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What is the game that you are playing and your player ID ? Share it if it is available in multi-player mode : MobileGaming

lets find each other and play together!

tell us the name of the games, your player ID and a little bit about the concept of the game.

I start from my self:

a chat app with over 30+ group games. Over a million people from around the world use Plato each month to find fun and make new friends with lots of group games ! ( ocho – pool – rable soccer – ludo – werewolf – bankroll – bowlong – cup pong – sea battle – backgammon and lots of card games.

my plato ID is : yasamanmm

Mastermind word finder game app is a memory game that expands your vocabulary by solving word puzzles and also a word guessing game that is the modernized and upgraded version of word searching and memorable word mastermind board game with lots of different game modes. (timer-score battle- frozen time, infinity ,…)

my WMM ID is: GJK

its your turn my dear :)))

Share your photos and get paid **US only** : workathome

Hi everyone,

If you’re based in the US, I’d like to invite you to try Trove (available on Google Play or the web app), where you can share your photos with AI developers and get paid.

The Trove app provides a unique way to participate in the development of AI while choosing how your photos are used. We provide the legal and privacy framework for licensing your photos. You get paid for approved photos.

Recent projects look for original everyday objects (keys, doorways, etc.), supporting technology for the visually impaired and low vision community.


How do I get paid?
Payment is through PayPal. It ranges from $0.25-$0.60/photo but the exact amount per approved photo will range depending on the project. Share your feedback by joining the Trove subreddit.

[DEV] “Reaper of Immortals” is a game I released a while ago and I would love to share it with everyone here, link in the comments! : AndroidGaming

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Does it work with external controler?

Quick Tip I Want To Share

Two weeks ago I started working on Highly, an analytics tool for bloggers that allows them to see what users are highlighting and copy/pasting on their posts.

Everyone keeps an idea journal. Whether it’s on a physical notebook, or the notes section of your phone, or as text messages to yourself, most Indie Hackers probably have a million ideas that they write down somewhere (or not) but rarely do anything about them. And that is GOOD!

Turning an idea into something serious takes real work and time commitment and you can’t spread yourself too thin and pursue every idea that pops into your head.

However, here is something you can do for EVERY idea you get. In fact, you should turn it into a habit. It is not time-consuming and can be very revealing.

Here it goes: MAKE SURVEYS. Make surveys your best friends!

Whenever I get an idea, I open up Typeform, create a survey, and start sending it out to the relevant Subreddits and Facebook groups. And guess what? People like to help.


“Hello, I am currently building a/n X to help Y and would love your input. Please take 30 seconds to fill out this short survey. Fill free to skip any question and thank you in advance! “

For the survey itself, make sure to ask the following:

▪	Find out some characteristics of the people answering the survey.

▪	Ask them to rate their interest (1-10) on some features you have in mind.

▪	ALWAYS, leave a question for people to give comments.

You will find that you will quickly :

▪	Discard ideas (which feels great! You could have just saved yourself months of work that goes nowhere)

▪	Get new ideas. In which case: Make new surveys.

I literally sent out dozens of surveys over the years because I made it a habit.

It was a survey which made me decide to pursue Highly with full force, after receiving the most overwhelmingly positive and high number of responses ever.

After making a quick survey and sending it out, as usual, my Reddit / FB began to explode with UpVotes and likes. I got over 100 responses in 2 days and the sentiment was so positive, we went for it.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you had a chance to try Highly yourself, when we launch next month. I would love all the feedback I can get.

5 Ways to Increase Your Market Share

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. The cell phone boasted a full touch screen, a slew of personalization options, and internet capabilities. These features were rare in the phone market before the iPhone, and having them all on one device was especially enticing.

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ChessCraft is a chess variant sandbox with a custom built AI. The latest update lets you share your custom boards and pieces with friends! : AndroidGaming

I just released an update to my dream hobby project, ChessCraft. The full, ad-free version is free to play on Android, Play Store.

You can now share your creations online! Sharing creates your own web page on the ChessCraft website like this one. Your friends can then use the share code to play your custom boards and custom pieces.

For two years now I’ve wanted to send my favorite boards to people, and now I can! Try it out and let me know what you think. For more info about version 1.4 see the recent newsletter.

You can learn more about ChessCraft on the website, or by signing up to the newsletter.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, feedback, or questions!


Millennial women share about how they spend (and save) money

This year, I turned 24, and while I know this isn’t old, I never thought I’d be this old. With this in mind, I’ve been asking all of my friends and family members the same question: “If you could give any piece of advice to your 24 year-old self, what would it be?”

While I’ve been getting varied and interesting pieces of advice, the one I need to focus on more is working on saving more money. This can be tricky, especially when you first start making money, so it helps to hear how others do this.

Recently, Bustle surveyed over 1,000 millennial women, in their 20s and 30s, and they shared how they save money. Their incomes ranged anywhere from $30k to $150k. Included below are some of the individual responses that include innovative ideas that anyone at any age could potentially implement.

1. Samantha, 30: Uses a budget for her finances. Rather than enjoying instant gratification, Samantha makes a wish list of things and experiences she wants to save money for. Then if she accomplishes a goal, she treats herself to something on the list.

2. Ronnika, 33: Instead of continuing a habit of meeting friends for drinks every week, Ronnika has found it is more fiscally responsible to invite friends over. Also, She takes any extra money from her paychecks and puts it in a checking account that is not locally accessible.

3. Michelle, 24: To save on entertainment, Michelle has opted for only using WiFi rather than getting cable. Additionally, she keeps her thermostat set at 62-64 degrees and uses layers and space heaters to save on costs. She also encourages packing a lunch everyday, as that is a big saver.

4. Kelly, 24: Kelly attributes her money saving to living with her parents. She also suggests an app called Qapital: “You can set your own rules for how you want to compile your savings — for example, I have a ‘Round-Up Rule,’ which rounds up every purchase to the nearest dollar and puts that change into savings, as well as a ‘Set and Forget Rule,’ which just automatically takes out a pre-selected amount. For me it’s $10/weekly.”

5. Libby, 24: Libby only uses her credit card for necessary expenses (such as payments for her car) and puts anything else on debit. With her credit card, she makes sure she pays off the balance in full each month so that she does not fall into debt.

6. Savannah, 25: Savannah keeps a peaceful mind savings to fall back on in case of emergencies. “I’ve found having a savings account balance equivalent to two months of my salary is a good cushion.”

7. Alexandra, 26: Alexandra keeps an Excel spreadsheet that tracks all of the money she has coming in as well as what is going out. She helps herself save by setting goals of what she wants to save and by when.

8. Lyn, 29: Lyn saves her money by looking at it as a way of paying herself first. She puts a large portion of her paycheck into her 401k and puts the maximum amount of her paycheck into her Roth IRA each year. She will then spend liberally on the things that are important to her, and harshly cut anything that she deems frivolous or won’t make her happy.

9. Marissa, 26: Marissa budgets her money and attempts the tactic of cooking for herself as much as possible. She has found that one meal out is equivalent to five meals at home.

10. Danielle, 23: Danielle saves by setting up two automatic transfers from her paycheck to budgeted savings. “So it’s like I don’t even notice the money is there. One transfer goes to ‘future me’ in the form of RRSPs or other investments, and one transfer goes to ‘fun times,’ like trips abroad.”