Wapuu pin
  • Take a selfie together
  • Post your selfies to Twitter or Instagram
  • Tag @GoDaddy #MakersOfTheWeb #WCUS

We’ll announce the winner at our booth. You must be present to win. Good luck!

GoDaddy Pro pin for WordCamp US 2019
Example Wapuu pin for #WCUS 2019

Attending WordCamp US? Come say hi.

Look for our team members wearing Makers of the web shirts. Or swing by our booth to grab some free swag. We’re giving away drawstring backpacks; knit winter hats (toques, for my fellow Canadians); journals; highlighter-pens; and stickers.

Not able to join us in person?

Follow the #WCUS hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for live updates.

Image by: Brittney Butler on Unsplash