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How To Make Money Online In 2021

We are currently living in a period where everything has gone digital due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The world is shifting online which presents fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurship, wealth creation, work from home online jobs, and time freedom.

As a result, there is no better time to make money online easily from the comfort of your home than now.

Here are some jobs that would fetch you cool cash in 2021.

1.Develop an app

If you have a thing for tech, you can build an app as the demand for developers and tech enthusiasts is on the rise.

You have to ask yourself a number of questions.

  • What do you want your app to do?
  • How do you make the app attractive to users?
  • What problem do you solve with it?
  • How do users’ lives become simpler with your app?
  • And how are you going to market your app?

It starts with a good idea, but then you also have to spend time developing it. Your app can be complex, but also super simple. You may not start making money immediately but with the addition of advertisements, you can earn a lot of passive income with apps.

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2.Create an online course

Are you knowledgeable in every sense of the word? Have you been thinking of sharing and monetizing your knowledge? Then this is a great way to make money in 2021.

No matter what your area of expertise is, online courses are growing in demand for professionals and businesses alike.

People are looking for coaches in all kinds of subjects, from graphics design to digital marketing, you name it.

There are plenty of sales channels where you can sell an online course there are websites like Udemy.com, , just use Google to find what suits you best.

You can also provide online coaching and consulting services to make money online in any field of expertise. Platforms like Zoom, Facebook live, Instagram live have all made it easier for you to share your knowledge and expertise one-on-one or with a large group.

3.Affliate Marketing

It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Not many know that this is a great way to make money.

If you already own a blog or website, then you should use affiliate marketing to monetize your site.

You can use this to place links on your blog that promote products. For example, you will receive a fixed amount or percentage of the sale for every order placed via your link. Do you have many visitors who are interested in certain products or services? Then you can certainly build a nice passive income with affiliate marketing!

The best way is to create a website or blog is to choose a topic you are passionate about, and promote products or services that are relevant to this niche. This will also increase your conversion rates!

4. Start a Youtube Channel

Have you thought of starting a Youtube channel, now is a great time to start. The best part is you don’t need an expensive camera or equipment to start as you can start with just your mobile phone for creating and editing.

The first thing you should do is to have a niche. Are you skilled in beauty, make-up, fashion, or food or you just won’t share your personal life with people, then having a Youtube channel is a great idea. Another thing you should know is consistency, You have to be consistent in content creation, remember all your fave content creators didn’t have 500k subscribers in one day or one year, Just keeping sharing great content and you will see the growth you want.

5. Sell your photos online

Are you a photographer?

you should know that various online platforms offer you a great opportunity to earn passive income from your work.

A nice place for you to be is Shutterstock; it is one of the biggest marketplaces where you can sell your photos and videos for a good sum of money if you know what you’re doing. This way, you will receive a fixed amount or percentage for every customer who buys your photos through that website.

If you have a nice portfolio and your photos are of high quality, you can earn a great deal of money through it. Posting your photos is not difficult. The complete process is fully automatic. And the great thing is… every photo you take can be sold again and again and generate compound revenue.

6. Start an e-shop

Starting an e-shop is also a good idea, where your own products are not necessarily required. Starting an e-shop in a niche where your passion lies – makes it more fun and profitable. You can start small… and when everything goes well, expand your range with more related products.


You have to do a lot of work for it, but you will generate more and more passive income.

However, don’t want to be occupied with your shop, all the time? Then you can automate a number of processes. For example, you can opt for dropshipping, where products go directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to your customers. You can also place the storage of products on sites like Shopify or Amazon and have the complete fulfillment arranged by these parties. This saves you time, and you also get a lot of “exposure” for your products.

7. Blogging

It is no news that blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. The best part is you can not only incorporate affiliate marketing but also use Google Adsense to monetize your site.

However, you need to start by choosing a name for your blog and also your blog hosting, preferably using WordPress.

 Are you writing news content or is it lifestyle content that’s your thing, you need to have a niche.

Once you have your own blog, you’ll need to learn how to rank your articles on google for free organic traffic by using the right keywords.

However, if you are starting a blog just to make money you need to know that for most people it can be more than a year before they start seeing income, and for others maybe less. It really does depend on how much effort you put into your blog.

8. Become a social media influencer

Who doesn’t want to be famous?

Instagram influencers are really becoming a thing and coupled with the continued lockdown, we are going to see a rise in 2021. Influencers create content and share stories through their Instagram account and in turn get paid to promote products and endorse brands, often while receiving compensation or free gifts in exchange. Becoming Instagram famous takes time and focused effort on your account.

To become an Instagram influencer, you need unique content, lots of followers, a great engagement rate, and consistency.

Most influencers operate within a certain niche industry based on their interests or expertise. Some of the niches are comedy, food, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, career, money, health, etc.

With as little as 1,000 followers, you are on your way to becoming instafamous.

9. Freelancing

Freelancing with skills you already have in your day job or skills you have in your hobbies can translate quite well when it comes to making extra money online.

You can create a profile on sites such as Fiverr and Upwork and list the skills you have. A few ways to make money as a freelancer is to offer ebooks or reports you’ve written, social media services, graphics designer, digital marketing, virtual assistant, research, write a review to mention a few.

The best part about freelancing is the flexibility it gives. You are able to take up as many jobs as possible as long as you can deliver on the jobs.

Top 6 Legit Ways To Make Money Posting Ads Online

It’s obvious that ads are a big business. Let’s face it, you can visit any site without seeing ads. So people are definitely making money because of them. Maybe you’re wondering how you can get in the game and earn a living posting ads online. Well in this article, we’ll reveal How To Make Money Posting Ads Online

How Much Can I Make Posting Ads Online?

Simply put, there’s simply no income ceiling. It all depends on how successful you are at getting people to take action from whatever form of ad you are promoting. There are tons of courses, strategies and channels to help you succeed in the ads posting game including My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Ads Posting Scams To Avoid

But before we can get into talking about making money posting ads online, you need to know about the scams to avoid. Ironically typical ad posting scam you will run into is when you come upon a classified ad in a job board like Craigslist. The alleged employer is offering you a chance to make money sharing links. But to take part in the opportunity, you’ll be required to pay an upfront membership fee or purchase a starter kit or even pay for training. The price of this is anywhere between $20-$200. 

Unfortunately if you respond, you will quickly realize you’ve been scammed. The alleged employer will send you your training kit which is basically asking you to post the very same ad that lured you in so now you can scam people into sending you money for the same fake kit. So that’s how most of these ad posting scams work. 

But don’t get me wrong. Not all opportunities that require you to pay an upfront fee are scams. You just have to do your research before spending cash. The best way to avoid scams is to look up the company on Google or use resources such as the Better Business Bureau and other trusted scam watchdogs to try and see what real people are saying about the opportunity. If there are no positive reviews or solid information at all about the company it’s probably a scam.You can read more about how to avoid online scams here.

Top 6 Legit Ways To Make Money Posting Ads Online

Okay so now that you know what to avoid. Let’s discuss the legit ways you can actually earn income posting ads online. Just keep in mind that none of the following opportunities are get-rich-quick schemes. It takes time and patience to build a business around displaying ads for money. That said, here are six best ways to make money posting ads online.

Displaying Ads On Your Blog

If you’re a blogger or own a website, you can use ad networks like AdSense, Mediavine, etc to monetize your site’s traffic. Some may require you to have a minimum number of monthly visitors while others don’t. But basically you’ll be selling ad space on your site. 

How much you make depends on a variety of factors . Adsense, for example has an RPM ( revenue per thousand impressions) of $2-$50+ based on niche, the quality of your website, traffic source, and the number of advertisers on the AdWords platform. 

Once you placed the ads on your site, the income is passive. You don’t have to find new advertisers. The networks handle all that for you. I’ve made over $1million dollars with ads like this. Check out my video here

Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts

If you are an authority in a certain niche or have a large enough audience, you can offer to publish guest posts on your site at a fee. Companies may contact you to advertise their services on your website. They may ask you to publish a guest post, display a banner or a link related to their service. You’ll then charge them a fee for the space.

But if you’re going down that road, remember to ask yourself whether your readers will benefit from the material and whether it aligns with your brand. You definitely don’t want to personally endorse a product or service that may cause you to lose credibility with your audience. 

Social Media Advertising

Companies like Izea, Mention, Brandwatch, Impact, Upfluence Software, Loop 88, Ifluenz and Socialbakers will pay you to publish sponsored messages on your socíal media sites if you have followers. They usually want a minimum of 100,000+ followers but that may vary. Either way how much you make depends on the size of your audience and how they respond to what you’re promoting. Different companies structure their payments differently but most of them will pay you per post. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting another company’s products or services and earning a commission for every successful sale or action. A good example is the Amazon Affiliate Program. The best part about affiliate marketing is you’re partnering with reputable, well established companies, so you won’t really have to hold inventory or sell your own products. 

You can promote your links on social media, via your blog or an email list. There are lots of ways and strategies built around affiliate marketing. One great way to get started as an affiliate marketer would be to join Wealthy Affiliate where you’ll basically get the tools strategies and training you need to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

Monetizing your YouTube Channel

Making money on YouTube can be great business. They will pay you for displaying different types of ads on your video. This can be very profitable since YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. But to monetize your videos you need to meet the requirements. At the time of this article, you will need over 1000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of watch hours over the past 12 months. But once you get there you can make money displaying Google AdSense ads. 

You can also make affiliate cash posting links to products or services you recommend in your video descriptions. So besides the Youtube Adsense ads you can partner with companies directly to market their products or even land endorsement deals worth millions if you have an audience. Best of all, you only need a computer and reliable internet to get started. 

Building or Using an Email List

An email list can be a valuable source of traffic for websites, especially one that has an audience with similar interests or needs. 

All you need to do is partner with companies or websites that are willing to pay you for the traffic you send to them, or even sales commissions. Then at that point it’s all about creating useful emails that can appeal to your audience and tracking the performance of the links you insert in the email blasts you send. 

So Can You Really Make Money Posting Ads Online?

Yes, you can build a business around displaying ads and make six to seven figures doing so. It all boils down to partnering with the right advertisers that will pay you your worth. Having a receptive targeted audience is probably the most important element of success. After that, getting your audience to take action is the last piece of the puzzle. 

One of the best ways to get started is to join a training program that gives you the tools and strategies you need to get organic traffic from Google and build an audience from there. If you are interested in learning how to get traffic so you can make money with ads and other ways, then definitely consider using My Best Work At Home Recommendation

Hopefully you now have an idea of where to start if you want to make money posting ads online. So, which route would you take? Let us know in the comments section below!

Until next time

Eddy with a Y

Best 22 Online Coupon Sites For 2021: Save Money Shopping Online!

Who doesn’t love saving money? If you’re a frequent online shopper, you’ll love these online coupon sites that can save you money every time you shop! If you haven’t taken advantage of free coupon websites before you shop online, then you’re truly missing out.

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  • InboxDollars: Has so far paid its members over $40 Million. Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more. Join InboxDollars Now and Get Free $5
  • YouGov: A leading name in online panels: Join now and earn $50 cash or vouchers for completing surveys! No hidden fees and completely free! Join YouGov Now
  • SwagBucks: Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more to earn real money. Earn up to $35 per survey! No hidden fees and completely free. Join Swagbucks Now to Get $5 Free
  • SurveyJunkie: Make $5-$25 in your spare time from home to take online surveys, participating in a Focus Groups and trying new products. Join SurveyJunkie Now

Coupon sites can give you huge savings of 50% or more on stores you were going to shop at anyway.

I’m a big online shopper, and I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my favorite coupon sites before I buy anything.

I’d say that about 99% of the time, I am successful in finding a coupon that saves me money on what I’m intending to purchase!

Sign up with several of these sites and check them often – you’d be amazed by how much you can save with every purchase.

There’s no need to pay full price for something when you can use a coupon or promo code!

Best Online Coupon Sites

Swagbucks (review)

Swagbucks offers so many ways to make money, and shopping is just one of them – but it’s also one of the best ones!

From special coupon codes to cash back offers, you can save hundreds of dollars each month from online shopping through Swagbucks.

Make sure you check the site first to see what new offers are available so you don’t miss out on huge savings before you shop!

Ebates (review)

Ebates is more of a cash back site rather than a coupon site, but it can save you so much money that it’s worth putting in the same category.

Visit Ebates before you shop anywhere online to see if it has a cash back offer for the store you want to shop at.

Most stores on the site offer shoppers between 4% and 8% cash back just for shopping where they were planning to shop anyway!

So, if you made a $200 purchase at an online store with 8% cash back, you get $16 back in your Ebates account.

It’s just like having a coupon, only you get your money back in a different way.

Some stores even have occasional deals where they’ll offer extra cash back plus special discounts on certain items or categories.

Don’t want to shop online?

Need Easy Extra Cash?

Pinecone Research, a leading name in online survey panel honesty, absolutely guarantees $3 cash for every survey you complete!

Take advantage of their time limited New Membership drive and register NOW. Join today: 100% free!

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Ebates offers in-store cash back for some retailers too!

Amazon Coupons

Amazon is my go-to place for almost everything – because it has just about everything!

Many Amazon shoppers, though, aren’t even aware of the awesome coupons the site offers for its own products.

When you use the above Amazon Coupons link, you get directed to all of Amazon’s products that currently have a coupon.

Household and baby products are the most common ones offering coupons, but you can also get discounted electronics, beauty products, appliances, and more.

You can browse through categories or search for the product you’re interested in.

Amazon can even send you its Coupons e-mail so you always know what products you can clip virtual coupons for on the site.

Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals is a website that curates tons of coupons and promotional codes for online and offline stores.

On the front page, you can find some of the editor’s top picks for items with coupons.

Or, browse the categories to find something you want to buy.

The site also has shopping guides that can help you look for great deals in different categories, such as outdoor items or deals under $25.


CouponCause is an online e-commerce platform dedicated to bringing shoppers the best online savings for over 10,000 brands.

In addition to providing coupons for the most popular brands, CouponCause donates a portion of its profit to charities around the globe.

Through these partnerships, CouponCause is allowing shoppers to save money on their online purchases while simultaneously contributing to local and international causes.


Coupons.com is the gold standard for printable coupons.

Visit the website to browse current coupons and search for items you want to buy.

By installing a simple program, you can “clip” and print the coupons in just a few seconds.

Coupons.com also offers coupon codes for tons of online retailers, cash back offers, and loyalty reward offers to maximize your savings.

Sign up for Coupons.com e-mails to get new deals delivered to your inbox frequently.


DealNews is all about bringing shoppers the newest updates for coupons, promo codes, and other shopping savings.

The website curates deals from across the web, so it can act as a one-stop place to find some of the best deals.

DealNews is now 20 years old, which shows that it’s been a leader in the deals business and people trust it as one of the best websites of its kind.



FatWallet gathers up tons of deals from online retailers and puts them conveniently in one spot on the website.

There are several deals, especially, in the electronics, home and garden, and shoes and accessories categories.

FatWallet also has a forum where members can post the deals they find to share with others, which can be a great way to find some of the best deals on the web.

Flamingo World

Flamingo World may not seem like a coupon site with its name, but it offers the hottest online and in-store coupons available.

You don’t even need to sign up to gain access to the coupons. Just browse the site, choose the ones you want, use them online, or print them off to use in-store.

This website offers several coupons and promo codes for lesser-known stores as well as large ones, so it’s also a good place to find some new places to shop!

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If you’re like me, you feel like you’re wasting money if you find awesome deals online, only to find out that you have to pay $20 in shipping. There goes all the money you just saved, right?

FreeShipping helps you avoid those hefty shipping fees.

It originally started as a site that offered a monthly subscription to give its users free shipping on participating online retail stores.

If you shop online frequently, the subscription easily pays for itself at $12.97 per month.

But, FreeShipping now offers cash back at participating retailers, too, which makes the service more than worthwhile for online shoppers!

No more searching for free shipping promo codes; let FreeShipping do it all for you.


Frugaa is an interesting type of coupon website offering something unique to its users: a special search feature that lets you choose the category you want to purchase from and your budget.

Frugaa will then search for deals within your budget to find you the best savings!

So, say you have a budget of $500 and want to save money on a new computer.

Plug the info into the search and Frugaa will work its magic to find you coupons that might help you reach your goal.

You can also just browse the site as usual to find deals you might be interested in.


Groupon is the best way to save if you’re looking to do things locally or at a vacation destination.

Its savings are amazing for certain things.

For example, right now there’s an 80% off deal for a hotel at Niagara Falls!

The price goes from $445 to $90 per night.

If you’re ever looking for local activities or experiences, check here first.

You can sign up for local e-mails too, and Groupon will let you know when deals become available for things near you.


Hip2Save is definitely a site you should bookmark and check on a few times per week.

It lists the hottest deals from several online retailers and a huge coupon database for you to find coupons for just about anything.

Plus, there’s even a Freebies section to find stuff for free!

Or, search through the rewards to see all the bonus stuff you can get from different online retailers.

The site also has an app for iOS and Android devices so you can browse on the go!


Honey is one of my must-haves for coupon apps.

When you sign up, you can add the simple browser extension to your browser.

When you shop anywhere online, Honey will comb through its database to instantly find coupon codes for you to use.

If it can’t find any for that store, you can still qualify for cash back!

After just a couple months of online shopping with Honey, I earned almost $50 in Amazon gift codes (Honey’s chosen method of payback).

The best part is you really don’t have to worry about it.

It’s there in your browser working its magic for you so you don’t even have to remember to click on it to find awesome coupons.

Living Social

Living Social is the perfect place to find coupons and discounts for local businesses.

It doesn’t have a lot to offer people in smaller towns, but you can always look for your closest larger town or city to find great deals.

Not only does it help bring some business to local companies, but it gives you great discounts too!

Price Blink

Price Blink is another app that can run in your browser, so you won’t even know it’s there most of the time.

When you shop online, Price Blink will compare prices for items you view at a retailer.

The app will show you several stores and let you know if any have that item for cheaper.

And, Price Blink will alert you to coupons for the item you’re interested in, or the store you’re shopping at, to give you even more savings!


RedPlum is famous for sending out its coupon flyers in newspapers all over the United States.

But, it also has an online version that offers even more awesome coupons for you!

It offers printable coupons and online coupon codes, as well as deals you can save with in your local stores.


I’ve gotten into the habit of checking RetailMeNot just about every time I shop online.

If one of my other go-to coupon websites don’t have what I’m looking for, usually RetailMeNot does, including 10% off or more or free shipping promo codes.

You can search the trending deals of the day on the homepage or search for the specific store you’re using.

Either way, you’re sure to save some money!


Add Savings.com to your list of coupon sites to check every day!

This excellent website has several coupons each for huge online retailers you likely use – all curated by shopping experts.

From online coupons to in-store printable coupons to Amazon deals, Savings.com has just about everything you need to save some major money when shopping.

You can also help contribute to the Savings.com community by sharing deals you’ve found and other money-saving tips.


ShopAtHome is a very user-friendly site that works a lot like RetailMeNot and Savings.com.

Find trending deals, weekly picks by editors, top stores offering excellent cash back offers, and blog posts with tips and tricks to save you money.


Many of the coupons and deals listed at SlickDeals are contributed by its users.

Other users can vote on the deals and the most popular ones make it to the featured deals on the front page.

There are also Editor’s Pick deals that can save you a lot of money at your favorite stores, like Amazon, Kohl’s, and more.


You may recognize the name SmartSource from the coupon booklets you get in the mail or newspaper.

It also has an online version that has hundreds of more deals for you to take advantage of!

This website focuses on printable coupons, so browse and clip the ones you’re interested in to print from your computer.

You can also browse local deals by plugging in your zip code at the top of the website.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Yes, it’s a funny name, but the owners of The Krazy Coupon Lady sure do know how to coupon.

The website has been a huge hit for extreme and casual couponers alike for years, and that’s because of the ridiculous amount of deals it shares each day!

It’s grown into such a huge community that users are now allowed to post “Brags” of their huge savings to show others just how much they can save if they spend some time finding the right coupons.

If you use money-saving shopping apps, like Checkout51 or Ibotta, you can even find special deals for them on The Krazy Coupon Lady!

Conclusion: Best Coupon Sites

There are obviously coupon and money-saving websites galore!

These are just a few of the ones that can likely find you everything you need.

If you sign up for more than these, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed by an inbox bombarded with more deals than you can handle!

Be strategic by using a few of these that you like the most.

Choose at least a couple of sites that focus on printable in-store coupons, a couple that focus on online promo codes, and a couple of other money-saving cash back websites.

When you use them all together, you can maximize your savings!

Coupon codes + cash back for a purchase at a retailer means extra cash in your pockets.

What are your favorite coupon websites to use?

How much money do you typically save each purchase?

Let us know in the comments!

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Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown | Windows VPS Hosting Blog


Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown: Affiliate marketing is the golden way to generate income from websites that believe in selling advertising space or else look for an additional revenue stream to a thriving business. What if we say that amazon generates billions of dollars from its affiliate program?

The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty simple: you sign up for any program for a given product or service, and after getting accepted for it, you can start using the current marketing materials and links with a unique URL. In case someone signs up for that service/product using that URL, a direct commission lands your pocket.

As a method of making money online, it certainly sounds very easy, but there are several potential complications with affiliate marketing. Just to begin, the affiliate tracking needs to be accurate and precise so that you get a reward for the sales you actually generated.

Besides that, you need services/products of actual interest to consumers. While several big brands are highly involved in affiliate marketing, various restrictions are imposed that may make them less bright and attractive in comparison to alternatives.

For instance, the time between a certain customer tapping a link and actually purchasing can be a given number of days, so affiliate tracking takes that into account will potentially be more supportive to the affiliate marketer in contrast to ones that reward just for the instant sales, and hence ignore the possibility of browsing.

You should put your energy behind affiliating for the right website, and we’re going to put forth the sweetest recommendations for you, where you can potentially fill your pockets!

Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown

We’d recommend you to make a dedicated website for affiliating, and that costs you pretty less. You can cherish some cheap yet superbly reliable hosting plans HERE, and once the website is complete, you can start promoting whatever suits you and begin filling your pockets.

Best affiliate programs

There are several web hostings that provide amazing affiliate programs, but Accuweb really shocks with what it provides. That’s the reason it’s topping the list of Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown. Accuweb very generous and sharing a huge part of earning with the affiliates.

accubwe affiliate plans

Understanding the commission structure isn’t tough at all. 1 to 5 new signup / Month means you’ll earn $25 USD / Signup, while for 6 to 10 new signup / Month, you gross $40 USD / Signup.

This keeps on increasing, and you’ll be entirely amazed to know what you earn as a dedicated server signup commission! Guys, for 1 to 5 new signup / Month, you enjoy $100 USD / Signup, which moves up to $200 USD / Signup if you generate 16+ sales! Isn’t that insane?

If you’re serious about affiliate, then you can make much more money than your previous job, and you just need to be sincere at marketing. Not just that, Accuweb itself provides you several tips frequently, along with Ready-to-use attractive banners, text ads, email links, to attract visitor referrals, with which you can attract customers and solidify your marketing.

Undoubtedly, Accuweb’s affiliate program isn’t as popular as Amazon, ShareASale, etc. but in comparison to all those affiliate programs, there’s a hundred times more juice here! You can signup for the Accuweb’s Affiliate program like a breeze and start marketing straight away. 

Also, there’s an earning calculator provided, through which you can easily calculate your potential earnings. You’re enjoying an unlimited earning potential here, and their advanced, customized technology guarantees you always enjoy the credit for every referral with an extra-long 90 days of cookie life.

The Affiliate Control Panel is very easy to use, and you can segment the referred traffic. If you have got strong social media profiles, then you can make insane money, as sharing Accuweb’s affiliate campaigns on social media channels is very easy.

Required knowledge about Accuweb Hosting affiliate

  • Niche/product types: Website hosting (Several types included)
  • Cookies period: 90 days (that’s pretty rare to have such long cookie period)
  • Average commission rate: The chart mentioned up there indicates everything.
  • Minimum payout: $200

Accuweb Hosting affiliate pros and cons:


  • Extra-long 90 days of cookie life.
  • Referred traffic segmentation and strong tracking system.
  • Easy to use affiliate control panel.
  • Anti-fraud protection to minimize chargebacks.
  • Easy sharing on social media channels.
  • Ready-to-use attractive marketing material provided.
  • Amazing support team.
  • Selling becomes easy, as their services are already dominating the competitors.


  • A few might bother the minimum payout of $200.

Best affiliate programs

ShareASale is among the most famous affiliate networks out there.

Whereas Amazon Associates is concentrated completely on Amazon products, ShareASale houses 4,500+ affiliate programs for merchants, both large & small. From one place, the dashboard of ShareASale, signing up is possible for all these merchants, view your statistics, and generate links.

However, you must individually apply to merchants for doing that and be permitted by each merchant, which is a very standard way for an affiliate network like this. In short, ShareASale is a fantastic option for both physical & digital products.

For instance, on the digital side, you’ll locate plenty of hosting providers, WordPress theme & plugin shops, etc. However, on the physical side, you’ll locate plenty of large and small merchants. In other words, there’s Sun Basket, NFL Shop, Wayfair, Reebok, and thousands of other large & small businesses.

Normally, no matter what niche your site/blog is based on, you might find some offers that will be worth promoting.

What you must know about ShareASale

  • Niche/product types: A small bit of everything, incorporating both physical and digital products.
  • Average commission rate: Depends on the given merchant you sign up with and the category of products you’re working with.
  • Cookie duration: Depends on the given merchant you sign up with.
  • Minimum payout: $50

ShareASale affiliate pros and cons


  • Thousands of merchants for digital products & physical both, incorporating lots of famous merchants
  • They’ve been around for numerous years and work with numerous big brands, that means they’re trustworthy
  • Several exclusive merchants, more than 1,000 of the merchants at ShareASale just work with ShareASale
  • It’s having a bookmarklet that creates the generating process easy for custom affiliate links


  • The design of the dashboard is kinda little clunky. However, it’s gotten a lot better

Best affiliate programs

In case promoting physical products is what you want on your website, Amazon Associates is undoubtedly a great option.

You can make a multi-niche website, write dedicated articles on the top products, and drive targeted traffic to your website.

It’s a very engaging work, which, of course, needs dedication, time, and efforts. However, once you’ve got a nice set of articles, and after they start ranking, you can set a passive income for yourself, which will last long. If you take Amazon Affiliate seriously, it can be a wonderful full-time work for you.

With Amazon Associates, you can enjoy a commission on almost anything sold at Amazon.com (just a few exceptions are there). You enjoy a commission on everything new that anyone you refer purchases, no matter it’s not the exact product you linked to. That makes this program even more valuable and sweet.

For instance, if you link to an $18 handbag, but that person ends up purchasing a $500 refrigerator, you’ll still enjoy a commission! (as long as the item is within the cookie duration. Besides that, the product shouldn’t already be in that buyer’s cart).

In the past, Amazon paid you a commission rate as per the revenue/sales you drove. That system wasn’t that amazing. So, in 2017, Amazon has ensured a flat-rate commission structure. This means you’re paid a flat percentage as per the category that each product falls in. The commission percentage on various categories are as follows:

While a few high-volume affiliates opposed the change, this flip makes Amazon Associates even much attractive for smaller sites because now, there’s no worry about hitting a given amount of sales volume to enjoy a higher commission.

Required knowledge about Amazon Associates

  • Niche/product types: Anything that’s sold on Amazon’s site.
  • Average commission rate: falls between 1% to 10% as per the category.
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours is the cookie period. However, in case someone directly add your recommended product to his cart, there’s a 90-day cookie but just for some product that’s in his carts.
  • Minimum payout: $10 for direct deposit or Amazon gift card.

Amazon Associates pros and cons


  • Very low payout threshold – just $10
  • Universal cookie, permitting you to get credit for everything a person buys within the cookie duration
  • Massive selection of products
  • Amazon is the biggest name in the eCommerce world.


  • The universal cookie lasts for nothing over 24 hours
  • Amazon keeps on slashing commissions every so often
  • Some categories, such as video games, have extremely low commissions (1%)
  • Registering for each country individually is needed

Best affiliate programs

CJ – earlier known by the lengthier name – Commission Junction – is a great affiliate network bringing together thousands of merchants under a single roof, pretty much like ShareASale.

Besides ShareASale, CJ is among the biggest affiliate networks available, which means that you can connect with thousands of both small and big merchants. The exact number is 2,696 different merchants Currently.

A few of the big digital and physical companies using CJ are as follows:

  • IHG (Hotels)
  • Overstock
  • Lowes
  • Priceline
  • Office Depot
  • GoPro
  • Grammarly

You’ll find several smaller merchants besides those mentioned above. Like ShareASale, you can apply to these merchants individually from the CJ dashboard. After that, you can generate links and view statistics. CJ’s affiliate dashboard has a somewhat higher learning curve in contrast to ShareASale, but it won’t frustrate you.

Required knowledge about CJ

  • Niche/product types:  CJ covers a cool range of niches and both digital and physical products, pretty much like ShareASale.
  • Average commission rate: Depends on the given merchant with whom you sign up.
  • Cookie duration: Depends on the given merchant with whom you sign up.
  • Minimum payout: $100 for check and $50 for direct deposit.

CJ pros and cons


  • It has a deep link generator bookmarklet making it exceptionally easy to generate links.
  • A wonderful back-end dashboard is helping you to manage your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • A great range of small and big merchants to select from.


  • The dashboard carries some complications when you enter the first time, but you’ll love it overall.

Best affiliate programs

Awin, a short rebrand of the real Affiliate Window, is another famous affiliate network that provides you access to more than 13,000 different merchants.

This affiliate platform basically acquired the platform ShareASale in 2017; however, both are still working as separate entities and have distinctive merchants.

With 13,000+ merchants, you’ll locate numerous alternatives for both physical & digital products at Awin.

Following are some of the notable big names:

  • Etsy
  • XE (money transfer)
  • AliExpress
  • HP
  • StubHub
  • Gymshark
  • Under Armour

You’ll also locate lots of littler merchants around a range of niches. Awin was founded in Germany (Europe). Therefore you’ll find a higher European tilt to the list of the merchant, though there are also the many US and global organizations.

For example, ShareASale and CJ individually will be required to merchants within the network. After that, you can generate the links and begin tracking statistics.

What you must know about Awin

  • Niche/product types: With more than 13,000 merchants, you’ll locate both digital & physical products for almost every single available niche.
  • Minimum payout: 20 dollars
  • Average commission rate: It actually depends on the certain merchant you sign up with.
  • Cookie duration: It, too, depends on the certain merchant you sign up with.

Awin pros and cons


  • Numerous merchants to select from
  • Dedicated WordPress plugin to assist you in importing products
  • Low payout minimum (just $20)


  • The fee is $5 sign up (however, it’ll be refunded in case you’re approved, but you might lose it if you’re not approved).

ClickBank Affiliate

There is numerous helpful tools available for affiliate associates. Among those tools, one is ClickBank. You can open ClickBank and indicate the product information without even creating an account in it. It’s an affiliate program that is functional and helps you doing better in affiliate marketing. ClickBank is more than useful than just a tool for research.

ClickBank quickly developed into the top retailing websites in the industry. This affiliate platform was first introduced in 1998. After its opening, it earned an annual sales for around $3 billion. With its variety of products as well as merchants, ClickBank is an ideal ground for affiliate beginners.

To become a ClickBank’s affiliate and gain revenue, firstly, you must create an account. Supply them with your personal credentials & payment information. After that, supplementing the essential information, you’re all set! ClickBank will also need you to answer some surveys. They will, later on, use these survey results to offer affiliates a better experience.

After signing up as a ClickBank affiliate beginner, there are quick guides accessible for you. You’ll have a wide database resource. This will assist in learning more regarding ClickBank. To locate the products that you want to promote, visit the marketplace. Hence, searching for the products will be easy that you like to promote.

You are provided the average commission per sale. A product niche’s breakdown and different merchant links of their websites to promote the products you want. After coming into the product that you want to promote, just tap the “Promote” button on the page; after that, just copy-paste the given URL.

Add this link to the promotions, and you’re all set. When a user will click via and purchases the product, a commission will be issued to you. ClickBank provides a higher commission amount in comparison to other affiliate programs. Now, look through its Pros & Cons.

ClickBank Affiliate’s Pros 7 cons:


  • Numerous products to select from
  • Easy link generation
  • Greater commissions
  • Free resources available for you to study
  • Promotes recurring commissions


  • With spammy products
  • Many competitors

eBay Affiliate

eBay interpretation takes place via the eBay Partner Network. With the help of the tools they provide to affiliates, you can easily promote their products. They can help you concerning what product you look forward to promoting. On eBay, you’ll work directly with eBay’s product. A strong bond will be created between eBay and you.

You can virtually see Commission growth on eBay. It’s pretty much similar to what Amazon does. Besides that, eBay doesn’t work exclusively for them. Hence, you can be an eBay affiliate and transact business with several programs and merchants and to make extra income.

Five minutes are enough to apply as an affiliate on eBay, and the process is simple. It’s among the easiest affiliate application processes in true words. After signing in to eBay, you’ll need to fill the form, providing the corresponding information. Further, you’ll have to search for products, and promote the product, and generating an affiliate link for each product.

Here’s the listing of Pros and Cons of eBay affiliation:

eBay affiliate pros and cons:


  • Great commissions range from 40% – 80%
  • Limitless choice of products to promote
  • Easy generation of links
  • Paypal works on the first payment


  • A bit confusing
  • Auctions last longer than affiliate cookies
  • Some consumers prefer to buy new products

eBay is among the most trusted eCommerce sites existing, and it’s a perfect ground for beginners to step into the affiliate marketing world. It has a friendly tool, such as a link generation.

With flexible links, generating revenue by driving is much comfy for any type of content. A high-rewarding and low-risks affiliate marketing platform is waiting for you!

Rakuten Affiliate

Businesses penetrating to reach new audiences and encouraging repeat purchases have a strong tool in the Rakuten Affiliate Marketing. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is a highly known global affiliate network that permits marketers to get into a consumer’s customer journey and permits advertisers and publishers to forge connections with each other.

No matter you’re a publisher or an advertiser, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s complete and strong all-around strategy is great for you. It assures businesses that the publishers and influencers are partnering with are the ultimate best. This strategy constantly goes under fine-tuning, so both sorts of users can reap full advantage of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s max potential.

Businesses can be secured that the links they make via Rakuten Marketing Affiliate are of great quality and can highly support their brand.

The core advantage of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate includes its exceptionally stable functionalities and amazing customer support. Let’s cherish the further benefits that businesses reap from Rakuten Marketing Affiliate:

You can use the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate at any stage of the customer journey of a consumer. Businesses can use it to raise their product’s awareness or encourage and engage customers to make repetitive purchases.

With its list of popular influencers, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate proves to be a great help not just in introducing a brand or product to new audiences but also in promoting loyalty to it. Also, it’s a cool way for advertisers to generate and cultivate valuable connections besides expanding their reach.

Publisher applications are vigorously and rigorously checked to ensure the perfect maintenance of current quality standards. It also monitors accepted affiliates constantly to ensure that the rules of the network are perfectly followed and permits only the top-notch content is created.

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate users have tools that make marketing less laborious to implement, optimize, and measure. Users can access a data feed that they can further in numerous ways. Advertisers can come up with feeds to aid themselves with their deliverables, while publishers can use it for product comparisons.

Advertisers using Rakuten Marketing Affiliate can expect a committed manager to take care of their concerns. Besides that, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s account management empowers them to make intelligent marketing moves that support their businesses’ growth.

Rakuten affiliate’s pros and cons:


  • Numerous merchants
  • Completely free to use
  • Has amazing resources
  • Fair use


  • Selective and often rejects small affiliates
  • Payments don’t work on Paypal
  • Unfixed payout schedule

Rakuten Affiliate

JVZoo is the baby in the market with six years of experience. It takes a SaaS greet to affiliate marketing.

Product creators are free to list their products in their marketplace without paying anything, and JVZoo enjoys a standard 5% commission on whatever sells – and actually nothing before that. You, as a Marketing affiliate, enjoy instant payments to your PayPal account as soon as the product sells, with no payout threshold needed.

Besides that, there are chances to generate revenue as affiliates can get a sales’ cut of whatever affiliates that they have recruited, which is known as ‘Second Tier Commission.’ Finally, in case the referred buyer purchases another product (that wasn’t referred specifically), the affiliate enjoys the commission- permanently.

The downside is that payments are made via the PayPal platform only, with no option available supporting direct bank transfers. Besides that, looking at the major selling products, they’re all digital downloads. Being of lower quality it could potentially lower the website’s quality. Additionally, the affiliate marketing commissions are taken back in case a buyer requests a refund.

JVZoo affiliation pros and cons


  • Offer bonuses for bigger sales and conversions.
  • Affiliate campaign statistics, including visitors, sales, clicks, and conversions.
  • 100% commissions on several front-end products.
  • One affiliate link tracks every single sale within a funnel.
  • Sales statistics, including Overall sales, Funnel sales, Conversion rate, EPC, and refunds.
  • Promote webinars with your personally customized intro.


  • You have to complete the application submission process to the vendor to attain permission for promoting their products, and they’ve got full rights to refuse you without explaining a reason to you.
  • Some of their high-quality products also offer upsells because of which buyers may feel dodged because, regarding those upsells, they have not mentioned anything clearly before buying the products. Hence, once again, you have to research deeply on the product that’s listed in JVZoo before you buy it or promote it.
  • You can find several junk products within JVZoo, which means before you buy products there, or promote them to generate commission, research deeply on them.


Coursera provides access to online education via partnerships with the world’s most popular organizations and universities, including Penn, Intel, Stanford, Yale, and Google.

This awesome platform has online courses, degrees in various subjects, specializations, and you can study business, social sciences, personal development, computer and data science, and furthermore. Classes are available in numerous languages, and subtitles are available as well.

Classes provide homework exercises, projects, discussion forums, and video lectures. Paid courses include shareable completion certificates. Four to six weeks, on average, is the duration of classes. Coursera has an affiliate program, and truly anyone can join. Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network is where it’s hosted.

Let’s review the advantages, drawbacks, cookie duration, commission rate, and deeper program details. Their affiliate landing page is superb. An affiliate landing page is informative, and Coursera gets full marks for convenience. The cookie duration is the only detail that’s missing there.

Coursera pays a huge commission rate of up to 45%. The baseline commission is 20%, which is certainly much better than several other education affiliate programs. For instance, Udemy pays 15%, while edX pays 12% only. Concerning sales attribution, the credit will be provided to the publisher with the last click before the purchase.

This program comprises a 30-day cookie. In the affiliate marketing industry, 30-day cookies are considered standard. However, 60+ days would be more advantageous, but let’s not be greedy.

The payout threshold is pretty low. Affiliate networks generally have $50 as the minimum commission threshold. Once you meet that amount limit, you’ll get your commissions in the upcoming payment cycle.

Coursera affiliation pros and cons:


  • Low payout threshold: $50
  • Cost per action (CPA): Cost per sale
  • Commission type: Single payment, nonrecurring
  • Great Commission rate: Up to 45%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • highly trusted Affiliate software/network: Rakuten Advertising


  • Can you imagine waking up to a 45% commission on someone purchasing a $20,000 degree? Well, come out of the dream. Don’t bother because MasterTrack certificates and degrees are unqualified for sales commissions.
  • The very unfortunate thing is that Coursera limits qualified transactions to specializations and courses. Naturally, it would have been more advantageous if everything on its site was counted eligible for sales commissions.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program basically nothing but an agreement following that the brand pays an influencer or blogger “the affiliate” a payment “commission” for forwarding traffic and/or sales their way.

Firstly, you must apply to the affiliate program and be patient for your account to be permitted. Different organizations have different acceptance criteria, and that could be the monthly views’ numbers on your site/blog, the YouTube subscribers’ number, social media followers’ number, etc.

Once you get chosen in the affiliate program, you’ll be provided with a unique link by the merchant, which is mostly referred to as an “affiliate link.” In other words, this affiliate link is trackable using cookies, and it’s actually what permits the merchant to locate how many sales you grabbed their way so they can, later on, pay you the commission accordingly.

What’s there that makes Affiliate Programs Successful?

It has been estimated In the US that affiliate marketing will develop by $6.8 billion in the upcoming five years. Numerous affiliate programs become successful because they provide a wide range of advantages. The following are some examples of them.

Low or no-cost

For staring with an affiliate program, there’s no need requirement of spending boast of money. No initial investments are needed to become an affiliate unless you want to create a site.

No need for marketing skills

Affiliate programs don’t need any marketing specialist to begin an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing assists you grow different aspects of your strategy of marketing, test them, and select the ones that snatch the maximum revenue.

Flexibility of working

Affiliate marketing can be selected both as a full-time or part-time job. Flexibility, as well as the convenience of working from any place, make it a fantastic option for almost every individual.

An additional source of income

Those who work in a full-time job doesn’t need to quit it for becoming an affiliate marketer. In other words, they can gain a passive additional income instead of the assistant of affiliate marketing.

Performance on the basis of income

Affiliates get commissions on the basis of pre-determined actions. The action might be a sign-up for a service, an application installation, or positive comments, etc.

Types of Affiliate Programs

In case promoting your products & services is your destination, there are some affiliate programs available worth considering. When selecting an affiliate program, you’ll need to remember the avenues or platforms your traffic spends the majority of their time.

For instance, does your purchaser persona frequently scroll Facebook, read blog posts, or use search engines while researching fresh products? Alternatively, is your purchaser persona someone who’s every time looking for a great deal and would appreciate the link on a coupon website?

Or are they highly interested in making a boast of research before buying, making your promotion efforts highly worthwhile on a review website? Those are questions that you must consider before joining an affiliate program for yourself in the future. Let’s cherish some general types of affiliate programs so starting potential brainstorming avenues will be easy for your own marketing efforts:

Search affiliates

With the help of this program, you’ll have entrepreneurs or freelancers pay their own money for promoting your offer on search outcomes or other online platforms of advertising such as Facebook Advertising.

While you’ll want to make sure your partner is frequently following search & advertising guidelines, this might work in your favor in case your partner has a good SEO background and wants to A/B test to indicate which ads results are most ROI for them and the most referrals for you.


In case there are fantastic bloggers or social media influencers in the industry you have who engage with your correct purchaser persona regularly, you should consider partnering with them.

For example, in case you sell kitchen appliances, then reaching out to bloggers or YouTube influencers will be ideal for you who post recipes, and request them in case they’d promote your product as the “recommended tool” in the next recipe video/post.

Also, it’ll result in your target traffic, taking a look at your site, and in case they prefer the products you offer, could offer additional revenue for the influencer.

Review sites

In case you offer a product/service that is highly expensive or niche, then most of your purchasers will conduct research on that topic before they make a purchase decision. If that’s the case you’re facing, researching the top review sites will be an ideal idea related to your product or service.

Also, reach out to the business/writer who published the piece, requesting whether they’d be interested in offering an affiliate link to the product or service you’ve in the text.

Coupon sites

If you’re promoting a new product/service that isn’t famous in the marketplace, trying to create an affiliate partnership is what you’ll do with a coupon website for a limited time. However, losing money might not be your intention by providing your product away at a high discount. Undoubtedly, it could be effective for some first-time purchasers to surf out your site and become brand advocates.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be ideal in small doses. You don’t need any partners forwarding out bulk emails to shoppers who aren’t interested in the products or services you offer, but with ideal consideration for who’s receiving the email, email marketing might be an effective approach.

For example, in case you’re selling design tools, you might be reaching out to marketing agencies and request, if they’re working with a certain client on a project of design, whether they might think about forwarding a URL from your website within the email’s body.

This could assist their clients in leveraging the tools you offer for creating higher-quality content while offering agencies an added source of income.

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How to Stop Worrying About Money

If you want to stop worrying about money, the first step is very simple. You need to get your finances in order. I’m talking about paying off your debt, saving for emergencies, and investing (even if it’s only $50 per month). If you have an automated system you can trust, most of your financial worries will go away.

But what if you have already done all of those things, and you’re still worried about money?

3 things we noticed from people who don’t worry about money

Over the past month, we’ve been digging into the tactics and mindsets of the wealthy to find out what they do once they’ve “checked all the boxes” and mastered the basics of personal finance.

How do they get to that enviable position where they never have to worry about money again? What do these carefree people know that we don’t?

Today I’d like to share three examples:

1. They are prepared for everything

Earlier this year, the New Yorker ran a fascinating article titled “Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich”. In the piece they described how some of the smartest, most successful people from Silicon Valley and Wall Street are preparing for the apocalypse (yes, you read that correctly). They are buying remote property, building self-sustaining bunkers, and sometimes even stockpiling ammunition to prepare for the eventual breakdown of civilization.

When asked the simple question of “Why?” here’s what Yishan Wong, the former CEO of Reddit, told the New Yorker:

Most people just assume improbable events don’t happen, but technical people tend to view risk very mathematically … The tech preppers do not necessarily think a collapse is likely. They consider it a remote event, but one with a very severe downside, so, given how much money they have, spending a fraction of their net worth to hedge against this … is a logical thing to do.

Maybe you’re not ready to drop a few million on a bunker in rural Kansas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for the future.

In speaking to our students who worry about money, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are afraid of unpredictable things that might happen in their future. Some people refer to these as “the things you don’t know that you don’t know” or “unknown unknowns.” Here’s how one student described his fear:

What worries me isn’t job loss. What worries me is the million other things that could pop up. What’s hiding around the corner that I don’t know about?

This type of fear can be incredibly powerful, because your imagination runs wild with worst-case scenarios. It’s like when you are walking down the stairs into a pitch black basement of a rickety old house. It’s terrifying. Anything could be lurking in those shadows.

But there’s a simple solution: Turn on a light.

You can do the same thing with your finances. Instead of being afraid of “unknown unknowns,” you can shine a light on your financial future by learning from people ten years older than you who can tell you exactly what to expect.

We call it the “10 Year Savings Strategy”.

2. They protect the money they already have

Ever see a news story about a rock star or athlete going bankrupt and wonder, “How is it even possible to lose that much money?” ESPN’s documentary Broke investigated the phenomenon of very rich athletes going completely broke. The statistics are shocking:

According to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article, 60 percent of former NBA players are broke within five years of retirement. By the time they have been retired for two years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress.

One of the primary causes of financial problems for these athletes was not extravagant spending. It was mostly due to bad investments, ranging from real estate to restaurants to car washes.

It’s an interesting cautionary tale because one of the most common questions I get from students who have “mastered the basics” of personal finance is “How do I make my investments grow faster?”

As your wealth grows, you’ll find the investing opportunities start to grow as well. Instead of just a “boring” target date fund, now you can buy real estate, invest in start-ups, and take sizable positions in individual stocks. At a certain level, the world of hedge funds and private equity start to open up as well. It’s tempting to throw your money at these exciting opportunities and promises of outsized returns and it’s easy to develop an obsession with growth and moving faster.

I find this fascinating, because the research I’ve done revealed that the most successful wealthy people have the opposite approach. Instead of asking “what can I gain?” their #1 question is “how can I avoid losing money?”

For example, Warren Buffett has two rules of investing:

Rule 1: Never lose money.

Rule 2: Never forget rule 1.

So what does this mean for you?

This is more a matter of mastering your own psychology than any new tactic or fancy asset allocation. There’s a reason at IWT we consistently recommend boring, simple investments like lazy portfolios and target date funds.

But we’ve also spent enough time studying the psychology of personal finance to know that being a 100% disciplined monk with your investments is near impossible. No matter how much you read about the merits of basic index investing and why stock picking never works, there’s still a little voice in your head saying, “Yeah, but what if I find the next Amazon stock? I’d be a millionaire in five years!”

Here’s what we recommend: instead of suppressing that voice in your head, embrace it. Take 5% of your portfolio and put it aside for whatever crazy idea you have for making your money grow faster. Invest in Bitcoin. Buy $5,000 in Tesla stock. Invest in your cousin’s car wash if you want.

Do whatever you want, because while you might lose that 5%, you can sleep well at night knowing 95% of your money is still safe and protected.

3. They don’t do it alone

There’s a great scene in Entourage where the agent Ari Gold is introducing the management team of actress and singer Mandy Moore.

(Heads up: You may want to put in headphones for that link, there’s some NSFW language in that clip.)

It’s kind of eye-opening as he goes down the line introducing this super-team of six people who are required to manage the career of just one person: manager, music agent, publicist, attorney, music manager, theatrical agent, etc.

It’s also possible to develop the same type of super-team to manage your finances and literally outsource your worry to someone else. Attorneys, accountants, life insurance specialists, financial planners, investment advisers, and even a psychologist or psychiatrist could all be part of your financial super-team.

You might be thinking, “Wait, what? I thought Ramit hated financial advisors. Doesn’t he spend an entire chapter in his book telling me NOT to hire a financial advisor. So what’s going on here?”

I asked Ramit about this incongruence, and he pointed out a really interesting and counterintuitive insight: Once you reach a certain point, the basic personal finance rules no longer apply.

Normal people with ordinary financial needs don’t require an advisor. That’s why we tell most people it’s not worth their time. But once you’ve conquered the basics, then the basic rules no longer apply.

Here are a few scenarios where it DOES make sense to pay an advisor:

  • When you have a lot of investable assets (~$1MM+) and have much more to lose if you make a mistake.
  • If you have complex situations (imagine having three kids, planning for college, and buying a house at the exact same time).
  • When you just want a second set of eyes to make sure you have everything done right and aren’t missing anything.
  • When you’re short on time and want to pay for convenience (e.g., you can hire a bookkeeper who you forward bills to and who pays them for you).
  • When you run your own business, an accountant is a no-brainer who can “cover your ass” and also look out for things you don’t know about.

Is hiring an advisor expensive? Yes, of course. But ask yourself, how much is constantly worrying about your finances costing you?

If you’re looking at getting help with your finances from a professional, then we recommend beginning your search at the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (www.napfa.org). These advisors are fee-based (they usually have an hourly rate), not commission-based, meaning that they want to help you, not profit off their recommendations.

What else can you do to stop worrying about money?

If you’re still not sure you’ve done everything right with your finances, you can implement the 10 year saving strategy/

The 10 Year Strategy involves asking people ten years older than you what they wish they’d saved for, and starting to save for that.

Sounds obvious, but it requires admitting that despite your superior financial abilities, you’re still going to have the same expenses as everyone else. Young people love to pretend we’re going to be millionaires, work from the beach, and somehow magically make money and have low expenses all our life.

Here is what will happen to you as you get older:

  1. Yes, you WILL have a nice and very expensive wedding (even if you’re a hypocrite and think you’ll have a “small, beautiful” wedding)
  2. Yes, you WILL have kids and want to buy them nice stuff
  3. Yes, you will need things like family health insurance and life insurance and homeowners’ insurance and family vacations and other things that you can’t predict right now because you’re not in that life situation

So reach out to someone older than you and ask them what they wish they’d saved for. I guarantee their answers will be surprising.

What are you going to do today?

If you’re not earning more than you spend, automating your money, and maxing out your accounts, that can be your first goal. This is the majority of iwillteachyoutoberich readers.

If you’ve done all that and are looking for the next step, try implementing the 10-Year Savings Strategy.

One more thing: You can’t just scoff at this for being too easy and do nothing. You have to consciously choose:

  1. I’m going to do this within the week
  2. I’m not going to do this because I’m going to do another strategy within the week
  3. I’m not at this stage yet…I’m going to pick up your book (or another book, or just do it) and get there

Note: There is no #4 (“I’m not going to do this at all…I’m just going to do nothing”) because that is a cop-out. Get it done.

Do you know your earning potential?

Take my earning potential quiz and get a custom report based on your unique strengths, and discover how
to start making extra money — in as little as an hour.

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Learn How To Make Money Off Your Holiday Property

The best way to get into the mood for buying or selling a holiday property is to find out what people are saying. If there’s a market for a particular type of property, then it will be in everyone’s interest to hear what the current owners are doing with their property.

What’s the first thing you think about when you think of buying a holiday home? Is it just the fact that you’ll be able to stay in a beautiful house during your break, or is it the fact that you can build up equity in your property. Of course you want to buy your property purely for the benefits it offers – so you need to know whether you can make money on your property if you buy it cheap.

Holiday homes are good investments because they offer many advantages. Here are some tips on how you can make money from a property when you buy it.

The most important thing to remember when buying a holiday property is that it will be a risk, and it won’t always pay out. However, if you learn how to take the time to learn about your properties and how they perform, you can often make money from these properties if you follow the rules of the game properly.

When you buy a holiday home, you should also invest in insurance. This is to ensure that you don’t lose money on a property that has been ruined by an accident, fire, or any other reason. If you are careful with your holiday home, then you can make money from it, but you have to be willing to take the chance.

You can also use your holiday property as a home for your family or friends. One of the best ways to make money off a holiday property is by renting it out during your break. This is something that is very popular at this time of year and can really help you make some extra money. It doesn’t matter what type of property you choose – if you can rent it out, then you’re guaranteed a steady income.

You don’t just have to rent your property to friends and family, you can advertise it on sites such as AirBnB and make a serious income off it. However it is best to speak to a mortgage broker when purchasing a holiday home to ensure you are paying the right price for the property. Mortgage brokers ensure you get the best buy to holiday let mortgage on your property, so avoid overpaying by investing in a mortgage broker prior to investing in your holiday home.

Sometimes, you can make money even more from vacation homes by letting your property out in your rental property management company. This is a good idea because not all tenants are happy with a landlord who comes around every month and takes their money. This way, you can find a new tenant who can keep up the property and you don’t have to pay so much maintenance costs.

You can also make money from renting a property out during your break. if you own a holiday home in a popular area, you can often find a landlord who rents out properties during the summer months. A great place to look is the property management firm that has properties in popular holiday destinations, such as Brighton or even South Wales.

Another option that you can make money from renting out your holiday property is by advertising. If you buy a property for less than you should and let it out for more than you should, you can make more from the difference between the value of your property and what you would have to rent it out for two tenants.

There is also another way that you can make money from renting out your holiday property. If you can get other people to buy your holiday home for you and then lease it out to them, you can then make some money from the difference.

When you buy a holiday home and let it out to your family, you have no responsibility whatsoever, except for the maintenance of the property. However, when you rent out a home, you have the responsibility of making sure that the house is in good condition.

For example, you can make money from renting out your home to tourists in order to buy a home in a location with lower rent for you and then use this money to buy a new holiday property in the same area. This is a great way to start making money with holiday homes in South Wales or elsewhere. However, this is also a good way to make money from renting out holiday homes in countries such as the Cayman Islands, which is known for cheap holiday homes. All you need to do is buy your first holiday home at a location in the UK where holiday home rental costs are lower, and then use the profits to buy another property in the same area for your family.

I Wrote a 20 page (will update much more) intro guide to MTurk/making money online : workathome

Hello all,

I spent my Sunday writing this for a few friends, figured I’d share it here! I know many of you are struggling, so I figured I’d write this for anyone that needs some extra cash, and can make money doing some online work!


It’s basically a guide on how I’ve been using my quarantine time to make extra cash online, and has about 5 pages of great money making sites, and then the rest is a very informative guide to beginning MTurking, that I’ll be updating to include much more to include Panda, TurkDroid, and other advanced things. I feel like it’ll be a help to new people. Feel free to use my nonref links for the other sites, or if you’re feeling generous, the ref links.

Let me know what you think I should include! I’m more than willing to put another few hours into this to make it perfect for beginners.

How Do We Gift Money to Our Irresponsible Kid?

Dear Penny,

We are in a position to gift to our adult children, all married and, for now, employed. While well educated, one of them is reckless with money and debt management. 

We have spoken to them about financial workshops in general. Is there any way, in your opinion, to gift with the understanding that attending at least an online workshop or meeting with a planner is tied to this gift? Yes, we know it sounds controlling and manipulative, and they are adults. Yet watching one of them, an in-law, pile on debt because that is the way they were brought up is difficult.

Also, is there any way for one party in a marriage to protect him/herself as the partner amasses debt, other than divorce?


Dear D.,

Putting expectations in place before gifting money isn’t controlling or manipulative. If anything, spending an afternoon in an online workshop or with a financial planner is an extraordinarily low bar.

What gives me pause, of course, is your second question. I know of no solution that allows a concerned parent to protect their adult child from a spouse’s wayward spending. If your child is concerned, they need to consult with an attorney who’s familiar with marital property laws in their state.

But unless your child has asked you for help, the question strikes me as meddlesome at the very least. And if you’d be gifting in hopes of interjecting yourself in your child’s marriage, you’re absolutely crossing into controlling and manipulative turf.

I frequently get letters from people who are worried about someone else’s finances. Rarely is it clear that the letter writer knows the specifics of the situation. An even bigger theme: Unless begging family members are hitting them up for money, the letter writer hasn’t actually been asked to help, or even for advice. So I’m always left wondering whether the letter writer actually knows that there’s a problem — or if they’re just guessing as an outsider about what’s going on.

But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here and take you at your word that one of your children is making bad decisions with money, and their spouse’s spending is to blame.

Giving a blank check to someone who has a lousy track record with money is the worst thing you can do. Requiring them to learn about managing money is a decent start. But it’s also a toothless strategy. Your offspring can always pay lip service to advice, and then ignore it.

Plus, I’m not sure a lack of knowledge is the root of the problem here. How many people max out credit cards despite understanding the exorbitant costs? The problem isn’t that they don’t know any better. It’s that bad habits are really hard to break.

If we were talking about tens of millions of dollars, I’d tell you to work with an estate-planning attorney to structure a trust for your children. You wouldn’t want them to suddenly inherit a fortune with no rules in place. But since you posed your question to me, an advice columnist, instead of a wealth advisor, I’m going to guess we’re talking about a smaller amount of money. Regardless, the basic principle is the same: Start small. Don’t give any of your kids the opportunity to blow a large sum at once.

Have a discussion with each of your children and their spouses before you give them money. It’s perfectly reasonable to tell your kids that you’re giving them money with expectations for how they’ll use it. You could specify, for instance, that you want them to use it to pay down debt or invest in a 529 plan for your grandchildren’s future. Or you could leave it open-ended, while making it clear that you want this money used for investing vs. upgrading to a more expensive car. The important thing is to communicate that future gifts aren’t guaranteed.

One thing I’m wondering: Would it be so bad to require that each of your children sit down with a financial pro as a condition of receiving the money? Even if you approve of how your other kids manage their finances, they may be able to make even better choices as a result. Plus your child with the bad spending habits won’t feel like they’re being cast as the black sheep if they know you have the same expectation for their siblings.

Start by gifting low amounts with high expectations. And if these gifts would in any way jeopardize your own retirement, know that you cannot afford to make them.

Robin Hartill is a certified financial planner and a senior editor at The Penny Hoarder. Send your tricky money questions to [email protected].

10 Ways to Earn Money With Books (Book Reviewer Jobs) : workathome

Everyone loves reading books. Even Billionaires read dozens of books. These people associate their success with the reading habit. 

But the sad thing is, a busy schedule and book cost hinder us from reading books. 

Don’t be sad. I have good news for you. What if you can get paid for reading books. Wouldn’t you make extra efforts and saves a little time to read the book?

Isn’t it an interesting job? I am going to reveal the top 10 ways to earn money by reading books. 

Education – You can work as a reviewer, editor, and proofreading. Degree holders in  Literature, English, Journalism, and Fine Art, can go for this job. 

Skill – Proofreading, reviewing, and editing books is a sensitive business. Author and publisher may suffer from immense losses because of the wrong review. Proofreading proofread books could be a reason to throw away all the copies and the printer has to make new ones with correct spelling and punctuation. 

That’s why companies and publishers implement strict standards while hiring people to read books. 

Pay – You can earn $19 to $200 per review. 

Working hours – It depends on you how many hours you want to work like full-time, part time, or freelance. 

If you find you are eligible, here are 20 methods to earn with reading books. 

One thing keeps in mind before applying for work. You may be asked to take a skill test. 

They will ask you to review books one in one sort like spirituality, educational, fiction, non-fiction, and others. 

1. Penguin Random House

They hire lots of people every year. They are known for educational books. However, people from medicine and engineering backgrounds can consider making money with this wonderful organization. 

Visit their career portal to apply as a book reviewer and proofreading job. They provide options such as experienced, intern, and entry-level reviewers. Select according to your level. 

Reasons to work with Penguin Random House 

Paid Internship – they offer paid internships in various businesses. 

Free books – There is no need to buy books Because Penguin Random House allows its employees to order several books and e-books multiple times for free. You can choose books with more than 100 titles as their employee. 

Working Culture – Employees can interact with each other. Because Penguin Random House runs several employee networks. 

2. Elsevier

Elsevier is for medical practitioners. Elsevier is the biggest web portal for medicine research-based books. Founded in 1880. Around 8k people work for Elsevier worldwide and 470,000 articles are published annually. 

Elsevier hires employees as reviewers. If you are from a medical background, this place is for you, Here you can learn about the latest medical researchers and books. You can read for free and make money as a reviewer. 

3. YouTube Channel 

Create a YouTube channel and start making videos about various books. Start sharing book summaries and your book reviews in your videos. 

If you do a paid book review that would be great. You can monetize your YouTube channel through Google AdSense. You do not need special skills as a book reviewer. If you love reading books. Then it is the best way to start a youtube channel and earn money. 

4. Facebook Marketplace 

For Facebook Marketplace, you do not need to be a professional reviewer. You have to visit libraries, authors, and educators in your area who want reviews and proofreaders. Libraries always look for the book review before stocking books in the library. 

5. Start a Blog

People who genuinely love reading books. This method is for them. I suggest starting your own blog to earn with reading books is a fairly easy method. 

You can go with free or a paid one by hosting and domain name. Simply write superb book reviews, earn money by selling books on Amazon. This is called an affiliate marketing modal. Author and publishers might approach you to post book reviews on your blog. 

Learn More: https://moneyespresso.com/earn-money-with-books-book-reviewer-jobs/

The Best Way to Save Money

There’s really only one way to save money. You have to spend less than you earn. For most people that means cutting back on lattes and going out less, but there are actually much better strategies for spending less than you earn. 

At IWT, we believe the best way to save money is by utilizing the CEO approach.

The CEO Approach: The Best Way to Save Money

Traditional advice about saving money only focuses on restricting. By looking at other ways to improve your finances, such as earning more and optimizing your spending, you open up a plethora of new avenues for saving more. 

That’s what makes the CEO approach the best way to save money. We’ll show you how to get started today.  

Money Saving Tip #1: Cut Costs

Most of us know what it means to cut costs. But cutting costs doesn’t have to mean giving up everything you love. 

The best way to save money is by focusing on cutting costs only on things you don’t really care about or don’t use. This way, the change is more likely to be permanent. The two best ways to save money by cutting costs are with the A La Carte method, or the envelope method.

The A La Carte Method

The A La Carte Method helps you save money on services for which you have a subscription, like:

  • Netflix
  • Gym memberships
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Prime
  • Magazines

There’s a good chance you’re WAY overpaying for these things.In fact, a conservative estimate shows that we spend over $1,800/year on subscriptions alone.

The convenience is undeniable — subscriptions are a fantastic way to automate our lives.

But when was the last time you scrutinized your monthly subscriptions and canceled one?

Probably never. Yet compare this to any time you went out shopping, saw something you liked, but didn’t buy it.

Read that again. It’s the key to cutting your spending on subscriptions. 

The basic idea of this system is to cancel all your discretionary subscriptions — magazines, Spotify, Netflix — and buy what you need a la carte.

  • Instead of paying a big monthly fee to companies like Netflix, buy or rent only the shows or movies you want to watch on Amazon or iTunes. Most episodes of T.V. shows are only $1.99. 
  • Buy a day pass for the gym each time you go (around $5 – $10).
  • Buy songs you want from Amazon or iTunes for $0.99 each.

This FORCES you to be conscious with your spending. By utilizing the same principles that make automating your finances great, you will have to actively think about each charge you make when it comes to buying a song or TV show.

If after a while, you find yourself spending enough money on these items to justify the subscription, by all means pick it up again. If not, then you’ve saved yourself some major cash.

Another great system for cutting costs? The envelope method. 

Ready to ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth? Download my FREE Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance.

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The Envelope Method

The envelope method works by putting cash for all your monthly expenses (e.g., gas, going out, shopping) into dedicated envelopes.

For example, you might have an envelope for “Restaurants,” so everytime you go out to eat you’ll take money from it to spend. Once you’ve used all the money in the envelope, you’re finished for the month!

This method is flexible in terms of being able to dip into other envelopes if there’s an emergency. However, there’ll be less money to spend for the month on that category of expenses.

You don’t need to use physical envelopes either. One of my friends who started tracking her spending a while back had a great system: She set up a separate bank account with a debit card.

Whatever system you decide to use, you just need to make sure to decide how much you’re willing to spend in each category (and that’s all up to you).

If you think this system will help you be more conscious about your spending, you can read more about it in this post on how to set up your envelope system

If you’re worried about your personal finances, I have a simple step-by-step system you can follow to put you at ease. Check out my Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance for tips you can implement TODAY.

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Money Saving Tip #2: Earn More (the BEST way to save money)

As Ramit always says, there’s a limit to how much you can cut, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

Before you roll your eyes and skip this step, it is ALWAYS possible to earn more. Even if there’s a recession, even if you’re broke, or busy, or don’t know where to start. 

According to Ramit, there are several ways to start earning more. You can ask for a raise at your current job, find a higher paying job, or start a business or pick up freelance work.

Ask for a Raise 

With just a five-minute conversation you can make thousands more and, what’s better, the gains add up year after year.

This is one of the best ways to make money through a single conversation. It’s essentially quick money that — unlike taking surveys or selling your body to medical studies — gives you a LOT of money over many years.

Check out this chart demonstrating the effects of ONE $5,000 raise:

How much negotiating a $5000 raise will get you over 40 years

Ramit wrote a huge, comprehensive post on how to negotiate your salary. It’s got a ton of information, and the steps are easy to follow. If you’re ready to start getting paid what you deserve, go check it out. 

BONUS: I also created a free guide with everything you need to start earning more at your current job. Download the Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise and Boosting Your Salary to start earning more TODAY.

Find a higher paying job 

Should you change jobs? Change industries? How do you know whether to stay put or to take a risky move that may result in more money? 

Some jobs just don’t provide the opportunity to earn more or move up the ladder. If you want to start making more money, you may have to find a better job. If you find yourself in this situation, Ramit has a ton of great resources on finding a better job on YouTube.

Start with this video:

Writing a winning resume is the first step to finding a higher paying job.

(We also have an entire course dedicated to Finding Your Dream Job. To learn more, click here.)

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Start a business or start freelancing

Finding a new job or changing careers takes time. But in the next few days, you can set up your first side hustle. Once you get your first paying client, it’ll be easier to get more clients and make more money.

First thing: Many other websites will tell you to troll for freelance gigs on places like Fiverr or Mechanical Turk. These places work if you want to compete with people all over the world in a race to do the most work for less. No thanks.

Instead, look at what you’ve already got. 95% of jobs can translate into some sort of side gig. Ask yourself:

  • What do I enjoy?
  • What do I do with my free time?
  • What do people ask me to do because I’m so good at it?

Start off by assessing the skills you use every day at home or at work. Remember, people pay for solutions, not your skills. How can you take your skills and turn them into a solution for someone else’s problem? 

Here’s a very simple example:

Skill: You’re good at math 

Problem you can solve: With schools shut down in most states, many parents are struggling to help their kids with distance learning, and would happily pay for tutoring. 

Your New Side Hustle: Tutoring kids in math over Facetime or Zoom. 

Now imagine if by tutoring for a few hours a week, you suddenly had an extra 500 hundred dollars a month. 

That money can go straight to savings without reducing any of your spending. And this is just one small scale example, it can work for virtually any skill.  That’s why earning more is one of the best ways to save money. 

If you want to turn your skill into extra cash, check out this post with everything you need to know about starting a side gig

Making more money is easier than you think. Download my FREE Ultimate Guide to Making Money to get started today.

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Money Saving Tip #3: Optimize your spending

A lot of people don’t know that they can save thousands of dollars in one day with just a few phone calls. You can call up a company you spend money with, and ask them to waive fees or interest charges, or lower your rates. 

And yes, these companies will be willing to offer you a discount. You have to understand that these companies spent a lot of money to acquire you as a customer, so they don’t want to lose you (especially in the current circumstances). 

Many companies are also thinking long term. If they can retain you as a customer (even if you’re not spending as much right now), over time they can get you to spend more in the future.

You have a lot of power as a renter, tenant, and customer, and you should use that leverage.

Below is a video on how you can save $1,000 with just 5 phone calls. This is what we mean when we say, “only make the changes that have the biggest impact”. 

Instead of saving $3 by not buying a latte, you can negotiate your bills and save $1,000 while still buying all the lattes you want. That’s why using the CEO approach is the best way to save money. 

Don’t be intimidated by negotiating, even if you’ve never done it before. Here are some of the messages Ramit has received from students who used these exact techniques to save money.

By using all the tactics outlined in this post, this could be you in just a few hours. 

Remember, the best way to save money is by cutting costs on things you don’t need, earning more by improving your salary or starting a side hustle, and optimizing your spending through negotiation. 

It sounds like a lot, but it’s really just three steps to save more money without giving up everything you love. 

If you use this strategy and it works for you, feel free to send your story to @ramit on Instagram. We love hearing from you.

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